RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [week 6]

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RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [week 6]

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Sorry as I am very busy again today, and probably will be from now on, I will consolidate all the articles into this one post.

Oh and as a bonus, from now on I plan to add one larger book/pdf from the Satan's Library for us to re-read. ... s.pdf?dl=1 for the Bonus this week lets re-read everything about The Demons, The Gods of Hell, as it's the right thing to do, to memorize everything we can about our Gods

I put a link to each article, which you will have to go to the wayback machine and put in, to get to the original article. Also check first if they are on Satan's library by using ctrl F and typing in the titles keywords

And for the Articles Here we go
Article 1

Gods Explained: Their Names and Aliases
Post Fri Jun 02, 2017 5:49 pm
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666


Satan is a being that has went by many names. With the help of HP Don and all the work we have done right now, I am working on a documentary to make this readily available to everyone.

Now all Gods work on many levels. One level is who they are really- ie, their flesh and bone existence. The actual ET's, who also have a name and actually exist. They do have a name (or more) and they literally exist in another planet. For magickal reasons and because these names are like their own ID number, they never do share these names.

Let's presume my real name is Bob. In my unit I am known as the Cobra Commander. When I am called I am basically turning as if I would be were to be called Bob. Indeed I am more Cobra Commander than I am Bob. This is literally the stupidest way of explaining it...

They therefore give people either their alias names which belong to them, or people name them with qualities like epithets. For example, SATYAN means TRUTH. The internal notion of such comes from the existential mantra SATANAMA which ties into the universe and the cosmos, and which Satan represents both as a Divine incarnation and also in qualities.

The Gurus in the East who do Satanama meditation, are actually doing 'homage' and 'worship' to Satan. All practices that raise the Serpent and so forth, are a "Satanism". The enemy knows this very well. Satanism = Striving for Truth. Such feat can only be understood by raising one's self spiritually. Not all people do this with the same 'connection' and close proximity to the source, but they do this after all.

This is why so many Hindus just come into Spiritual Satanism very easy and without any friction. They are allready Satanists, but not initiated. Spiritual Satanism is an initiation to practice the higher levels. Spiritual Satanism is like telling the Gods in front of them that you want to ACTUALLY work with them. This is where they take people really seriously. Like the Ancients who did initiations, for example.

So back to the Names, in many ways, they are quite often, epithets. These are qualities and names given to the Gods, to name an example. These are associated with them, tie into them, and call upon them straight up. The same goes for the Demonic names of other Gods.

Then, the Gods are on another level, that of allegory and spiritual alchemy. Spiritual allegory is about building the Soul, and spiritual alchemy about evolving one's personal soul and spirit to actually co-join the Gods and evolve to them.

Behind all of this there is an evolutionary process in finishing the work of the Arch-Architect, Satan, our Creator, upon humanity. The process is marked as spiritual but at the same, it is a meta-genetic work to actually elevate our species.

Satan went by many names in history, but all the essences of such personalities and names we have ascribed, are all divine, and they all have the same commonalities. Serpent, Ascention, Truth, Understanding, the highest spiritualist of the Gods, Winter Solstice and the list goes on. How the Gods are known to us is relevant to us, but as I have explained, there is a deep metaphysical element that relates to the universe on how we know each God.

Therefore to preserve their names and qualities is to preserve important knowledge metaphysical science. All Indo-Aryan cultures work around preserving the same, Magnum Opus, the Great Work of making man into the Godhead. From this came "Religion". Religion would otherwise be useless. People made these things cultures to remember them, pass them down, and honor the Gods and keep a consistent communication with them to guide them for advancement: Ie, REMEMBRANCE.

Today this is known as Spiritual Satanism, and we work directly with the Gods, directly on the highest level. The Gods as they have related, they do not want 'worship', but only for us to remember, so that we will not die like pest and never advance into our intended level. One is also free to exercise worship, reverence, and intensive respect, obviously.

Spiritual Satanism is Spiritual Truth-Ism and nothing else. As everyone knows, our use of the traditional Satanic Symbols has no 'recent' significant to us. Everything is traced back to their source. It's not some sort of fashionable trend we made for ourselves.

After the above, there is a last level of the myths into archeological/universal events, which are mixed with actual history and also non-literary myths to preserve these and pass this down to future generations. These were taught to the initiated.

To others it's mere science fiction. But there is no science fiction, at all in to any of this. I hope this therefore simply explains in full the question of the Gods, their Names, their Aliases, and all other points.

All the best for our people, and do NOT cease and (((forget))) doing the RTR's. We have to clean the planet from spiritual rot to save ourselves and build a greater future.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666


Article 2

Anti-Worldly Spirituality Debunked.
Post Sun Jun 25, 2017 1:37 am
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666


This must be the most funny trend to ever be created. Only the mind of the jew would comprehend such thing.

This goes like, that the material realm is evil and bad, and that we must steer our attention upwards to the 'heavens'. We also need to die in order to gain eternal life, and other shit like Rabbi Yeshu taught to humanity. Which followed suit by much deception in the East as well, from people who don't put two bricks together to create a civilization, and therefore 'hate their own existence'.

It's interesting to see how all these anti-materialists like the church and the jews, write these theories, while getting their juicy steak, wearing gold diadems and rings, and who knows? Maybe getting some sexual stimulus from some "Woman of the Devil, the temptation which must be avoided, but which we get laid with anyway" at the same time. Then they drink their expensive cognac, take the pen, and proceed in writing bullshit on the Goyim. They write things like, erm, how it's pointless to meditate, exist, or how evil and worthy of punishment is to live a material life.

Then they go to their ATM and happily they look at the rising 'useless numbers that don't define us or who we are', and they buy a quite 'insignificant since life is so temporary' rolls Royce. Then they proceed on having some more sexual stimulus which is 'fleeting happiness' with 'evil prostitutes', and they give some bucks to their hook-nosed illegitimate children, which of course don't believe they were born with any original sin because they belong to the Chosen People.

When their children are to get to have their relationships or marry, they tell them to not dare bastardize their race, because they carry a really material cohen gene you know? Which comes from outer space aliens- you know, the same aliens which we tell the Goyim do not exist? And they can't bastardize it with the silly retarded goyish, which are of another creator all-together, but of course they need to get to nail with everyone other race as some sort of mandatory ritual to exist in the 21st century.

Then they write further on how insignificant it is to race mix, and how the spiritual is the most important thing. Going in an almost ejaculatory phase of spewing shit on the head of the Goyim, they also tell the Goyim to do drugs and other useless things, which will 'advance them spiritually', too. Then they book a five star cruise towards somewhere far away from where they injected all the lovely and definitely not radical muslim immigrants, and as Goyim die with hatchet and brimstone, they tell them to never forget that their race will of course exist in the afterlife.

Got swindle'd, goyim!

I know someone may have found this graphic, but sorry, when it comes to child molesting, pricks who destroy humanity, I have even worse things to say, as I am talking about abominations. I just keep it at a low so that the eyes of some people don't hurt.

The deceived Gentiles who are xians, muslims, or even practice the eastern corrupted jewish crap, they are all told to live in the after. Let your Race die off Goyim, it accounts to nothing, vanity but vanity. Of course, everyone follows the entire reverse. The jews have been working reincarnations upon a time, to get this mighty material realm all under their lovely control. Which is of course the first place all of us have to exist and start to get born from.

It would be so much better if all these 'materialist haters' actually were never born, and remained in the 'eternal womb of the cosmos' and the other crap they believe. Humanity would have been so much better. The standards of living so much higher, and so many more opportunities would be for people to have spiritual aspirations, in a civilization that focused on wealth, material achievement, and upgrading civilization, rather than making a perfect jewish Orwellian nightmare of mixed races until material DNA goes to oblivion and social gloom.

All the wasting of the enemy is based on lifting your sights from the material realm. If you observe the Truth around you, nature and so forth, all the truths like eugenics, treating people and animals good rather than bad, and everything else just dawns to you. It takes a lot of brainwashing to start thinking that we don't actually belong to this earth, or that our material body is meaningless. It makes a good, obedient, fat and sick slave, which is an easy target for control.

Now all the enemy occultists, base their crap in jewish subversion in one way or another. In their book, JHVH curses people to never be immortal and therefore be trapped in the cycle of endless reincarnation. And guess what? You don't become a pony with superpowers when you die. Just a wrinkly and weakened soul that thirsts for life-force, and is demanded to just go reincarnate, sooner or later.

The Ancient Egyptians gave drink and food to the spiritual people who passed away, because they actually absorbed the living force from this food. Jewish translators and unspiritual fools later translated this as stupid superstition and sacrifice. When it was purely a functional thing.

You are who you were, and you need a battery to run, which unfortunately if you didn't meditate you don't have (this is the energy of the chakras) and you need to seek it again by gaining a new physical-level of the soul, or the Egyptian BA. All you learn you forget, and you are blinded and blinded again, working and working overtime to reach a higher level.

What is this higher level? Obviously, IMMORTALITY. Immortality in the spiritual form and in the MATERIAL form. To not have this is the curse of the enemy alien hive and spiritual jewtrix, which has people ageing and dying. Which is the key to eternal ignorance that all Ancient Civilizations tried to save themselves with, and of course succeeded in so doing. This is the Magnum Opus.

Material immortality or the material existence is not an enemy. It is how humanity was designed by Satan and the Gods to be. The first humans, even if they died, probably lived thousands or hundreds of years. The lifespan since then has shrunk and this is due to spiritual degeneration.

Why is this war being fought? For material domination and spiritual domination. We need to conquer both these fields if future generations are to survive, thrive and become spiritual people of a golden age, us included. In other words, that's why the whole game is going on.

Jehovah and the Allah crap, the jewish aliens and filth hidden behind these agendas, these are the beings that kept Gentiles from discovering this art and making themselves immortal. JHVH the piece of shit is scared about Humans becoming Gods, and then becoming immortal. Knowledge and eternal life. Both of these are lost in death. And the Ancients knew this really well.

As HP Don has mentioned in a post about the SATANAMA before, it was scientifically discovered that this Satanic Mantra prolongs ageing and the effects of ageing in the telomeres. In other words, its a key towards this process of immortality.

People in their sixties who have decades of yoga behind them, look like people being 20 years old. A very minor effect is also from athletes, and imagine the athletes only work on the KA level of bioelectricity, that of the material body, which only indirectly helps the higher bodies. Yoga works everything.

It's blatant when you see Yoga teachers looking sometimes 20 or 30 years younger due to this practice. When I am frantic about people meditating and not wasting their time, this is not a coincidence. We need this same as we do need food. If the soul becomes hungry, the clock starts ticking and there is regression so to say.

Thankfully Satan has a part in our Soul which is beyond any and all 'reach' and survives throughout lifetimes, and gets reincarnated. From this part you can also gain your memories and as you advance, like a flower it blooms again in your present day consciousness. This is why every healing and spiritual or mental cure has to happen at the Soul, and only later in the material realm. This is how people really become free.

Let's pay technical attention to the matter. Isn't it better to be born materially prosperous, and have all the time to meditate, rather than suffer, for example? This is a curse right here.

Look at the enemy and how maniacally they go after materialism, and you will see why this happens. Obviously in their case, this is not for spiritual reasons, as they are a piece of crap with feet attached to it, but otherwise, this should show the importance of such thing.

Spiritual Satanism works on two aspects. Spiritual and material perfection. An equal, harmonious balance, that also seeks to advance us further spiritually, which is also materially and in our soul, personality and self. Do not let any part of you stagnate. These go hand in hand, and we walk into Eternity.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Article 3
How to Attain Balance and Advance Fast
Post Thu Jul 06, 2017 10:01 pm
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666


This is important and I want to be very simplistic in this post to get the point across. The point in Yoga (or meditation at large) is not to give yourself bursts of energy until you remain senseless. Power comes as a result of power, and to successfully advance spiritually, you need to always remain in a sense of balance, or at least know how to maintain it.

Every meditation session must end with a balancing meditation. This can be hatha yoga to ground your energies, or some hatha with some of the things written below. This is why the most important things are balance and persistence.

We can do some meditations that will knock us senseless, when we are spiritually open. This is not really the whole aim. This is not the hard thing either. The challenging thing is to actually tap into this power, incorporate it, and become a balanced conduit for it.

If you feel out of balance, you can control this by doing Hatha Yoga. This must be maintained daily. If there are imbalances that can't be fixed with Alternate Nostil breathing and Yoga, you can also add the chanting of AUM for 5 minutes a day. The sounds must be distinct. You open your mouth, do A, and then slowly close the mouth, automatically producing AUM.

If you have serious imbalances, you need to do SATANAMA for a solid 10 minutes a day. Really relax and melt into it. There is no way that these, if continued for a solid period of time, will leave you without balance. If your case is extremely severe, then use the rune ISA to attain this. ISA will slow down the processes in a necessary fashion for you to maintain control.

Part of being balanced in finding the balance between the material body, the mind, the emotions, and the soul/spirit. Meditation works on the soul and all the bodies. Having a sane mind that is deprogrammed from things that cause you ill, is the healthy mind. The emotions can be healed by meditation in itself, and lastly the material body has it's own balance such as the hormonal.

All these come in unity when you meditate, and all of these are rectified, but a particular part may need particular attention. Your meditation advancement will highlight where the problem is.

When your energies are well aligned, then naturally you will gain control of mind. This will help you advance very quickly. It's balance that will do this, and this is the only thing that will breed a real and lasting sense of power.

Article 4
Joy and Happiness & Cleaning the Soul
Post Tue Jul 18, 2017 6:30 am
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666


Satanism is about Joy and only Joy. We have named ourselves "Joy of Satan" for a reason, because Satan is about joy, happiness, and this is also metaphysical and not material fleeting happiness as many would like to claim.

The point of life as you can see is that you have to choose where you focus on life. Everyone has their different experience to life, and in accordance with the cleanliness, power and elevation of one's soul, this can scale accordingly.

The world is a beautiful place, and this material world is also a beautiful place. However many souls due to lack of spiritual knowledge and wisdom are stuck on a lower and inferior level which is filled with brutality, un-appreciation- a living "Hell" as some idiot would say. Why is this the case? Because there is no spiritual knowledge. This is where the "Fall" of everything begins and when the dark forces actually gain leverage to destroy humanity and crush the human spirit.

There are people who are rich, and people who are poor, people who experience a better side to life, and then others who see the worst. Everyone has their own experience of up's down's and so forth. Spirituality is the ability to weed out ignorance first and foremost.

A person who 'enjoys' life like an animal without any understanding of anything, they are equally an animal. They haven't understood the true meaning of joy, which is actually to be a conscious being and appreciate your existence. They are living menially and as a robot. In the same way, the sufferer who always dwells on their suffering without trying to understand it or surpass it towards a higher understanding is equally an animal, and even worse than the first person.

What both the parties lack is WISDOM and a sense of RESPONSIBILITY. Now we are doing what we are doing not because of tears, sadness, and because we are supposed to be 'sad' about the world (we of course can experience this) but because we have to move past this state. We are RESPONSIBLE. The people who have spiritual knowledge become self-responsible and this extends outwards. We are choosing responsibility and knowledge over blissful or suffering ignorance, for both lead nowhere in the end.

All the enemy systems are focused on depression, sadness, guilt, feeling like you must die, focusing and dwelling on your death, even the death of the world as a positive thing. This is deliberate and the demented brains of destroyed souls and even more corrupted forces created these for a reason. This extended and created a world in the image of what people had in their minds.

Why did this happen? Because knowledge was forcibly removed. The enemy, the christians, all of these defiled creatures, to add result to injury, they also blame humanity for it on top of it all. While it's said openly even in their own teachings that it was them that caused this fall deliberately, because we were a different 'species' than them.

Spiritually wise I am opposed to the jews because there hasn't been a similar crime happening in the known history of mankind until now. Because after they stole a universal system that belong to everyone, they made it race specific, excluded all other human beings from their ability to evolve, and on top of it, plotted to kill all other people in the planet. Spiritually wise if one goes from there, they will see these crimes are abominations and against the will of any 'creator' or 'nature', the 'universe' or any rule of evolution. If there was such an omnipotent being, it would have smitten them already. But something like that with the sentinence as we understand it, does not exist. This is known to the whole universe.

There are however numerous beings which form a mighty power close to omnipotence and these are our Gods. And for the above the jews will be punished.

These are abominable spiritual crimes against life. After the above is said and done, they also said it was the fault of the victims that they got destroyed. This is sad, but the response should not be sadness, but rather responsibility. Sadness and tears will not solve much of this problem, as they are only human expressions of understandable grief. Humanity needs real redemption instead.

Happiness for a spiritual person has level. When one goes to buy a lamp to light the house of their soul, they are happy of course and overjoyed. However when this lamp goes open and they see, they may see a lot of dirt. A few people at this point shut the lamp or don't want to see what's in that room. This causes them endless grief or delusions. Because this room right here is what they will have eternally with them, whether they like it or not.

The Spiritual Satanist opens this lamp, and of course, there can be a sense of ugliness or even terror at what they see. This is because it's in the soul to know there are higher states. However one must not despair and waste time, but start cleaning. Section after section their soul cleans like a giant palace, and then they dwell in it happily. Then happiness becomes a consistent state, a cause in itself, which is permanent.

If you're sad or if you understand what is due there, you need to fight. You will want to, more accurately. Those who want to just cry over the 'fall of man' might as well join christianity and give negative energy and tears to the world all their limited existence, only to dig deeper this hole humanity has feel in. The real Satanist is a banisher of this gloom, which the enemy perverted into that Satan is the kingdom of the 'flesh' and through this they criminalized joy. He goes with his candle, in silence and wisdom and lights up the darkness so there can be sight.

Indeed fighting which shows responsibility, is far better than any 'sadness'. One has understood nothing and hasn't lit the lamp properly or doesn't want to see, if they don't see the need to clean their own house so to speak.

He who fights, can't be 'sad' in the typical sense and even if that is their 'normal' state, it will flee from them. He does something about his 'sadness' or his sense of justice, therefore it flees. From the consistent battle, it departs forever. This creates a sense of inner cleanliness and euphoria, this is cathartic.

Crying and having woe's on the human condition while doing nothing is hypocritical, and deadly.

One can also fight joyously and be twice as effective. This is a path of joy. Our seeking and longing is to promote joy and awareness, spirituality and things of such nature, not gloom. There is enough of this in this world already. People have to regain their rights to joy and happiness by re-developing their ability to experience spiritually what existence gave us freely.

Let's not look at the Joy of Satan only as a name, but a meaning. This is Satan expressing himself and his goals about the world, which are joy and spiritual awareness. These were his goals even in the stories and literature of his own enemies, for which humanity and the Gods were 'cursed'. This can create a paradise, not only in the material universe, but in the eternal spiritual world. This is the objective of spiritual Satanism, for all those who wish to make this happen, but also for the world.

The joy of the self is guaranteed if one follows Satan's decrees, advances, and grows in power, wisdom and awareness. This guarantees a happy soul, and fills one with Satan's Joy forever. As Nietzche said one must shake away the spirit of 'gravity' and gloom.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Article 5

Enemy Attacks: Discussion
Post Thu Jun 22, 2017 2:58 pm
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666


Greetings to all our People and Satanic Comrades.

I wanted to open this discussion to clear some things in regards to enemy attacks and so we can lift darkness over the matter. Knowledge is most of the game when these things go.

A first thing I wanted to mention, is that people who advance and struggle to become better, because there are a lot of entities that do not desire it for numerous reasons, depending on one's skillfullness, character and life, may encounter attacks.

First and foremost, do not dwell on attacks. Do not open yourselves by tuning into them, giving attention gives power. Satan and the Gods protect us and so long you clean, protect and advance yourself, everything will be fine.

Then we have something else. Personal Karma. This can be accidents, misfortunes or issues of all kinds. Many of these come with life, packaged as one, and these can be overcome by new habitualization and consistent meditation.

On this basis the attacks of the enemy become stronger or weaker. A strong mind with good habits cannot be easily breached. One example is a person who always dwells on the negative, instilling terror is very easy. It easier to destroy an avid drug user or criminal, than someone else.

For this reason we tell people to keep weakening and damaging habits on a minimal. They are only useless in your life. Of course transformation does not happen overnight, and most of the game revolves around changing your mind. This can take years, but it WILL happen if you persist. Even if you fail, do not give up.

Another thing that nullifies attacks is to minimize one's own mental clutter and lack of self awareness or attentiveness. Simply put, if you do not have self knowledge, start taking care of your thoughts, attention on yourself, and learn to control impulse. Many people are driven by extreme impulse, others have zero impulse. This needs a balance towards progression.

The enemy can easily flip over people but hey rarely do by direct confrontation, unless they lose their patience or have completely failed to stop you. Of course they will retreat to other methods, especially if these work. One example is useless hyperinflation of the ego, or equally; a shrinking and trashing the human soul, both of which are disastrous.

Lastly we have fear, information and lack of knowledge. Fear is normal and acceptable, only insofar it's not cowardice or stupid.

Many people fear Satan, a few quit, other's give up. If you see it's always a conjunction of the points I mentioned above, and rarely anything else. The enemy has had a complete grip in the information of the world.

One example is how they tell people that a disease is a revenge from a jewish god, for example. Lack of knowledge foils the victim. Another example is confusion of the victim. For example, one has a misfortune. The enemy attacks and comes in and tells them it was them, or that the enemy did this.

Again, lack of awareness foils the victim. Another thing is very common where people read spiritual material without EXPERIENCE and KNOWLEDGE or a stable mind or awareness, ultimately making them lost etc.

Lastly one must know beyond any doubt that what we do is true. One can explore any thought and be free, but retardiation comes with a price. Every attack and every pitfall shows you what needs to be fortified.

What does the enemy say? By the art of deception thou shall wage war. If they could end you, rest reassured they would have done. They cannot and won't. So most of it plays on deception, disinfo, etc.

One other thing isolation (among SS). Any isolated being is an easy target. Isolation brings weakness, no matter what the prospect of the 21st century preaches. Individuality does not imply complete isolation of a person. One can adjust how much socialization they want for example. On the other hand dealing with retards and wasting one's self around with people that don't seek to advance and are generally bad, is equally a disaster. So just have judgement because either way it can turn ugly.

It's not unlikely when people who are bad for one another meet, and delude one another, or on the other hand are even harmful. Through this small cults of personalities and infiltrators form, always ending up in disasters and delays for the people in them. This is a pure time waste. No need to waste one's life like that.

How is that solved? THE GROUPS. A necessary balance. You can socialize and post, but you don't get in most if not all of the dangers and issues involved about it. Even if something was to ever skip moderation (Which rarely happens) we are here to talk on it and deal with any such problems. If it escapes the attention of the mods, it will NOT escape the attention of the community, which will act accordingly to treat the situation. The community has a lot of experienced SS who are veterans and others who can notice these things from miles away.

The Groups, Forums, etc, help the Gods. How many times you have been guided to the answers of your concerns in groups, in posts etc? This saves the time and energy from the Gods, yourself, and advances our group faster.

Another example: one feels like they need a change. It's a general and normal human feeling. The enemy tells them to get out of the group, as if the group was the purpose. Lol. Maybe stop meditating too goy that will make you feel really good. While of course the minimal time spent here to edcuate or keep up really does nothing bad to a person whom, let's say, wastes hours on netflix. Ya goy, better leave and stop advancing mayne. Got to build these towers in Minecraft? WTF???

Another case is that of people who advance and start thinking they are a God or something. Too misunderstood by all dumb mortals here. We don't even deserve the help they never give. Our wisdom is so vast, that they do not even provide it. It was real, in their mind. Lest we fail to worship yhese people, they will leave. Ultimately taking from us...Uhm...Nothing. Since they are a parasite that never gave anything anyway.

No thing is useless in Satan's family, either. We need everything we have, bigger or smaller. So do not focus on the quantity, focus on the purpose. Things done for a great purpose are never small.

If you are in the jungle this cannot really happen and it yakes an abominable amount of time. An example for this are gurus who meditate for two decades and cannot do the simplest Siddhi. A cave served nowhere, unless its for a period or for recluse. Which is good under terms.

Quality assosciation can be made in the groups. By each member rising in their own level, a greater unity is formed.

Satan's promises are true, one has to advance and meditate for themselves to see it. Doubts are for the most part, if you are a Gentile, normal but not always useful. Doubt for knowledge and spirit of inquiry is needed.

Chill back, relax for a while, learn to control your mind, and lastly fortify your mind and personality. Advance, keep steady and dwell on the good.

Lastly, we have to be realistic and focus on what we need to focus. Nothing worse than maintaining the mentality of a pricness or SJW thinking you are a "God" as many dumbo sects do, and when shit hits the fan, you cannot even tie your shoelaces. This is 99% of occultists, it doesn't have to be Satan's Children or the JoS. Dependable power is built on realism, testing, etc etc.

We can relate experiences in this post to conversate and unmask more of the enemy so people can read.


-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666

Article 6

Who Is Responsible Really...
Post Sat Apr 22, 2017 2:18 am
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666


In this world many people are fooled by the lie of democracy that people actually have "Free Will" and that they also "DECIDE" anything on a higher level. This is based on the pretext of the fact that they vote. Maybe in some cases it does matter, but in most matters, it matters not one inch.

Now there are people who are harsh judges to others, and especially if you are a bit misanthropic as a personality (When you see the swine level of humans I can't really blame you...) you may actually want them to burn themselves alive. I myself have frequent worry coupled with rage over the fact of how stupid humanity has become. We are literally risking our own extinction. However, who is this "WE"?

If you go a few decades back, you will see that most people, in most places of the world, hardly knew how to type down their own name. This is a fact. In most historical instances, the people only decide indirectly, and that is done through leaders they elect, support, or other things like that. This is a natural thing, as in a hall, there can't be talking 15000 people at the same time, but only few people so that the things are understood correctly.

To not over-extend the matter, in most cases, humans have never been asked, in any country or state, what do they want. The enemy who rules these system we are living right now, they give the illusion of asking through elections. People actually go and elect people, based on propaganda, advertising, and their own moral standards. It's rare that actually people know what is really going on.

In the past, illiteracy and other things kept people from deciding, but as we can see today, the very 'literate' can also be equally as dumb if not more, as the (((Intelligencia))) can make one lose one's sanity quite easily.

If we go generations back however, people had hardly any access to knowledge, let alone any 'power' to decide events. Power was only in the hands of the rich, jewish religious charlatans, or the politicians pretty much. Oh and of course Rabbis and other such people as we know, but who cares right?

When one rises in spiritual power and understanding, one of the reason you can easily become a misanthrope and completely give up on humanity is the fact that people are acting and living like swine. Overly convinced about all the lies they have been told, others afraid, and other worthless, they let the impending (((powers))) that be, destroy the planet, and do whatever they see fit. One cannot take this responsibility away from them. They are bound by ignorance, fear, and many other things.

Unfortunately not many people are willing to take a stand, and what the enemy has achieved is to create an internal jewish police in people that tells them what they can do, cannot do, and what they better be doing. This is motivated by lack of knowledge, or fear. For those who are more 'dangerous' and aren't concerned in any of the above, there are other offers, such as, hey homie, be a useless individual bro- and achieve nothing in your existence but waste it doing YOLO. This is how it is today, but this has been analogous in previous centuries as well.

Aside from the East and in place like China, Spiritual power was an unknown term. Yoga and Meditation knowledge, after all the Pagans have been killed, and except of few people going undercover, has been hidden from roughly 99% of the populace in the West. This was done by jews who have purposefully killed these people through their programs. In short, nobody had any spiritual power, let alone anything else. How can people actually make 'choices' when they don't even know how to write their own name down?

Maybe in the three latest centuries, people actually have had more of a will and a chance. What Satan told me at some point was that many people when they died, they went to them, and they were totally oblivious, they had no idea where they were, who the Gods were, or what was going on in reality at all. In some cases they were informed, and the people frequently replied that they had no clue as there was nothing remotely that could give them opportunity to see what is going on.

People reincarnate, and people forget. Therefore such experience is most of the time forgotten, and may, in weak and souls who have no past lives with the Gods, just become liquidated into nothingness. Therefore people return and lives are wasted again, and again.

Satan and the Gods have worked and now the knowledge is on the public. Now if one wants to meditate, 'save their soul', advance spiritually, or understand and know things about the Gods, they can. I have lost track on how many values have been written. Additionally, if one wants to fight and wants to change things through spiritual power and effort with us here, they also can. People in the past more than likely could NOT.

In other words, Satan gives power to the common man to prove himself for whatever he is to be. The same thing happened in Nazi Germany. Now the system worldwide is pretty rigged, and in many cases the (((Plutocracy))) just reforms itself over and over again. Same jews just different age, for example.

It's from now on that we should be asking responsibility from the "goyim". Maybe many of them have had the benefit of ignorance, but right now, where in google one can make a search and in five minutes come to find a lot of things. It only boils down to fear, boredom, stupidity, being a willing cattle etc, and being a worthless entity, pretty much.

There are always and forever the blockheads and the idiots who do not understand the importance of this undertaking, or constantly fall victim to stupid energies such as 'not giving a damn'. The enemy knows really well how to 'use' this. Essentially they are not lazy as their suffering takes too much ignorance, and they willfully force themselves so much just to be ignorant.

It's a law of the universe however that the universe will beat the hell out of these people, until they wake up, as ignorance is not in favor of life. Most people are living an entirely whack existence, and they desire to not wake up, for example.

Experience with many of our members who are VIPS or are older, shows for a fact that TRUTH IS A CHOICE. These people have lived their whole lives under the radar, but never gave up. I know a person in their 70's who dedicated, and the last months of their life meditated and tried to become better about their life. Therefore, what excuses does anyone else have to do nothing?

I have seen many cases of different people over the years. Now this guy had over 5 hours a day looking for his dealer in the streets to find some weed, as weed was very scarce to his location where he was living. It was nevertheless extremely hard for them to find weed, but they were searching for it everywhere.

Everyday from the stories I heard, he was risking his life by dealing and all sorts of other things. By coincidence, he has found the JoS, was even dedicated for a while. Dabbling on IF they should finally "grace" their crappy self meditating, LOL. But you know, ten minutes a day are too much to do any spiritual pursuit. They were rather busy pursuing their drug dealer around, which must have been jewish as well. Who knows in what scat they are swimming today. He infrequently risked going to jail and all sorts of other things.

I am wondering, if he spent these 5 hours a day doing research, meditation, growing wealth, or build their body in their gym, where they would be now? They chose to just chase a kike around to give them their next shot. Who knows if they are dead in an alley today?

I happen to know another case who was living with other people and did yoga in a dirty bathroom. Because this is how much they wanted and desired to better their condition. Now who do you think the Gods are going to help in their time of need?

The Gods don't ask you to give everything you have. They ask you to give to YOURSELF, what you can.

You will get what you're after, you know? Even if you don't define it, you're still after something. If you're after nothing, you will get nothing.

I tell you one thing, if you are sitting on this spiritual mine-gold and do nothing, but just waste your existence, don't go back and beg the Gods for 'Forgiveness' all the time. You're only betraying yourself, and this is not some sexy masochism that turns you on, for the sadistic high of sex or something. It's something really ugly, and costly, that is no fun.

Because you will have ruined yourself, by yourself, all for yourself. And you must pay this burden yourself. Many people sacrifice their existence over the movie that is called life, to try to be the best actor, but few people have wisdom to understand that in order to be a good 'actor' in this movie of goyim, one has also to rehearse - this is meditation in a stupid explained sense.

Giving up on spirituality is essentially the same as giving up food. It's just not intelligent to give up your food, ESPECIALLY to all people here who spiritually, have a FULL FRIDGE NOW AND FOR ALL TIME! If you die from 'hunger', then don't blame the Gods or anyone. You were too busy plugged in the jewtrix to give 10 or 15 minutes a day to feed your soul with the necessary things to exist, thrive and grow?

Then maybe you should die off shouldn't you...

Sorry buddy: the Gods aren't going to concern themselves with that. We have many people who are STARVING to understand out there and we must reach them. Many people are in danger, need help, and the Gods also have a planet to run. They have plenty of time for thirstiness of wisdom, but for people like that, they can't have time....

Robbed, killed, scammed, spat upon by the jews, they insist on following their fictitious programs, fighting the people who make a stand, and pose an obstacle for any betterment that is to come upon humanity. This also includes many people who are prominent, rich, or live life for fun, and their only concern is to choose sunglasses, cars, or houses.

Both the poor and the rich goyim, still remains a goyim if they do not understand the significance of doing at least the LEAST necessary for one's spiritual existence. "Death" is called the great awakener, for when one suddenly leaves all things behind, they are left only with one thing they could and should be, at least, giving SOME NECESSARY ATTENTION: the Soul.

It's the only thing in the universe that really belongs to you and only you, and nobody can take it from 'you'. All of us know at least one of these idiots. Fate, and unfortunately the enemy too, keep beating them. Many will never wake up, and will put themselves to sleep by their own admission and stupidity.

One last thing, the generations that are coming now for the last three decades in the planet, they were very entitled, maybe even sheltered, and had many things easily that others did not. One example is how many people due to the jewish system do not meditate. Those who concern themselves only with living life as "YOLO" and don't do one thing to better themselves, are deplorable to say the least, and nobody, especially here, will accept tales of failure or other things.

You have knowledge that people haven't had in aeons, there is knowledge everywhere, the last thing that remains is for you to make a decision if you will be a slave or cattle. I suppose the striking majority here has made our choice to be free. For those still dabbling on the fence, or going back and forth between Goyim and Free Man, you have to give one final blow to this Goyim, because it's responsible for all wrongdoing and all bad things humanity has done not only to itself, and to one another, but the general condition of the planet, too.

Goyim can go find their master, and beg for transient loot and whatever crap their masters projected to them.

Satan wants an army only of free men, those who always strive to understand and become more, as the Gods.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666
Article 7
Working for the Satanic Future
Post Wed Apr 05, 2017 11:47 pm
By High Priest Hoodedcobra666


We are idealists. Some people may think of us as insane today, but what isn't "insane" about us, when "Sanity" is basically the philosophy of a soulless, rotten human being that always and forever sinks? If it's called "Insanity", "Racism", "Satanism" or "Bigotry" or "blah blah blah", then it is what it is. It means nothing to us, you know?

We are opposed to this, and therefore, we have different opinions. We see things differently.

Satan as reminds us and let us know of the Immortality of our own Soul, and the Soul purpose. This can take more than one lifetimes. This is the meaning of building for the future.

Just ask yourself, where would you be, if you were born in a Satanic family, and meditated from the earliest days of your life, or had access to this material, or even taught much of this in your school.

This in reverse, is what happens in Pissrael. Most jews by their thirties are already versed for all high positions in existence, due to sustaining spiritual stolen culture, while most Gentiles in their 30's have their first pat in the back, 'reality check'.

Many of Gentiles may have had to reach our 50's and 60's to find the real God. This could have been corrected by a global, race adjusted, and powerful culture. Naturally, the Souls of previous Satanists will go and reincarnate in the hands and positive families of Satanic families in the future, in accordance to the Will of the Gods and Race. This is a phenomenal advantage as you can see. No time lost.

Only Spiritual Satanism can lead in extremely powerful and spiritually vibrant civilizations for Gentiles in the planet. Everyone who is an initiate today, knows what Spiritual Satanism can do to the transformation of the self. All other systems are neutered, and they don't have the power and the spiritual backbone to actually do anything plausible than be more than make believe.

This is because essentially, the nowadays called Spiritual Satanism is basically what was common knowledge among the higher and mystic classes of the Pagan people. They just called it "Truth" in a sense, because it made sense, and we today call it "Spiritual Satanism". But its the same path to power.

If people are about to have children, by the third month of pregnancy, you can ask Satan to send you a Satanic Soul that is suitable for you to raise as your progeny. Satan will protect you and help you. Needless to say, this can be a most beautiful experience.

Everyday we have enemies, free loaders, and other people who are not concerned. This is not the mentality of future Gods. Of all the animals, the only animal that is able to think about their deepest future and the largest future is the Human. Of course when one is not acting like a human, they are closer to animal level. The mentality of Gods, and the Wise people should be different. Satan has brought select people here from all Gentile Races, because Satan's aims are great for Humanity.

Satan doesn't see a rotting world, neither should his followers. Those who are 'live and let be' and don't give one damn about anything but themselves, its safe to assume, nobody will give a damn about them as well. But this is Justice, isn't it?

To show you the extent of this. In between Reincarnations in the Ancient World, kids knew by an early age due to meditation, who they were in the past life. Therefore, they had no question about their own social standing today, or where they were, or what they were to do, or things committed in the past lives.

The jews openly state in the Kabbalah, that aside all the other curses, they have cursed humanity to forget who they are. Trends, and who one goes, is carried with someone, and re-manifests in some form or another, in the next life.

The Pagan Mystics would get people in their own grave from their last lifetime, and they would get also their important physical belongings, given that the initiate was spiritually aware, pure and clean of mind, without any need about lies and false deceptive "muh importantism".

This is why in large tombs, we had all this wealth stored inside. So the reincarnation of a person, could get their hard labored wealth again. This process was to be repeated, until the person finally became a Demon, and subsequently, a God and therefore immortal.

We have such a great future ahead of us, especially in this Age of Aquarius. We have to fight the enemy, eventually defeat them, or die trying. For those overly concerned, by seeing the enemy on a position of rule now, don't worry. Rule does come, and rule does go, especially in the case of unfit rulers such as those of the enemy. We are already seeing their system collapse. Unfortunately, civilization due to bad universal forces, and forces of the enemy, is being threatened to actually collapse.

The Ancients had made as much preparation as possible, and now, in these late years after 2012, we exited the dwindling circle towards the bottom of the universal line. Now, the energies will push for betterment, rather than decline, and as thus, the influence of the jews is dwindling. We have to make sure this deal is done with and they lose all power.

In a sense, all Spiritual Satanists are actually working on the will of their Ancestors and Soul-family from time immemorial. We are doing what they have been doing in many ways. You vibrate their names, as your Ancestors did thousands of years ago. You meditate on your Soul, as inherited by them.

We didn't have a destruction in the Pagan system, for who knows how many hundreds of thousands of years. To the Gods, the jewish accident is short lived. They have other plans.

It doesn't matter if one brings a small stone, or a giant stone, what matters is everyone brings something. In the end, Satan's vision will be manifested.

Work, so that you will be worked upon, help so that you may be helped, show loyalty to the Gods so that they will be loyal to you, for they are honest.

This is the essence of Working for the Satanic Future.

-High Priest Hooded Cobra 666


Have a great day all Dedicated Brothers and Sisters of Satan, lets keep up the RTR's We are Winning
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RTRS everyday, we are winning, I went offline to focus on myself and RTRS. im back online now.
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Re: RE-Read-It WEEKENDS: Looking back at Important Material [week 6]

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andrewlobster wrote:Ive interacted with people of Satan before. As far as I can tell. And at least one or more is an asshole that Id push off a cliff or something if given the chance. So idk about the unconditional Satanic unity thing as some absolute rule. And also the world has problems all over so if that's the work of the gods then probably fuck off one or more of the gods that shaped shit this way. So I can only imagine the shitshow that must be a meeting of the gods. I mean some of our modern tech is cool, but they've made thing ridiculously interconnected and complex and possibly overgrown. Like wouldn't it be nice if we got cool advancements like 200 years ago instead of now. Its like they planned wrong as to do things.
This is what happens when you search for idiots online or join Facebook groups and other assholes with mental disorders that essentially are just fooling around. Or some asshole "I am a God" LaVeyan

We're not about any of this.
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