Our Army Is Bringing The Enemy Down

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Our Army Is Bringing The Enemy Down

Postby HP. Hoodedcobra666 » Sat Jun 09, 2018 11:47 pm

Greetings to all of our Satanic Warriors.

Everyday that we fight, we keep humanity going, same as our respective nations, and also ourselves. We are making major progress in taking down the enemy.

The enemy is suffering massive losses. Spiritually, we have been counteracting them, and they cannot fully execute their plans clearly or succesfully anymore.

Physically this victory is manifesting in battles that take place and until now have only had us as the ultimate victor, in particular to all the important matters concerning our rising, in regards to freedom, unmasking the enemy, and bringing them down.

Here we have people from all Nations on earth that know all the facts about the enemy and they have a straight idea about what is going on. As an extent of our work, every single RTR, every single day spent to our own empowerment, every single informational comment, we have awoken and altered to the facts a lot of people.

We can genuinely say that we have awakened the world on a global level more in the last 15 years than in the last 1000 years, as far as numbers and global awakening is concerned. This will only escalate. The continuity of the Gentile Soul need for FREEDOM from jewish chains has had many great people fighting so that we can be free. We are building on what we have been given.

Every time people advance spiritually, this adds more to this fire, every attempt to help others break free by providing information rubs the oil, and every RTR done increases the napalm on the fire.

We must insist in doing that until this world of lies is fully set ablaze. From the ashes a new, but at the same time, Ancient world is going to emerge.

Our ideas have ended up everywhere now, and despite of enemy propaganda, the Gods are having their voice heard again. Blocked windows of human conscience, in the face of this chaos the enemy is creating, nudge more and more people everyday to wake up.

For some it happens gradually, but we hasten it with our work. For some like the people here it has come as a lightning bolt. At other times stinging, but in all times useful, empowering, and TRUE. Others try to get up from their bed, others are already in the frontline.

They will eventually keep be waking up and join us in the frontlines. We have to keep pushing.

Removing the mute the enemy has put on our side for centuries, more and more people are coming into conclusions that will have the enemy permanently destroyed. The Goyim know more everyday.

The transition is not "peaceful", is not for free, is not a product of time, and is not "granted", nor it would happen by default. It has had time and opportunities to do so and nothing happened. What has changed now is us acting as heralds of such change.



This aside of a mandatory social work is also a test with ourselves- a destined exercise. It's a work of our own making, a world which will finally return to it's healthy roots, with every negative value created today turned into a healthy, proper and positive value.

To be saved will mean to save one's spirit, to value one's heritage will mean to understand it spiritually, to be "multicultural" will mean to understand and respect one another without need of abuse and assimilation. Finally a world with differences, actual freedom to develop, plurality and beauty will arise.

The day will come where the goyim that walks the earth today will be overrun by a man that is aware of his own humanity and spirit. But for this some people have to make a beginning, and so we have working towards while others sit there in dangerous sleep.

Through this process we will recreate what is called the Golden Age and all our people's have been lamenting of losing to darkness since their earliest historical records. Their lamentations will not be in vain and all those who have tried to bring this about in a world with the enemy as their obstacle, we will make their sacrifice worth it.

Our Army is bringing the enemy down, and we do this to lift our people and our planet up. May our God Satan and our Pagan Gods bless our objective and give us ultimate victory, so we can free their people who have fell under an unjust alien oppression.

When we do what we have to do we are unstoppable and victory is assured.

We must do, what we must.


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Re: Our Army Is Bringing The Enemy Down

Postby hailourtruegod » Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:09 am

Hail Satan!!!
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Hail Satan!!!

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Re: Our Army Is Bringing The Enemy Down

Postby Jack The GOOD guy » Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:58 am

I have a question. What about the race mixed people here who are advanced ? Can they through mediation pass on relatively pure genes to the progeny ? Is it possible ? I mean gene expression changes through vibration so I thought it could well be possible through some advanced meditations.
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