How to interpret/use Secondary Directions.

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How to interpret/use Secondary Directions.

Postby AmonRa666 » Fri Oct 27, 2017 2:03 pm

Here are some basic rules and established orbs.

-Use the pure symbolism of the planets and the exact meaning of the houses involved.
-Use the topocentric house system.
-The charts used need to be rectified to +/- 4 seconds or else the aspects would be out of orb or simply disappear.
-An inharmonic aspect between benefics signals a positive event. (Venus 90° Jupiter)
-A harmonic aspect between malefics signals a negative event. (Mars 120° Saturn)
-Direct houses/planets/nodes in both direct and converse movement.
-Orbs for the personal planets are 11', for Saturn and Jupiter 8', for the outer planets (Ur, Neptune & PL) 2'-3'.
-The progressed moon can reach an effective orb of 18' in normal aspects and 32' in conjunctions and oppositions.
-The moon simulates the right hand of a clock because of its rapid motion.

The following are from "Prediction II", by Alexander Marr:


1. Maturation of radical aspects (luminaries, planets, angles and cusps of houses) as in the radices of Ronald Reagan and Queen Elizabeth II. (*In our first event, Tyson has loose sextiles from Jupiter to his angular Ur/PL conjunction in his radix, it matures on the day the event takes place)

2. Progressions and regressions of the angles and cusps of houses to radical factors

2a. Planets progressed and regressed aspecting radical factors.

3. Angles and cusp of progressed houses to progressed or regressed planets to regressed.

3a. Planets progressed to planets progressed, or returned to returned.

Demonstration of technique using events in the life of Mike Tyson:

*Important events occur due to the accumulation of aspects from various directions and multiple predictive methods. We don't use one predictive technique to forecast.
*Key for reading the abbreviations is at the end.

Tyson defeats Hector Mercedes in one round (6 March 1985)

Jupiter (p) 60° Ur rad. Orb:3'.
Jupiter (p) 60° PL rad. Orb:3'.
Moon (p) 0° Mercury (p). Orb:15'.
Mercury (r) 0° Jupiter (r). Orb:2'.

Mentor and trainer since age of 13 dies (4 November 1985)

Moon (r) 90° Mars rad. Orb:10'.
Moon (r) 120° Neptune (r). Orb:2'.
Sun (r) 90° Moon (r). Orb:9'.
Sun (r) 150° Neptune (r). Orb:11'.
Asc. (r) 90° Venus (r). Exact.

Prize (WBC championship) (22 November 1986)

Asc. (r) 120° Moon rad. Orb:7'.
MC (p) 180° Moon rad. Orb:11'.
Moon (r) 120° Jupiter (r). Orb:8'.
Jupiter (p) 0° PL (p). Exact.

Prize (WBA heavyweight title) (3 March 1987)

Sun (p) 30° Asc. rad. Orb:11'.
MC (p) 30° Jupiter rad. Orb:5'.
Jupiter (p) 60° PL (p). Orb:3'.

Prize (undisputed heavyweight championship) (1 August 1987)

Moon (p) 0° PL rad. Orb:32'.
Moon (p) 0° Ur rad. Orb:32'.
Moon (p) 60° Jupiter (p). Orb:1'.
Moon (p) 0° PL (p). Orb:15'.
Moon (p) 0° Ur (p). Orb:15'.
Moon (r) 60° MC (r). Orb:7'.

Marriage to Robin Givens (7 February 1988)

Moon (r) 90° NN rad. Exact.

Breaks a bone in his right hand in a street brawl with professional fighter Mitch Green (23 August 1988)

Sun (p) 0° XII rad. Orb:4'.
Sun (p) 120° Saturn rad. Orb:8'.

Tyson is knocked unconscious after driving his BMW into a tree (4 September 1988)

Moon (r) 150° Ur rad. Orb:5'.
Moon (r) 150° PL rad. Orb:5'.
Sun (p) 0° XII rad. Orb: 6'.
Sun (p) 120° Saturn rad. Orb:7'.

loses heavyweight after being knocked out by James "Buster" Douglas (11 February 1990)

NN (p) 0° MC rad. Orb:8'.
XII (r) 0° Sun rad. Orb:4'.
XII (p) 90° Neptune rad. Exact.

His sister Denise dies of a heart attack (24 February 1990)

Saturn (p) 120° XII rad. Orb:11'.
VIII (r) 30° Saturn rad. Orb: 9'.
VIII (p) 120° Moon rad. Orb:1'.
NN (p) 0° MC rad. Orb:8'.
XII (r) 0° Sun rad. Orb:5'.
XII 90° Neptune. Orb:1'.
Asc. (p) 0° PL (p). Orb:8'.
Sun (p) 90° PL (p). Orb:6'.

Rape of Desiree Washington (19 July 1991)

NN (p) 0° MC rad. Orb:3'.
MC (p) 90° Ur rad. Orb:11'.
MC (p) 90° PL rad. Orb:11.
Saturn (p) 120° XII rad. Orb:9'.

Institutionalized - prison, hospital (convicted of rape/imprisoned) (10 February 1992)

Moon (p) 0° Neptune rad. Orb:32'.
XII (r) 180° Asc. rad. Orb:9'.
Saturn (p) 120° XII rad. Orb:8'.
NN (p) 0° MC rad. Orb:2'.

Sentenced to six years in prison followed by four years on probation (26 March 1992)

Moon (p) 180° MC rad. Orb:13'.
Saturn (p) 120° XII rad. Orb:8'.
NN (p) 0° MC rad. Orb:1'.
Moon (p) 180° NN (p). Orb:11'.
PL (p) 90° MC (p). Orb:9'.
Jupiter (r) 0° XII (r). Orb:5'.

His stepfather Jimmy Kirkpatrik dies (28 October 1992)

Moon (p) 120° Saturn rad. Orb:9'.
Venus (r) 90° Mercury rad. Exact.
NN (p) 0° MC rad. Exact.
Mercury (r) 0° Mars rad. Orb:2'.
Ur (p) 90° MC (p). Orb:7'.

Daughter Rayna is born (14 February 1996)

Moon (p) 180° Jupiter rad. Orb:8'.
NN (p) 0° MC rad. Orb:10'.
Marriage to Monica Turner (19 April 1997)

Venus (p) 150° Moon rad. Orb:1'.

Son Amir born (5 August 1997)

Venus (p) 0° Jupiter rad. Orb:1'.

Broke a rib and punctured a lung on his right side when his motorcycle skidded off a Connecticut highway after hitting a patch of sand (29 October 1997) </strong>

VIII (r) 120° Mars rad. Orb:7'.
Saturn (p) 120° XII rad. Orb:1'.
Asc. (p) 90° Mars rad. Orb:3'.
Moon (r) 30° Ur rad. Orb:11'.
Moon (r) 30° PL rad. Orb:11'.
Moon (p) 180° Mercury (p). Orb:6'.

Bankruptcy (1 August 2003)

Neptune (r) 60° II rad. Orb:9'.
Saturn (r) 150° Asc. rad. Exact.
Venus (p) 120° Neptune (p). Orb:11'.
Daughter Exodus accidentally strangled (26 May 2009)

NN (p) 60° VIII rad. Orb:10'.
Neptune (r) 120° VIII. Exact.
Mars (p) 120° IC rad. Orb:13'.
Sun (p) 90° Neptune (p). Orb:8'.
Sun (r) 60° Saturn (r). Orb:7'.

Marriage to Lakiha Spicer (6 June 2009)

Mars (p) 0° Jupiter (p). Orb:1'.

Son Morocco Elijah born (25 January 2011)

Mars (r) 0° MC rad. Orb:15'.(?)

Inducted into the International Boxing Hall of Fame (12 June 2011)

Jupiter (p) 60° MC rad. Orb:11'.
Sun (p) 0° NN (p). Orb:11'.


(p): progressed.
(r): regressed.
(p) to (p): progressed to progressed.
(r) to (r): regressed to regressed.
rad: radical.

*Dates of the events are taken from AstroDatabank.

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Re: How to interpret/use Secondary Directions.

Postby AmonRa666 » Mon Nov 13, 2017 5:46 pm

Mike Tyson.
June 30, 1966. 13:40:24 (UT). Rectified by Juan Estadella.
40°N42′ — 74°W00′

The sensitive points are obviously the Asc. MC and the house cusps, these are the points that make a chart individual because they are based off of the exact birthplace and the exact time of birth, planets in houses/angular come second in strength.

This is why its important for the astrologer to know how everything is calculated.

Also something that is very important but no one uses is the prenatal epoch. It is no less important than the widely used and overrated birth chart. Sometimes a persons destiny is better seen in his prenatal epoch.

On the day Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany—in the primary system of directing—in his prenatal epoch, MC was 0° Sun.

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