Throw away the experience, keep the lesson.

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Throw away the experience, keep the lesson.

Postby Reckoned666 » Sun Sep 16, 2018 9:24 am

Throw away the experience, keep the lesson. I've read this saying while i was skimming through older forum posts. And it hooked me.

Kolb's experiential learning cycle consists of 4 elements. Concrete experience - > Reflective Observation -> Abstract Conceptualisation (concluding / learning from the experience) -> Active experimentation. Which leads to Concrete experience once again. And the cycle continues. However, what usually happens with majority of people, is that they are stuck in the experience section. They tend to make the same mistakes, don't reflect on it, and then blame Satan or whoever else. When it comes to mistakes, or harmful / bad experiences, it's best to avoid them. Satan wants us to advance in as healthy manner as possible. Avoiding hang ups, huge mistakes, traumas and so on. Recently the post about Uranus, Pluto and Neptune has been trending. YOU WANT TO AVOID influences of these planets, instead of tuning into them. And all for what ? Addiction, insanity, mental issues.

For example Pluto rules : Death, extremes, intensity, obsession, research, drastic changes, the Mafia and other organized crime, use of extreme force, willpower, extreme depths and heights, extreme violence, regeneration, nuclear bombs, atomic/nuclear fission, hit men, black magick, and transformation.

Who would WANT to tune into this? Let alone have more influence of this planet in their lives? But if you don't want to avoid mistakes, and rather learn from experience directly, so be it.

Satan is the bringer of light, knowledge. He brings us knowledge which helps us to avoid blatant mistakes. Therefore we can advance quicker and safer. When it comes to traumatic experiences, the saying Throw away the experience, keep the lesson goes. There's no point in overthinking or regretting it. Just LEARN from it, and move on. I personally have learned a lot from members in this forum and HP's, and avoided mistakes this way. No point to learn from experience, when you can trust the knowledge.

Wise people learn from others mistakes, smart from themselves, and idiots don't even learn from theirs. We are privileged to have knowledge from Satan, and He wants us to avoid as many mistakes as possible, and ascend in a healthy and positive way to us and our surroundings.

On a side note, I summoned a Demon yesterday, and asked if can I return the favor to Him by doing 1 extra FINAL RTR per day, so 2 in total. I haven't seen the pendulum swing that rapidly and with such force. FINAL RTR not only undo's the curses from Torah on Gentiles, but it free's the soul on personal level. I'm sure a lot of people had positive experiences with this.

Hail Satan!

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