Saturn conjunct ruler synastry and my frustrations

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Saturn conjunct ruler synastry and my frustrations

Postby darkmonkey666 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 2:19 am

I thought I should ask this question on the Joy of Satan maybe I will soon order a natal chart from Lydia too and ask her a few of these questions directly (next month when I get the money) but Everyone born around the same few months they would have Saturn conjunct my ruler. Would that really matter.

I noticed the most recent person who I was in a relationship with had venus conjunct my ruler it never fully worked out as a relationship cause Saturn was there I was born with late Aquarius rising pisces intercepted. Plus I have pluto in Scorpio 8th house conjunct my sun and 3 other planets 8th house not conjunct.

As an outer planet person all of the outer planets in my chart Jupiter to Pluto are most important. I find most people in the world superficial. I am shy a little bit but frustrated I cannot find another true outer planet person to hang out with.

I would love to meet a true person who could understand me. I am right on the cusp where a couple of the generational planets change signs.

I need to meet someone who is comparable with me but is there any other Scorpio and Sagittarius or Scorpio and Aquarius (probably even better for me) dominant people to hang out with. Or maybe Pisces. Where do I go to meet outer planet people.

I had a conversation awhile back on another astrology website and it was to the consensus that most people like me are shy and misunderstood and dont really hang out that much in public. Where I was given an example of someone the person knew who didnt go out much and was completely misunderstood by society who had a similar chart signature. Where does that leave me should I ask the Gods for help in a ritual I have never been in a relationship where I am happy or feel understood. It's not just about belief systems but my Sagittarius venus in the 9th house sure makes me want to only hang out with people that believe the same thing. I would be fine with someone who is just not superficial. Is there anyone out there for me.

I know given that I am fire sign dominant and it is my rulers in Sagittarius and Aries that I should be outgoing and social and stuff. I am once I know people and that is my personality but the thing is it is a waste of time I am an outgoing person but no one like me. Every relationship I am in the person is superficial I have kind of given up. I want true companionship from somewhere.

It's not like I live or lived in a completely xtian area but even then there is nothing that agrees with my beliefs and doesn't have enemy bullshit. I will have to start my own group not because I want to but because nothing exists that is to my liking. I am not even sure i would be fully understood in a Spiritual Satanic community but at least in that case people can psychically read me and say you like this or that and your ok (i know that cause I talked to an SS on the phone a few times in the past) but we are different at least then though I wouldn't feel outcast for who I am but even then what I am saying is I am not sure people would choose me for the type of relationship I desire.

It's sad because it didnt fully work out with the person who was my supposed soul mate according to some psychics and that I knew in the most recent previous life. It took a lot to track down that person but even then it didnt work out cause I see her as superficial she changed since the past life (I get little flashes of things memories as clear as day and feel a great sadness). It is time to maybe say there really may be no person for me on a deeper level but that makes me sad.

Where do I go to find a true relationship where I can be totally United with an individual which is my dream. A spiritual one.

Astrology probably cant answer this but I wanted to rant anyways. I need a real plutonian person with also something a little more lighthearted in their chart though and fuck Saturn that is kind of what messed up my current relationship.

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Re: Saturn conjunct ruler synastry and my frustrations

Postby Lydia » Tue Jan 08, 2019 7:12 am

It takes lifetimes to build the type of relationship you say you want. If you do find someone else who is the type you described, they still might not be compatible with you. And the intensity can be destructive to both of you.

As for your previous relationship, sometimes people who are a bit superficial can be good. We live in a corrupt world and we do intense things, so sometimes it's good to relax the brain and be chill. I of course don't know either of you, I'm just saying this as perhaps like those psychics said, she is the one for you, but she might need a lifetime or at least some years before developing more. But maybe she isn't the one, just make sure you truly know and don't end something that could develop into what you want.

Ask the Gods for guidance. They want to help us become the best we can be, and for a lot of us, having a relationship helps us be the best :)

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Saturn conjunct ruler synastry and my frustrations

Postby EJsm » Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:43 pm

saturn on north node, saturn on medium coeli, saturn square venus and saturn square neptune.... i win
22 now and still havent figured out what thats doing with my head :-

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