I want back Satan in my life

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I want back Satan in my life

Postby Bascal » Fri Dec 07, 2018 1:56 pm

5 months after a psychotic crisis where I was raving about Satan, my parents took me to the exorcist. That bastard did some magic to destroy the bond between me and the father and made me renounce him while he was glorifying the useless jew. How can I reconcile with Satan?

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Re: I want back Satan in my life

Postby Jack » Sat Dec 08, 2018 5:21 am

Your bond is safe. Now,You need to get back at that nefarious creature. And that's by first dedicating your soul to Satan (if you haven't already) and then starting a meditation program that will empower you to take charge of your life. Then start doing the RTR every day. It does the greatest damage to the enemy. If you want you can bind your parents because it seems they will not stop harassing you again if you are found again. And this binding will prevent that.
(Check the above document to see how to perform the binding)

Start a meditation program if you're new. And develop power and consistency. Take charge of all spheres of your life and make your life a lot better. This means your relationships, your grades and your overall material situation also.

Dedicate if you haven't already,.

We here at the forums are your satanic family. If you bring your wails and problems from your life and you want insight after failing to come to a judgement yourself, we can definitely give you some good information. So do not fear to ask again after doing all the steps I've told you. The binding is necessary to prevent further havoc. Void meditation and meditation in general is very important to cure this phycosis you have. And if you have mental or physiological damage you can at a later date after completing the 40 days program start the Lydia's psychological healing working. Be extremely secretive about your personal views. Do not fuck up your life by saying some stupid shit to your parents.

If you feel enemy influences in your life as remanants of that priests xian magick,feel free to do this. Today if you feel like and everyday if you so desire.
Hail Zepar!!!
Hail Horus!!!
Hail Satan and the empire of Orion!!!

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Re: I want back Satan in my life

Postby AldebaranDeTauro » Sat Dec 08, 2018 6:17 pm

Everything Jack said is spot on. As long as it truly is still in your heart to be of Satan and it wasnt your wish to denounce him,you should be fine. Just gotta make sure you dont put a big X on your head again so to speak. Talk to Satan and get back to empowering your soul and fighting this war for our amazing Gods i.e. daily meditation,yoga and the final RTR.

Like one of the HPS Once said,"Appear as innocent as a dove but be as wise as a serpent". Remember, the only sin in Spiritual Satanism is stupidity. Good luck and best wishes.


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