RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [week 7]

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RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [week 7]

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Hope all my Dedicated brothers and sisters are having a Well and Wonderful Weekend. Here's this weeks re-read it post. join me if you want to re-read these with me

ExposingChristianity, been meaning to re read this for some time, its never a bad idea to refresh ourselves on the corruptions, atrocities, and lies of our enemy, good hatred fuel for the RTRs, and good deprogramming for those who are new.

https://ucef91c3775c3793ad85f3b02780.dl ... /file?dl=1

Alright here we go
Darkness and Light
Post Fri Mar 31, 2017 10:32 pm
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666

A few people ask things like... So what, Satanism is about light now? Isn't it the Emo, Ghoulish thing that the jews have dictated for centuries no more? Am I no longer allowed to drink cups of blood, and hail "jehova", while somehow claiming I am a "Satanist"? To just pin my racially jewish tribal paranoia, in Satan's back?

Can I no longer partake into this useful meme, that was generated by jews, to trap the radical and mistrusted followers of their own, christian, jewish created program? And to drive the sheep back to the stable by careful calculation?

Is "muh" jewish drama, and "muh" tendency to atrocity, not pinned in the back of the scapegoat of Satan anymore? Is the day where all the jewish crimes were magickally pinned on Satan, just over, same as all the world's perils? Has that frontier of always blaming Satan, been lost?

"Now who is going to get the blame! The jew is blameless! The God of the Goyim has to get all the blame, even for what we, the blameless JEWS have done! If he doesn't come quickly, oy vey!!! We will collapse under the weight of our own crimes, guilt, and fortune! We will be named straight and up: "Jesus, Jehova, and his accursed jewish Race", will the goyim shout!!"

Now, how can a rabbi based on stolen Pagan identity, claim to be good, while it's just a murderer? How can the aggressor survive without its scapegoat? And if the false polarization doesn't exist anymore. And has been proven counterfeit...How will the lie continue?

Did Satan have an opportunity to actually speak, and plead not guilty for what the followers of the tribal god Jehova, and an imaginary Rabbi named "Jesus", plus their junkie reverse-followers have committed? In the acts of the greater spirit of 'destroying god' as instructed in the protocols of Zion? Destroying the "Ha-Satan", the "Adversary" of the jewish people.

Has Azazel stopped being the jewish scapegoat for all things jewish, perverted and murderous, such as he is cursed and condemned by jews to be in their racial celebration of the Yom Kippur? Have finally the Pre-Christian, Pagan, Gods, had their name cleaned of this heap of excrement, at least to a decent extent?

Are the days where bowing to jews and becoming their slave in an anti-christian context, that pushes christianity from the backdoor, over? Is the "Satanist" now against all these ordained rules that were hijacked into "Satanism" by the jews?

Are "Satanists" no longer jews? Did jews for ONCE more, be blotted out and revealed once again for following their own Racial excrement, under yet another pretext to shield them. Like always. And try to mask the OBVIOUS? Which they have covered up by the false pretense of "Satanism"?

Do we finally see Judaism in plain sight...Which it was all along? Because all I see is jewish letters, jewish mysticism, jewish kabal, the best friends of the church, the supporters of its backbone, in the expense of Satan's name. A name stolen from Sanskrit and the Far East. To be perverted and blamed for all the world's perils...Out of nowhere.

"A Satanist". And all one does, is what? Defame Satan. Fill the ranks of his enemies. And make sure their supposed 'enemy' always has plenty of ignoramus, fools and idiots hoarding into their ranks. By them playing the bad boogieman. That they are supposed to play, ordained by whom again? The (((Root of it all))).

Has Satanism finally recovered from the thing the jews made it to be? In order to cover a deeper Truth about Satanism?

The answer to all of the above, is yes.

This time has come, and it has passed us. Because well, the jews will always be discovered and must always be put at their place. How long can "Satan" be hidden?

The time where jews had full dictation on the cultural norms of Gentiles is over-with.

So what now? Is Satanism about light? Or darkness? Can I be Mister Emo, or can I be miss Rainbow?

Light or Darkness? Which "ONE".

Because as we all know, the vain division only again, came with jews. In the bible. The light jew is the good jew, the Rabbi Christ. And then we have the dark jew, the anti-christian, or you name it. The other Rabbi. So the real question is, why give in to false, and irrelevant conceptions?

The answer is fairly simple.

To look into the eternal and omnipotent darkness that envelopes existence. And is all-powerful. We need a light. Unless we have a light, unless we can comprehend what we see. And 'enlighten it'. We will never understand, contemplate, and absorb the darkness in reality. We will remain oblivious.

Therefore, all these jewish ghouls. Do not speak about any real 'darkness', let alone with any respect. They are speaking of complete deprivation of knowledge and respect of darkness. They are speaking about lack of light, lack of power.

To lack light is to lack darkness...And to have light is to have the power over darkness. And to learn to respect it. Otherwise one is just mortally blind and oblivious. No matter what one says, one cannot understand the ever-powerful darkness, without light. And essentially its through light one grows power in the darkness.

"Light is Power", Lilith.

"Darkness is Light Turned inside out" -Beelzebub

Satan is the Darkness, Because Satan is all-encompassing, all powerful Light. He is Lucifer, the Lord of Darkness.

Masters Among Slaves
Post Wed Feb 15, 2017 6:01 am
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666

Greetings to all of our People and Satanic Comrades!

All Satanists here are in the house of mastery.

Everyone obviously is on different levels. Others have problems with bills, others have other issues, others are higher up. It really comes not down to this. Do you notice a pattern? People are too hung up on these matters to seek self value. This is however, relative.

It comes down to your inner Soul, your morality as a being, and how all of us here can know about and tolerate Truths that the majority of humanity cannot. While they sacrifice everything to be unaware and ignorant, the real Satanist is doing the same sacrfice of everything for Truth.

When we hold racial discussuions, we are discussing about people outside, who do not know the Truth and do not advance. We are talking majorities. Satanism is the religion of united individuals, and not the clump jewdified herd.

You are by definition removed from the womb of damnation if you choose to finally embark on a freedom journey. As for the herd, we are seeing them from above as Masters, and we look at them as people who don't know what is going on.

Mastery does not imply a whip, domineering attitude. Its first and foremost mastery of awareness. Not based on fake entitlement, but how much we have really banished the herd from inside us. Or for accurate say, the negativities of the herd.

At the same time, we are the only ones who will face the potential rot or issues within. Something most people will never do. This is why we also un-dig the greatest and most inconceivable treasures these people will never have.

As thus we recognize their errors, our own errors, our racial errors, we seek to not repeat the errors of the slaves as we have made a conscious choice to never belong to them again. We choose freedom at all costs. They remain enslaved, taking others also hostages of their stupidity.

They are those who sink Humanity. We are those who try to uplift it and uplift ourselves. This is the Satanic spirit that on top of the ever lasting abyss and all the humans sold out to it, people resist.

Satan has made his best choices from all Races, Nations and Peoples. Everyone here holds a common Satanic element deep within their Soul. Not all people really have this.

Now you may not recognize, or you may recognize to an extent only, the gifts you have. Those deep in the path know as to why and who they are, others don't and are still searching.

We have people that discovered the Truth right now, and others who have been in it for so long that compared to new students may be close to Gods. Satan has been keeping his Children close to Him. The bonds last forever.

Its not entitlement showering, because after all, if one does nothing, one is distancing themselves from Truth and they wither away.

Satan loves his family, and his Children. There is no father that would not adore a loving daughter or son. Like a Father, Satan expects his children to advance. Nobody is thrown to the trash can, but a few people do, because THEY think they are for the trash can. They act accordingly if they follow this road.

You will become, what you think you are. Now like any other dad who watches their children take their first steps, Satan is proud of those who seek to advance. Everyday you overcome obstacles, Satan is proud of you. Even if these obstacles may seem to the larger spectrum of existence irrelevant. To you, these are relevant indeed. And every "you" foms "us" as a Satanic Unity.

When you begin or fall he will help you and hold you, but NEVER to the extent of making you incapable of getting up and walking by yourself. Satan is real and therefore, cannot be anyone's nanny. Why? Because Satan really cares for your deepest advancement as a being.

You belong to yourself after all mainly. The ((("religions of nowadays"))) are hijacked to teach people to have slave and victim morality. Part of this is how everyone has no will and must beg for bailouts from their own mistakes and life.

The enemy has defamed Satan for a reason. Satan welcomes with open arms every single Gentile that comes to Him, if they follow through. He is the door to spiritual salvation. The Demons are the teachers. However in school, you have to study.

Satan sees us in our Soul. It matters also not how old or young you are. Your first spiritual step, and you going from crawling spiritually to ever higher places, its how you start unfolding.

You may think that a small victory means nothing, but the crawling is what makes the champion. Well, crawling that is continued for a lot of time. Then standing. Then walking. Then running.

This is what defines us, motivates us, makes us who we are.

This is what makes us Masters Amongst Slaves.

And such we shall FOREVER be!
Working for the Satanic Future
Post Wed Apr 05, 2017 11:47 pm
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666

We are idealists. Some people may think of us as insane today, but what isn't "insane" about us, when "Sanity" is basically the philosophy of a soulless, rotten human being that always and forever sinks? If it's called "Insanity", "Racism", "Satanism" or "Bigotry" or "blah blah blah", then it is what it is. It means nothing to us, you know?

We are opposed to this, and therefore, we have different opinions. We see things differently.

Satan as reminds us and let us know of the Immortality of our own Soul, and the Soul purpose. This can take more than one lifetimes. This is the meaning of building for the future.

Just ask yourself, where would you be, if you were born in a Satanic family, and meditated from the earliest days of your life, or had access to this material, or even taught much of this in your school.

This in reverse, is what happens in Pissrael. Most jews by their thirties are already versed for all high positions in existence, due to sustaining spiritual stolen culture, while most Gentiles in their 30's have their first pat in the back, 'reality check'.

Many of Gentiles may have had to reach our 50's and 60's to find the real God. This could have been corrected by a global, race adjusted, and powerful culture. Naturally, the Souls of previous Satanists will go and reincarnate in the hands and positive families of Satanic families in the future, in accordance to the Will of the Gods and Race. This is a phenomenal advantage as you can see. No time lost.

Only Spiritual Satanism can lead in extremely powerful and spiritually vibrant civilizations for Gentiles in the planet. Everyone who is an initiate today, knows what Spiritual Satanism can do to the transformation of the self. All other systems are neutered, and they don't have the power and the spiritual backbone to actually do anything plausible than be more than make believe.

This is because essentially, the nowadays called Spiritual Satanism is basically what was common knowledge among the higher and mystic classes of the Pagan people. They just called it "Truth" in a sense, because it made sense, and we today call it "Spiritual Satanism". But its the same path to power.

If people are about to have children, by the third month of pregnancy, you can ask Satan to send you a Satanic Soul that is suitable for you to raise as your progeny. Satan will protect you and help you. Needless to say, this can be a most beautiful experience.

Everyday we have enemies, free loaders, and other people who are not concerned. This is not the mentality of future Gods. Of all the animals, the only animal that is able to think about their deepest future and the largest future is the Human. Of course when one is not acting like a human, they are closer to animal level. The mentality of Gods, and the Wise people should be different. Satan has brought select people here from all Gentile Races, because Satan's aims are great for Humanity.

Satan doesn't see a rotting world, neither should his followers. Those who are 'live and let be' and don't give one damn about anything but themselves, its safe to assume, nobody will give a damn about them as well. But this is Justice, isn't it?

To show you the extent of this. In between Reincarnations in the Ancient World, kids knew by an early age due to meditation, who they were in the past life. Therefore, they had no question about their own social standing today, or where they were, or what they were to do, or things committed in the past lives.

The jews openly state in the Kabbalah, that aside all the other curses, they have cursed humanity to forget who they are. Trends, and who one goes, is carried with someone, and re-manifests in some form or another, in the next life.

The Pagan Mystics would get people in their own grave from their last lifetime, and they would get also their important physical belongings, given that the initiate was spiritually aware, pure and clean of mind, without any need about lies and false deceptive "muh importantism".

This is why in large tombs, we had all this wealth stored inside. So the reincarnation of a person, could get their hard labored wealth again. This process was to be repeated, until the person finally became a Demon, and subsequently, a God and therefore immortal.

We have such a great future ahead of us, especially in this Age of Aquarius. We have to fight the enemy, eventually defeat them, or die trying. For those overly concerned, by seeing the enemy on a position of rule now, don't worry. Rule does come, and rule does go, especially in the case of unfit rulers such as those of the enemy. We are already seeing their system collapse. Unfortunately, civilization due to bad universal forces, and forces of the enemy, is being threatened to actually collapse.

The Ancients had made as much preparation as possible, and now, in these late years after 2012, we exited the dwindling circle towards the bottom of the universal line. Now, the energies will push for betterment, rather than decline, and as thus, the influence of the jews is dwindling. We have to make sure this deal is done with and they lose all power.

In a sense, all Spiritual Satanists are actually working on the will of their Ancestors and Soul-family from time immemorial. We are doing what they have been doing in many ways. You vibrate their names, as your Ancestors did thousands of years ago. You meditate on your Soul, as inherited by them.

We didn't have a destruction in the Pagan system, for who knows how many hundreds of thousands of years. To the Gods, the jewish accident is short lived. They have other plans.

It doesn't matter if one brings a small stone, or a giant stone, what matters is everyone brings something. In the end, Satan's vision will be manifested.

Work, so that you will be worked upon, help so that you may be helped, show loyalty to the Gods so that they will be loyal to you, for they are honest.

This is the essence of Working for the Satanic Future.

To Fight in Satanism
Post Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:52 am
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666

Greetings to all our People and Satanic Comrades!!

Spiritual Satanism is basically very simple. Go by nature, respect your existence, recognize your physical and material existence, follow the spiritual advancement, and things fall in place. There is no need for extremely complicated or very strange systems that are confusing, or books filled with hundreds of 'commandments'. Truth is just supported by following the upper things. One advances, one slowly starts grasping things further.

Advancement comes essentially from the Soul. The Soul or the meta-genetic component, influences who one is, advances us, and changes us for the better. Spiritual practice is an evolutionary practice. Essentially the end product of such (Let's say as "end" the Magnum Opus) will not mirror the starting product anymore than a stone resembles a beautiful statue. This process is again, nature in a sense.

For this reason, one doesn't have to look down on themselves or feel bad about the fact that we have some stone in us. This is also the potential to become a statue. To be a stone is OK. To not exist is the only real problem, which is where a few people are heading by constantly attacking themselves for being a stone, instead of REFINING this thing.

This is the difference between the fake programs, and Spiritual Satanism. Spiritual Satanism accepts everyone as they are, in the given condition they want to advance. Nobody is scorned or attacked, but everyone must advance instead of destroying themselves or follow eternal sinking. All of us come and exist in different levels, based on our evolution and merit, and personal choice to work. Spiritual advancement has few 'requirements'. Any living being can spiritually advance.

The problem is not in losing fights, but in not fighting. Even lost fights are going to show someone who knows how to take this, as knowledge on how to win later on, for example.

Many people will notice that we are also fighting in a more spiritually literal sense. Essentially our fight is not motivated only by sheer 'anger' or any such useless (((Explanation))), but it's a higher aspiration to become better and remove obstacles that keep us on all levels from going forward.

If someone keeps putting obstacles in our way for no reason other than their admitted hatred for your existence, then you have to re-act to these things.

This is the situation with jews and it has been ongoing for centuries. As Rabbi Laitman stated (this is not a nobody, this is one of the most "important" rabbis of modern times), this is because the jews are from another universe/galaxy on the soul level, and they seek to wreck what is left of humanity and enslave it for their own purposes. To sit with hands crossed spiritually, only makes for certain damnation.

Our existence until a point (Namely the Golden Age) was in its natural state. From what it's known, humanity was in the brink of becoming perfected and Satan wanted to finish his work. The finishing of such takes time, and effort, and this is motivated by two factors the Gods did not 'control'.

One factor is the factor of nature. For example, a baby cannot be born in one day. It needs 9 or in the very least 7 months. In the same way, the human consciousness needs to develop over time, and through conscious work of the person themselves. IN other words, Satan could was NOT supposed do our work for us. This had to do with OUR self realization, only which WE can do as individual Souls.

This is for our existence after all. It would be pointless for everything to be given to us for free. We were already created with superior and advanced abilities by Satan as inherent in our species anyway. On top of this, they gave us spiritual knowledge (to all Gentile Races) so we could advance with it. On *TOP* of all these things and all the teachings and help they left, they also left us these teachings coded in Ancient cultures, so that we would not lose them.

To not over-extend, we all know that the Gods were forced to depart due to war basically. The Gods and many other beings have their own enemies as well. Others flattened, others still persist, the list goes.

It's well known that the whole xian/judaism "Jews Vs Gentiles (pagans)" is nothing but a very simplified, jewish meme. That in fact is basically hiding the only fractal Truth. That the aliens who created the Gentiles are not those who created the jews. And that the jews have other specific purposes to carry on on top of this planet. Part of which is to exterminate and enslave us for their own personal benefit, as whatever lifeforms they are. There are infinite numbers of pages written on this. In what is called as "Jewish Culture".

Remember, culture resembles memory and link to our Gods and Ancestors. The enemy systematically attacks culture and bastardized it with Islam and Xianity, on purpose. To cut the link and the knowledge. And to cut our evolutionary knowledge and ability to connect with our Soul-Family, the Gods. Who guide us even if they physically departed.

To not fight the enemy, means you aren't doing what's best for yourself, the planet, future generations, and everything good. Therefore we are put to fight in an automatic manner, wether we like it or not. The forces of the enemy are ON you, even if you don't accept it, understand it, or even feel it. They are spread over civilization like a plague pretty much. The fight against the enemy is a larger fight of humanity trying to remove a negative element from within its own midst.

As Rabbi Laitman explained to his fellow jews. The jews are essentially an alien lifeform that came into the body of human civilization, in the same way of a cell intrusion. How the jewish soul came in this "Solar system" of ours, was from another galaxy, and through physical bodies created to look as human hybrids.

These hybrids as Rabbi Laitman stated come from all races, in other words, jews come in all colors and appear within all races, but they are all jewish racially at the root. From there they try to take over civilization from WITHIN, and not by external conquest. And like a cancer tries to take it over pretty much. All the humans, us included here, will fall victims into this.

For this to happen, natural order has to be destroyed and assimilated into a new 'order' that will put the alien invading lifeform in the top. This as we can see has came to happen by the suffering of 5.8/6th's of the whole planet, and the rest who do not 'suffer' are basically enslaved completely and suffer in many other ways.

We as Satanic Souls are similar in this case, but we are the antidote and the original caretakers of the larger whole.

We don't fight a war to create lies, just to restore natural order as it were. We are the original and essential spiritual root in humanity. This is why Satanists can come from any Gentile Race.

Only the Satanic Souls can treat this matter on the core, which is something deep and spiritual.

Spiritual Satanism is essentially a name we have nowadays for Souls and their system given by the Gods, that was given to Gentiles to advance themselves, since time 'immemorial' at their core, when Gentiles were created by Satan and the Gods. And help the world and ourselves reach a higher level. While we reincarnate and we exist again and again, the Souls of such devotees to the Gods remain existing in time.

Let's not forget Satan to us means "Eternal Truth" and no else gimmick generated at a (((later time))) do affect or concern us, let alone things meant to defame this being behind this title. Also this being has had a lot of other aliases and titles that we humans have given him, such as Lucifer for example.

Forms change, but essence remains the same. The Soul remembers, so again, it re-draws itself in where it will advance. Also the Gods themselves call the Souls that have befriended them and followed them, in more or less obvious manners. While a Satanist is made in the Soul, Satanism can also be made and generated by spiritual practice. When one advances, the "Satanism" (Truth-ism) in the Soul is brought out.

Not only we have to win the internal battle with ourselves (or better yet the infested parts) but also, the external battle has to be conquered. It's not by a coincidence, that the more one conquers themselves, the better they can deal with external issues as well. Any 'external' issues have to be corrected as well.

Spiritual Satanism is the fight for advancement.

And in a sense to fight is necessary to advance, NOW, more than ever.

We will fight together and until the end and further if necessary.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
The 'Great Indestructible Jew' debunked
Post Wed Mar 22, 2017 2:10 am
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666

One thing I have noticed is that people somehow think the enemy is just sitting, and Trump is like on the other end, same as Nixon, and the Rabbis tell them what to do. Maybe this was for some presidents, but not all. Bush for example, didn't go one inch or wake up in the morning, without reading his Talmud. Kennedy obviously wasn't such case, and he had a hidden interest to Hitler. The jews don't have complete control and dominion over the powers called 'Fate', let alone the Will of the Gods. These powers are competing on a large level.

Presidents obviously, unless we are talking of Bush or Clinton, have an Ego, and they also have a personality and their own opinions. The jews avoid these types as these create unrest. Nixon, whatever his backround, this is another discussion, was being ravaged by the jews and therefore was extremely hateful. He even hated his midget, but necessary midget, jew Henry Kissinger.

As its in the Torah, unfortunately, because the Torah makes it as such through magick, leaders, even if Gentiles, are always alone and isolated to an extent, and therefore fall in favor of jews. They sic onto them, threaten them, lend to them, or surround them as their 'friends' and 'advisors' in many cases.

Even if they are jews themselves to an extent, with hybridization, always do come issues. The enemy advises the jews against hybridization, but they HAVE to be a hybrid in order to infiltrate. As thus the jews are mixed with all the races of the planet. And therefore have become the errant and schizoid race of criminals they are today, plus their reptilian blood. The rabbis hate hybridization as it creates UNCERTAINTY. Therefore they do not let mixed kikes get in Israel, because who knows? They may be the most loyal, or they may suddenly go HAM and fuck up their own.

As have done jews in the years, by betraying the agenda of their own. It was a kike that for example, published the protocols of the elders of Zion. Because why not? Who knows what this jew was subjected to? Sometimes, the family abuse in jewish families is also extremely severe, to the point that many people cannot imagine. Just take a look on how they mutilate the penises of their so called spawns.

Jews casually attack, mistreat, and brutalize their own to no end. No lifeform likes pain, and to be treated in that way, no matter how much of a borg it is. This is physical, and hardwired into the physical body, and the very simple levels of existence. Not even a worm likes to be squashed.

Do you think that the president or other people in power enjoy getting Rabbis on the phone telling them they will kill them unless they follow their orders? Or other things like that which the jews seem to do? Not even a mixed kike would like all this abuse, attacks, and defamation by otherwise its own 'tribe'.

The enemy severely abuses their own people. Do you think that since Trump might have shilled for them, after destroying their media empire, the jews wouldn't destroy him at first chance for example? The jews are a brutal race, and they are ready to retaliate. The jews are a very vicious race. No matter how much one 'serves' them and does exactly what they state, the axe always hands on top of their head. Many people as such are extremely displeased.

Internal dispute and warfare is why the jews have been in the position they are today. Not all jews are psychic, 'wise' rabbis, or elders of Zion. However all of them know the act, and all of them are necessary. Also, not all of them are geniuses, either. They also do get actually born with bad astrology charts. And some even go kamikaze against their own jews. For many reasons. This should leave us cold and nobody should feed into the false 'good cop, bad cop'. But it's a reality still.

The enemy runs a worldwide conspiracy, yes, it's extremely powerful, yes, it has lasted a lot of time, yes, it can potentially destroy everything, yes. But then we also have 'human' and 'natural' error, the Gods, our side doing magick, and situational things. So know your enemy, never underestimate them, but don't gravely overestimate them, either. Maintain a level, and a confident approach. With systematic spiritual warfare we will win.

Additionally, many people don't pay attention. The pope, and all these 'grand' traitor figures of the greys and the reptilians, the jewish seed, is bound to a very obscure, and a very damning fate. Even their best servants, will be killed, and this is in the bible. Why? Because they are a dispensable piece of shit.

In Egypt, even the builders and the commonest of the commoners had an actual super proper burial that ensured their existence for eternal life, with frequent litanies done to remember their name. And even insects like Scrabs were made into dieties, same as pet Dogs, Cats, etc. What does that tell you about how Satan and the Gods treat life? Now we live in a numbered society, and the enemy is the one who makes this happen. What does that tell us about THEM?

The jew, unlike the rabbinical claims, is only a means to a way to the aliens. They would rather have other beings, like the greys directly, doing the job, but instead, due to opposition by our Gods, they cannot do this. Therefore, they created a cheap hybrid to do the job. And they are quite displeased, as this has took a giant while for them to catch up.

The greys are sadistically enslaved to the reptillians, completely robbed of personal intelligence and free will. They do not even have genitals to replicate. What does that tell us about the reptilians and those who 'run the game'? They hate every sense of freedom, even if it comes to their own.

Unlike Satan and the Gods who are compassionate, understanding, gave Gentiles the ability to procreate, and gave us a free and individual spirit, PLUS the means to work on our individual Soul, the enemy has created a creation of a halfling, slave, to serve them and eventually be destroyed when their 'work' is done. The enemy 'god' is so sadistic, and this can be seen in the bible. The jews even in the bible are frequently genocided by the greys and their own alien hive, because of disobedience to their 'covenant'. The jews are a slave race by definition.

In conclusion, the jews seem so extremely powerful and so evil, because people have lost their ancestral knowledge, inner understanding, and because this infection has weakened the White Race who has been ruling for a long time, to the point the jew is perceived as 'great'. The jew is an alien, savage, parasite, and 'great' insofar these objectives are in question.

Society is still advancing, and not everyone is dead. In a desperate bastardized attempt to fullfill their purpose fast, they are attempting now to genocide Whites and destroy everyone, yet again, which will yet again, be met with an insurmountable wall and extremely cutthroat resistance.

The jew is the one who should be afraid, so long people do their spiritual warfare, spiritual advancement, and education of everyone. Satan and our Gods have ruled this planet for who knows how many tens, or closely hundreds of thousands of years. Aside other elect Souls and many people who are powerful, and are also around still. The jew always makes the calculations based on what they presently know, or what they have stolen just a few hundreds of years ago.

But there are so many things we don't know, and we haven't even seen. So, let's let the Gods do their part of the deal, and we do ours.

Indefinitely, until the 'end' and furthermore, we will fight until this is a closed case.

Sieg Heil Brothers and Sisters in Satan!!

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
Post Wed Feb 08, 2017 6:57 pm
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666

I notice most people have a hangup with understanding what Superiority is. This is because everyone lies to people, and this so called superiority they preach is actually on the basis of false entitlement and the lie that everyone is equal. Nothing and nobody is and neither should be equal.

People do not really hate superiority. Everyone affirms to it even if they do not accept it. Most people hate a false fake superiority complex. Created by jews to elevate them into a fake status. This is what makes people either mimic them (like we wuz kangz or muh KKK Muhstard Xianized white jewsus) do. Others just hate this so they neglect superiority all in all.

When someone claims for example, Whites are superior in civilization or something else, many people get crazy. I see this in Black fellows who are early on their education in this Satanic school. Very very few people get angry at facts. I am not going to go to Africa and pretend I am an African Plant expert now...Will I? Or go to China and tell them that I know better Chinese medicine while I know nothing about it?

Social superiority the enemy has made a reason of warfare, race hatred and strife. But before you grow angry bear with me before attempting to go crazy.

Here we have a millionaire in business. If he ever were to offer you help on how you can make enough to feed your family easily, what would you say? Fuck off, I am superior to you? Will this earn you money, or a good family, or knowledge?

Another example is how arts like Qi Gong have masters in China or elsewhere. Without these people, Qi gong might have been lost. They withstood a purge of one hundred million Chinese people by Communists and still managed to keep this art alive. Does some xian cucked pastor know better than them? Obviously, NOT.

A car engineer comes to you when you have a broken engine, and offers you help. You do tell them fuck off, and that you are superior? Then remain in Nevada desert.

Not only not accepting superiority and having no sense of it is deadly and a disaster, but it leads someone to being incapable and lonely. The jews force this down the throat of many people in order to keep them dumb and enslaved. This only goes for Gentile to Gentile, never kike-gentile relations. To the jews, they have programmed their Goyim to accept the worse and ugliest jew as master.

Do you see the pattern?

Do you see how this hampers potential? This is the same thing the jews do to instigate other Races against Whites or the West.

To examine this is quite easy. You have a surgeon here. This surgeoun has labored for 15 years in college and many other things, learning everyday about his craft. If you are to go to him for a very important surgery, would you rather trust yourself to do your surgery on yourself, or would rather they do the surgery? Are you equals when this Surgeon has saved hundreds or thousands in his life? While you cannot even self diagnose?

Wouldn't it be accepting his superiority a matter of a life saving thing? He can do you thousand times better than you can do to yourself. And that's lovely and glorious. Not a reason to feel "muh superioirty". In fact if you act superior for your stupid desires, you may die. And how superior will you be dead then?

The jews of course in regards to White hate, and hate as they do to China-Taiwan, Korea etc (dividing people) they are like "KILL THE FUCKING SURGEON! YOU WILL FEEL BETTER HAVING NOBODY SUPERIOR TO COMPARE TO!". This is exactly what will kill you first and foremost by your own admission. And many others. This is the largest mindset of the jews and how they rot civilization from within.

The jews prey on the superiority complex of the goyim, which is created because infact all goyim are made into unspiritual cattle that does not understand the value of superiority.

Of course there are negative aspcts of superiority. A drugged out, dwarf kike, joe shlomo, comes to you and demands you to be their Goyim slave, making nothing good for you and out of you. Here is where judgement is needed. Do you put this parasitic virus in their position? Or do you become a slave because the bible says so?

In closing, Satan and the Gods are our Superiors. This is great, and the fact they want to help us is an amazing opportunity. Those who do not seize this will be damned, because there is nothing higher to do than commune with these amazing beings.

Those who have 'negative superiority' issues, many times just have self problems and self awareness issues. Not really superiority issues. These like any other fear, or worry, or lack of will, must be brought into light and healed.

Everyone just heal, and chill. As Satanists you are already on the path. Just walk it on your own terms and eleveate as you go. If you fall raise again up, and continue. Its not that hard if you don't make it hard for yourself.

High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Becoming Better...But Aren't You Bored
Post Tue Feb 14, 2017 9:11 pm
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666

Greetings to all our People and Satanic Comrades.

Becoming better is what you can do best with your time and existence. So many people fall on their knees asking for help, want everything done for them by others, or just want universal freebies.

Others constantly, too bored to meditate or advance, ask for help from the Gods on a paranoid frequent basis, basically just asking the Gods to be their pets and live their life for them. Of course they create all these fancy reasons.

One believes they were a god in a past life, others say that well, I dedicated my soul so I deserve it. Others just think the Gods are their tools. Others are too busy wasting their existence and just need to maintain their useless pleasure that exists ontop of the suffering of others. Which it basically also prolongs. Because well, its Muh Right to do so.

Lazyness is basically a big trend right now. Like huge.

Everything in human creation has took effort to be created. The less effort, the less work, the more low the product. Of course, lazy lifeforms are useless and meek, and unless they find other people to be their parasites, they die off like pest. Because this is what lazyness is.

Advanced or non advanced civilization, how beautiful one is or isn't,everything that exists and moves,has labor put in it. So that you exist here today to be whatever you are, generations have fought the battle of survival. The more labor and vitality, the better the product.

Of course if someone is better off than others, why is this the case? If we take someone who lets say had a financial success. Why is this the case?

Because someone at some point in their family tree, decided to make wealth. If someone is healthy, even unconsciously, others before them, have decided in an unconscious level for a better partner. If someone is intelligent, chances are their ancestors at least had used their brain more.

There are no freebies in nature. Whomever believes in freebies is just blind to the laws of reality.

On the other hand, reality is very just. It gives some common things and abilities to almost everyone. This is the living consciousness. The Gods have also been just. They taught us how to use this living consciousness energy, the same energy that comes from seeds and creates all this abundance, if so we want, we can use it. This is done through meditation.

All wrongdoings can be, to a lesser or greater extent, be corrected with such. If society advances and rhe worthy push it to advance; civilization raises a level. Disease, poverty and many other things disappear, with the mastery of people over their environment. As Hitler stated, Humanity is becoming God.

There are many people who are totally flat lazy; do nothing for themsleves or for anyone else. These people are trashy; and they are in fact the cause of all the worlds perils. The jews are in the fact the ugliest and laziest of all the living humanoids on the planet.

All they exist for is just stealing from others. The same route follow many others. What they steal from the host nations is actually far better than all the "Pyramids" they claim they would be building. Instead they steal wealth through the jewish program of "mercy".

"Ye Goyim I would be building muh Pyramids but instead I have my twenty children raised by your taxes". We can say that the more life hating people are, the more they tolerate, stand for, and go after lazyness, and accept it within their midst.

With he rise of anti life hate of xianity, all these useless beings life and thrive. This is why you see all trashy Whites are too fond of xianity, jebooism, and all the like. They scma the working clasa of their own race aside jews, share da loot, and exist for so long they do, until they die off. Leaving nothing behind than ruin.

Then peolle ask why Gods are Nazis. Basically we call them Nazis. Ita a system of labor and production that is known to us like that. In plain rules is that while eveyone offers whatever and however they personally can, within reasonable limits, they live and thrive. Those who are parasites, the just take the road down and have no place among those who do. And go live wherever their "lifestyle" is applicable.

In short, restoration of natural law, and no favoritisms and shit. You will be, who you make yourself to be. The means are at the disposal of all race specimen, unlike capitalism where the means of doing anything are stolen by jews. So others even if they want do, can't do shite.

Honestly lazyness is just plain retarded. For a few hours in one's day, one can meditate and permanently become a bette person. Not even hours. By a few minutes in your day you can become so many times better. Its easy.

The lazy try to hack reality unsuccessfuly all the time. One example is drugs. Too bored to look within, the drug user wants to feel "amazing" without being amazing, or doing anything that would cause such result...So here comes a jew with a pill, they feel amazing for a couple of hours, then they crash two adobes lower than what they were. The jew comes with another pill..

However the Gods taught us some really nice passivity (which today is basically lazyness). Basically what most people suffer from is inertia- they do not move. Passive or Shakti energy is not inert, its a more effortless way to force. That produces results.

And is the creative Passive Shakti operating. That of magick and meditation. Aside with one's physical merit, one will definitelt advance. Many people are saying crap that emditation is tiring, they cannot do it, or they can't take the time.

Apparently they cannot be sitting down comfortably and just being in deep chilling on a meditative state. And advance their Soul by easy mantra repetition and flexing in hatha yoga. Yes, too forceful. What do you mean do some runes to make my life better?

Aren't you people who think like that bored of suckery, never getting what you want, feeling horrible, and running on a ratwheel? But well this is reality. Sitting on Slothz mode and becoming better is tiring. Being played around like a ball by the universe and everyone else is not tiring at all.

What MORE could the Gods have given the laziest of bummers to get better? I mean its like sleep without the sleep. You just stay focused. Then doing a couple of things in your day to eh, become a better being. If even THAT is too hard, then WHAT is any life worth anyway? Might as well sleep eternally.


lz daddy Satan I am sitting here by this nasty toilet. Don't you love me..if you do please help me. I dedciated my soul. Aren't you intrested? My soul is very important eventhough I never worked on it for shit. Hey what do you mean there is no help because I have a habit for going and sleeping sround nasty toilets whule playing the baby? Maybe I am in the wrong religion :( . I will change...OR...I GO FOREVER! NOBODY IS MORE USEFUL THAN ME SITTING BY THIS TOILET. I was too lazy being lazy, so you cna understand. I COMMAND YOU TO CARE or I LEAVE! ARE YOU GOING TO GIVE ME FREE HELP OR NO?


And as the air blew, a semi sleeping Sloth said..."GTFO"..."Get real" continued.

Maybe you need to stop being lazy about being positively meditatively, lazy. And be really good lazy in a productive way.
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Re: RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [week 7]

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One of the posts made me cry,in a good way haha.
I really am thankful for Jos ministrys. I remember when i first got here i was depressed and suicidal but now i look forward to life and regularly come to see if there are any new posts.I feel a part of somthing very special now again. Thank you very very much.
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Re: RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [week 7]

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It is not incredible (each one that I will tell you ...) the person does nothing and requires help just laughing :lol: , thank you very much for continuing re-posting, it helps a lot :D
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