Bernie Sanders

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Bernie Sanders

Postby Mageson666 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 3:33 am

Bernie is campaigning on an impossible list of promises that simply can not be done. It would cost America thirty trillion a year for his medical promises and the American allotted budget is around three trillion. Even if every American was taxed doubled and more it would be impossible to afford and crash the economy.

So what is that Jew Bernie up to. Bernie is not stupid. What Bernie is doing is attempting to gain as much popularity from the people to get the position of nominee within the Democratic party. From the reports on the functioning of the party this position gives one the power to appoint anyone you wish to whatever position within the party.

Bernie is attempting to grab the reigns of power within the party to stack it with Communist maniac's probably from the DSA which is a major support base. The Democratic Socialists of America, the DSA whole goal has been to take over the Democratic party and turn it into a Communist movement.

The other thing Bernie wants to do is use these criminal policies as the camouflage to tax American's into poverty and destroy the hated middle class and remaining Gentile business class in general. This is the major plank of Communist ideology use high taxation to destroy the middle class and end the ability of Gentiles to own private property including businesses. This includes the Green New Deal, its cover for ending industry and taxing people into poverty.

Bernie is just a cunning, hateful Jew. Right from the Talmud. Jewish Communism is the Talmud camouflaged as a political movement and its goal is to create political agency for the Talmudic agenda.

However something is happening the majority of Bernie supporters are starting to hate Bernie as he has been outright fucking them over with his behaviour in the election. And other Jews like AOC who brags about her Jewishness in her interviews has also been Jewing the Socialist types as well for the Democratic regime she has been covering for the corruption used within the voting process against Sanders. The Bernie Bro, progressives are at war with the Democratic neo-liberal, establishment and this is being an outright traitor to them.

There is also a merger of left and right starting to happen with how Trump is handling things with the crisis. This "Americanism" his supporters call this is earning respect from a lot of the other side. As they included reforms and action many of them have advocated for. Somehow this is the road to uniting America's political divide into an American nationalist one. Trump is a very unique leader in being able to do what he is. American People don't win from the insane level of political division within the nation. I suspect this is why the Jews also attack him all the time they want to maintain this division.

HP. Hoodedcobra666 wrote:Makes you wonder why the so called "Party of the People" and the "Socialist" party doesn't approve a little 1.8 trillion to help the Americans for a few months. What is so difficult?

Weren't they going to shoot money out of helicopters forever to help the American people they so much care about, after a Democrat was elected? Then let's begin with this tradition RIGHT NOW! The Jewish castle in the sky promises must be applied right now in full, as the jews themselves have promised everyone.

Wasn't this what many of their candidates have been promising for when they get elected? So why not start it sometime sooner and get the bucks flowing? Now that it's a crisis it's the perfect opportunity.

Why are the jews not generous here? Their policies they profess for so long are all about generosity and giving people free stuff. Is it painful that the jews have to pay from their own wealth for this? Why? That is not generous and not human loving.

And the jews are clearly stating and repeating to the Gentiles that they are the morally good, the most generous, loving and caring people on earth, but they are now reluctant to give all their money to hordes and throw it from helicopters, they only behave that way with the Goyim's money. So why they do not practice at least in part right now? I mean they were the good people of "Socialism" and inventors of "Communism" aren't they?

I mean jews have caused a collapse, are cockblocking relief, and what else, giving people more and more loans during the crisis like traditional money-lending practices they have been almost pogromed out of existence for doing before for aeons past?

Makes me wonder are our "Socialist" friends saying the truth for if and when their "socialism" takes over, what is going to happen to everyone, being led under people of such grand generosity such as the Jewish Tribe?

Ms Pelosi has stated the that "Even if the Capitol Falls, Israel will get it's financial support", so what is the issue now? I mean the "Only people of earth" have been safeguarded, it's only if the Capitol falls that they will stop getting stolen money to wage wars.

Is a crisis that will leave millions on the streets not much for Pelosi?

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Re: Bernie Sanders

Postby EasternFireLion666 » Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:06 pm

I am also very curious what will Trump's attitude towards jews be if he wins the second term.

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Re: Bernie Sanders

Postby Artanis » Wed Mar 25, 2020 6:30 pm

EasternFireLion666 wrote:I am also very curious what will Trump's attitude towards jews be if he wins the second term.

99.99% chance unchangeable. And IF, he wins the election? There has only been 2 1-term presidents in about 80 years. And both of them had their approval rating in the tank on about 30% or less.
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Re: Bernie Sanders

Postby SleepingWolf » Wed Mar 25, 2020 7:18 pm

Artanis wrote:
EasternFireLion666 wrote:I am also very curious what will Trump's attitude towards jews be if he wins the second term.

99.99% chance unchangeable. And IF, he wins the election? There has only been 2 1-term presidents in about 80 years. And both of them had their approval rating in the tank on about 30% or less.

While it is almost guaranteed Trump will be reelected due to our workings, it is best not to get too overconfident in that attitude, especially around the normies. Trump is our best bet for the future, and all of us here should vote if we can, if you're American. Nothing is guaranteed, as the kikes are sure to be cheating more than normal this November. Only the final RTR will ensure their cheating fails.

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Re: Bernie Sanders

Postby ER057H3F41R » Thu Mar 26, 2020 9:07 pm

Thank you for the information. :twisted:

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Re: Bernie Sanders

Postby Transviking » Sun Mar 29, 2020 2:17 pm

oh thank Satan!

I am a supporter of Trump. He was a businessman and not a politician before going into office. I like Trump because he definitely has shook up the system. A LOT of people are spouting all kinds of things about him that's not even true, that is why I don't listen to the media bullshit and tv and to other people when they talk smack. A lot of slanders and lies were to try and make Trump the most hated in this country. He is definitely a "wild" one but refreshing. I hope that Trump does get re-elected. I am up for that! I think he is doing his best on what he knows when it comes to the COVID-19.

And I wonder just as it already said, what Trump will think about the Jews after all of this.

I will say this much I did find elsewhere that a lot of the democratic party are actually agreeing with Trump and taking his side. A union indeed.

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Re: Bernie Sanders

Postby hailourtruegod » Wed Apr 01, 2020 4:35 am

He hasn't dropped out because creepy Joe is looking worse every day. most of the left didn't want Sanders but they're starting to really question Biden if he can actually be a good president and anyone who's been paying attention knows Biden beating Trump is huge or should I say yuge joke. I don't think Sanders can beat Trump either but we still need to keep the RTRs going to make sure it goes well.
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Re: Bernie Sanders

Postby ChaosBringer666 » Sat Apr 04, 2020 10:14 pm

Last time i saw him on the television he looked soo defeated even he doesn't believe they can beat trump. :lol: :lol: fricken hilarious. Gotta love that Defeatist nature of theirs :lol: :twisted: :twisted:
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Re: Bernie Sanders

Postby Donovandal » Wed Apr 08, 2020 3:46 pm ... e-n1155156

Jewrnie is out, we need to keep the RTRs going, for futher wins.

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