I need an answer, about the Stars

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I need an answer, about the Stars

Post by SunPower666 »

I read my chart, I saw in my astrological chart that a planet has '26 degrees into Leo', so I remembered that a star called 'ALPHARD' that has '26 degrees into leo', does that mean that this star affects me?
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Powstanie Pogańskie
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Re: I need an answer, about the Stars

Post by Powstanie Pogańskie »

This would indeed mean that the star is affecting you. With more detail, the energies of Alphard are "blending together" with the energies of the planet in question, so you ought to try to consider what that planet is and how its own energies would mesh with Alphard.
ALPHARD - [26 degrees into Leo]
Lack of control, violence, unethical, subject to imprisonment and tragedy. Connection with poisons and toxins.
I know of an example with someone whose Mars - an angry, violent planet - is at 25 degrees Leo ("25 degrees of Leo is violent, and some who have this are in prison for violent crimes..."), and is consequently conjunct this star. Sure enough, they have a very long history of violent encounters with others and with the police, to where multiple police departments in the area are aware of this person and have put numerous protective measures in place for whenever they need to find and arrest this person. Now, bear in mind that the degree itself matters in this instance, so your planet being 26 degrees Leo spares it the influence of a particularly violent 25 degrees Leo. However, what was said about Alphard still needs to be taken into account and merged with the energies of the planet you have there.

I also wanna emphasize that if this information is troubling to you, the positive is that you can sublimate the energies in your chart towards positive behavior. Things like lack of control over one's self and engaging in violence can be corrected through meditation and cleaning the soul of dross, in turn activating the higher manifestations of your planet's energies slowly but surely. Planetary squares are also used for this purpose.
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Re: I need an answer, about the Stars

Post by Sundara »

Along with the other response on here, I can give a more positive example of 25&26 degrees of Leo. My friend has this on her sun along with some other factors. We grew up together.

She’s overall a great person, a great mom, and is completely seemingly average at first. She has her extreme qualities that can be very tough to deal with if someone is close to her. She has a blunt and loud mouth, usually coming off as humor, but she can be very nasty and mean. Especially to her partner. He’s not necessarily a gem but she will say something so extremely poor, he reacts in an even more extreme manner, and she just keeps it going. She has little self control or self awareness when it comes to the shit she says. It poorly effects her kids and to me seems emotionally abusive even though it’s unintentional and she’s “joking with them” she’s just too abrasive. She doesn’t think she can do any wrong, she will sometimes criticize herself but god forbid someone even HINT towards a different approach to something. She reacts in a terrible manner.

Positives, she is definitely extremely funny and can be the life of a party. Overall really social and pretty. But if a person gets the chance to really get to know her she can just be volatile and abusive. The world revolves around her, she cries about something constantly as if she’s the only one on the planet who has felt that way. She’s always sought out friendships with those who were weaker or people that she felt she could walk on. Her family and myself are the only real exceptions, I’ve had a way to be honest with her our whole lives and she just pouts and gets over it because I didn’t let it be a deal breaker and I also don’t find her personally offensive. I’ve had to draw boundaries tactfully with her which other people usually just wouldn’t. She now just keeps herself under wraps and it’s gotten so much better with age. She got into some fights in school, nothing crazy though, and smoked weed but never did anything else drug wise.

She did have quite a few hardships growing up, and what all of this is in her personality is a deep sense of insecurity and would rather let herself just be a hot mess than to actually take a look at herself. Taking a look at herself would mean feeling that she’s done something wrong, hard for her to admit to. Not a very deep thinker.

25 and 26 degrees of Leo isn’t really a death sentence or something that’s always completely terrible. Sometimes it’s subtle, when I’ve seen it, it definitely comes out and shows but it’s not always something damning or causes issues out of the realm of normal. I think she’s pretty normal, and she really is. She’s just very exuberant with a hard edge and some personal issues. Not unlike a lot of people. She’s also really unique and her other traits she possesses that are positive are also rare.

I think this degree amplifies the negative traits of Leo. Leo’s in general I have always seen as an overboard and dramatic type of people, fun for a day but hard to deal with daily. That’s just me personally. With this degree the drama is very amplified, and the recklessness of a fire sign.
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