Jewish Whistle Blower: Rothschild And Israeli's Had Kennedy Killed

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Jewish Whistle Blower: Rothschild And Israeli's Had Kennedy Killed

Postby HP Mageson666 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:32 am

Jewish Whistle Blower: Rothschild And Israeli's Had Kennedy Killed

Mordechai Vanunu the Jewish whistle blower who worked on Israel's secret nuclear weapons project at Dimona nuclear planet in the Negev desert. And spent 18 years in prison for this in Israel. Came out and blew the whistle yet again. Vanunu stated that Israel was behind the assassination of President Kennedy. In an interview with an Arabic newspaper Al-Wassat in 2004. The reason for this was Kennedy was not allowing Israel's Prime Minister Ben Gurion or Levi Eshkol to develop nuclear weapons. Kennedy 's policy was that Israel or any other Middle Eastern nation will be allowed to have nuclear weapons. Kennedy's policy was towards global nuclear disarmament.

President Kennedy in his meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion in which Ben Gurion lied to Kennedy and told him Israel had no nuclear weapons and were working to develop such. President Kennedy then told Ben Gurion "Then your country won't mind if the United States sends our scientists to inspect your plant at Dimona will you?" This meeting with Kennedy from reports left Ben Gurion upset and after Levi Eshkol became Prime Minister of Israel shortly after. President Kennedy then sent Eshkol two letters one dated July 5 1963 and August 23, 1963. In which Kennedy reaffirmed the US demand to send nuclear inspectors to Israel to inspect their plant at Dimona. 90 days later Kennedy was murdered.

Jewish whistle blower Vanunu also stated that the Rothschild's are the power that control all Israeli politics' and that the Rothschild's gave the order to assassinate Kennedy. Not that long ago Jacob Rothschild openly stated in an interview with British Press his family was key in creating Israel. Many people in Britain were then put in prison for retweeting this quote. In Israel the face of Rothschild's are on their money. Obviously for the same reason American's put Washington on their money. As founding fathers.

Note the Jewish connection again with Jack Rubinstein who's name was shortened by the Jewish fake news to Jack Ruby to avoid the Jewish connection. Jack Rubinstein was a well known Jewish gangster who worked for the Zionist fanatic Jewish mob leader Meyer Lansky. Lansky himself even fled to Israel where he was given sanctuary for two years. Rubinstein was from reports probably given an order to get rid of Oswald from the top of the Jewish Mafia world, Lansky. After this his all of a sudden his family became wealthy from an untold source.

Rubinstein openly admitted why he killed Oswald. In "My Life As A Radical Lawyer" Jewish William Kunstler states that Rubenstein told him before he died:

"I did this that they wouldn't implicate Jews." Kunstler also writes he was handed a note by Rubenstein when he left his jail cell on the last visit.

"Protect American Jews from a pogrom that could occur because of anger over the assassination."

Oswald was the connection that would have blown the lid wide open on the fact Israeli agents and their Jewish enablers the Sayanim network in America were behind Kennedy's murder.

Walter Cronkite once stated:

"I can't think of any group - with the exception of Israeli intelligence that would have been able to keep the JFK assassination under wraps for so long."

Kennedy's assassination also had help from inside the government and that is no further from reports then a major player being Lyndon B. Johnson. Who himself was a Zionist fanatic and Jew who never hid this in his Texas days. It was Johnson who green lighted the USS Liberty attack when the Israeli military attacked an American warship and murdered dozens of American naval personal. To try and sink the ship an blame it on the Arabs to pull American into war for Israel. Johnson worked from his office of President to cover this up for Israel. He became President after Kennedy was killed. Who benefitted from that. Kennedy's money order that threatened the Jewish Federal Reserve was also thrown out by Johnston as the first thing he did when he became President. Who benefitted from that.

The Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion also wrote in his own writings that Israeli is to the nation in which the New World Order will be governed from. After the third Jewish Temple is rebuilt the Jewish Rabbi's will govern the world by Talmudic law from this new capital of the world the restored Jerusalem. Part of this involves in Jewish ideology a major war in with the Arab world will be destroyed by provoking them into war and then using the Jewish nuclear arsenal against the entire Arab world and wiping them out. This must occur in Jewish religious ideology so that the Jewish messiah can then return and reign. The Rothschild's stated in their 19th century Zionist publications they are the Messiah. That is why they run and created Israel its one of the things the Messiah must also accomplish. Put that together with Kennedy getting in the way of this Messianic agenda and its obvious as to why he was murdered.

The Jews where able to pull this off for the same reason they pulled off 911:

Larry Silverstein the Jewish owner of the World Trade Center even stated about Tower Seven which no plane touched and it collapsed the same way the other two towers did. That with Tower Seven he told them to "pull it" which is the command given to hit the button on demolition sites and blow the buildings. Funny how he used that exact phrase. Still this Jew is not arrested or even questioned by the FBI. And the dancing Israeli's the Mossad agents arrested in connection with 911 were all realised to flee to Israel by the then Jewish head of the American Dept Of Homeland Security, Chertoff. No one even asked why 4000 Israel citizens who worked in those Twin Towers just didn't show up for work that day. It was no Jewish holiday it was a normal work day. If the Jews didn't have a Sayanim network in America those 4000 Jews wouldn't have avoided 911 that day, 4000 Jews! That is the final proof and your stupid if you don't get that.

As President Nixon warned against the Jews have taken over the entire top tier of America and have their agents everywhere. Jews work together in the Sayanim in which Jews are tasked to do whatever the Mossad wants. They are the racial criminal organization that is working to take over the planet as their Talmud orders then to.

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Re: Jewish Whistle Blower: Rothschild And Israeli's Had Kennedy Killed

Postby Lydia » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:01 am

It's definitely not a "conspiracy theory" when there are all these blatant facts. Keep that in mind everyone when informing others who are hesitant to accept truth, these are actual facts, not theories. Four thousand jews cohencidentally did not show up to work the day the towers fell.

Thanks for all the info you've been posting, HP Mageson.

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Re: Jewish Whistle Blower: Rothschild And Israeli's Had Kennedy Killed

Postby Personal Growth » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:06 am

J.F. Kennedy was assassinated because he was aware of and against the secret mafia namely the Jews that secretly run the world from behind the scenes.

If a person Googles 'The speech that got JF Kennedy assassinated,' they will find he was opposed to secret organisations that plot against under the scenes.

He was also working against Russian nuclear missiles that were found in Cuba.

Sadly everyone else is accused of having nuclear weapons when Israel really has them.

I know as we all know what's really going down.

Enoch Powell was another great man that was damaged professionally. And the assassination of JF Kennedy was also the ultimate price to pay.

With the freedom of the Internet these reptilians that do all this behind the scenes will become more and more unmasked.
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Re: Jewish Whistle Blower: Rothschild And Israeli's Had Kennedy Killed

Postby EasternFireLion666 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 11:51 am

Great post!
I did not know about the 4000 jews in the wtc. I will do some research. Thanks a lot for this info :)

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Re: Jewish Whistle Blower: Rothschild And Israeli's Had Kennedy Killed

Postby ASQV13886662080 » Tue Jun 12, 2018 10:00 pm

The information you provide is nectar to my mind's eye. Lol
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