Sun square affirmation.

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Sun square affirmation.

Postby Big Dipper » Mon Mar 23, 2020 8:42 am

Hi, i am trying to follow lydia's "obliterate your saturn" and im going with a sun square, but im not sure about what to affirm and how to say it ( kinda bad at that affirming stuff). Im sure i would just go for a healing affirmation, but i didnt know if it would be physical and mental, also does the sun square rid me of past life trauma?

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Re: Sun square affirmation.

Postby Ravenheart666 » Sun Mar 29, 2020 10:58 pm

Sun squares are meant to boost your overall health, as for the spiritual one (SVAHA) and not something in particular other than your entire entity , it's more of an aid rather than a cure. Where as the physical one (NAMA) you could reinforce healing of body parts or even entire body, YET I would not recommend it for psychological healing as it does not RULE over your mind and emotions as lets say the Moon or Mercury does.
For a psychological healing working I'd recommend Lydia's Wunjio working (RUNES) for a period of 40 days or even up to 80 (if you need it). I've just finished an 80 one and I can assure you I'm many ties more stable then I was at the beginning.
However If you need an affirmation for the NAMA solar mantra I would give the one I use personally, you then choose if you like it or modify it:

''In the most positive and healthy manner for me the energies of the Sun are now completely and permanently empowering and regenerating me and my body''

I also reinforce it at the and with ''....regenerating me and my body in the most powerful and positive way for me''

I know it's basically a pleonasm as I'm repeating the same condition stated at the start , but I want to make sure I put a lot of stress on the ''POSITIVE AND HEALTHY MANNER FOR ME''.
The sun is a very powerful source of energy. Take in too much and you may fry yourself.

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