Does Saturn work a little different in Aquarius

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Does Saturn work a little different in Aquarius

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I know in libra in general its "more malific" what about Aquarius its an air sign as well and is its home sign is it more malific there too. This will be going over my girlfriends ascendant in a month or two. Any meditations she can do to help with this.

Or can we expect more positive life events.

I do get a feeling the energy is quite different with Saturn here than usual as well that is why i ask this. I dont really like the idea of negative surprises.

On a plus side can this be used to help focus better and be more serious about spiritual things. She is working on that.

The paintable final rtr + killing Tetragrammaton ritual. Do this daily and with every rtr if you want its an easy add on that doesnt take much extra time. ...
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