had an experience

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had an experience

Postby SS Amonra » Sat Nov 10, 2018 11:45 am

First of all, I want to give a big thank you to Father Satanas for giving me, us brothers and sisters light and knowledge and thank you to my guardian demon Gomory for being an awesome teacher.

This post, is about the enemy having just strengthened my resolved as an SS!

I been more consistent with my daily meditations, and the final rtr and I been pecially doing the aura of protection, etc. and I been reading some posts like the one about Astral Entities: On Dreams. Well I want to talk about it, since entities can influence our dreams when we are sleeping aka bad dreams, nightmares and so on. Last night, and since I know that ufos that have been mentioned as enemies of mankind, well I am more of an SS than ever now. The enemy is definitely freaking out. I was dreaming and it is usually around 2:30am to 3:30 am and sometimes 4am, that is usually when I get nightmares and now I Know it is from astral entites.

I wasnt aware that the astral entities were ufos aka greys, the kind I saw in the ufos were as what is said on Luciferian Liberation front:

"Belletrax Greys:

These small aliens have been the subject of tales of fairies, gnomes, elves, pixies, and other "little people." They come from the same genetic roots as the Zeta Reticuli, but little more is known about their race. They possess the technological ability to alter the fabric of space, giving them the ability to pass through solid matter and alter the relative size of objects. They are usually between 6 and 18 inches in height."

That's what I saw and some of them looked like the side of a human baby but is not a baby. Anyway, before I went to bed I did the usual, aura cleaning, aura of protection. In this dream, I was seeing my mom and my family getting abducted and put back down, I saw one of my nephews having scratches on his body from these beings, it was upsetting but I was not afraid, normally in this time of the night, I usually wake up , petrified but this time, I was PISSED and fought back in my dream. Ufos kept coming, and then.... all the sudden, me and other human-like soldiers fought back, and in the dream one of these soldiers (looked like a Nazi) said that Father Satanas is here, so I joined to fight back. During the course of this warfare, I started to recognize my heritage and it had to do with Ireland, being irish and so I ended up helping my race, and giving food out, protecting our own.
In the course of the dream I ended up on a sort of shit, talking to someone who too wore the Ireland symbol and is Satanic.

This dream REALLY shook me up to my core. Not in a bad way either. First it made me realize that those RtRs are working not just for all of us, but on a personal level too. And second of all it made me understand Father Satanas a bit more and the importance of race purity, everything made sense and it also makes sense what "love" is when it comes to love for our brothers and sisters, our own. It also made sense why its important to pluck out jewishness and clean your aura, because the dreams like I had , made me realize a lot. The fact is that race-mixing is anti-nature, I saw with my own eyes what that hive mind really is, a parasite! Now I know it has no identity of its own, that is why the enemy wants race mixing, and among other things because it is a parasite, disease that I can saw. Most of all it made me aware of the truth.

So from the symbol of the Ireland and ot seeing Nazi's are SYMBOLS that pertains to Satanas, truth and race. This I learned indeed. See my confusion use to be the different countries, cultures, and "symbols" had to do with our bloodline and I would go back and forth constantly, "which one?" Well of course it does but it had also had to do with our race's enlightenment according to our bloodlines that point to a Father Satanas himself , but the reason I went back and forth all the time was because of I was being constantly manipulated and the enemy was feeding on my insecurity to keep me from having any power! I realize this now and now I am fighting back.

So the enemy , with that dream I had, did nothing but strengthen my resolve to fight back. This is not just in my dreams ,but spiritual warfare that is happening. The good thing about power meditations and that type of thing, is that with my example I can also guide others too, like in my work place, being a shining light.

So I am thankful for the knowledge that is put out there by the JoS Clergy, HPS Maxine and others because it really has been helping people, and helping me personally.

Hail Satan!

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Re: had an experience

Postby Bascal » Sat Nov 10, 2018 2:23 pm

Nice story, I respect you and your thoughts.

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Re: had an experience

Postby HailMotherLilith » Sat Nov 10, 2018 2:23 pm

This is really awesome! I'm glad it made you stronger!!!!! :mrgreen:


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