Jesus is A Mass Sacrifice Symbol For Jewish "Salvation"

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Jesus is A Mass Sacrifice Symbol For Jewish "Salvation"

Postby HP. Hoodedcobra666 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:23 am

The jews have a doctrine about the purification of their sins by the death of some other entity. The entity is transferred the 'sins' of the jewish people and then killed. This is what they are doing to animals and why they are sacrificing. Instead of cleaning their soul, they heap their negativity on innocent victims, and then slaughter them.

This ritual has many forms in the jewish blood cult, but three important to mention are the Kapparot (this is done to a chicken), the Goat of Azazel on Yom Kippur (Goat Symbolizes Satan and the Pagan Gods but also the disobedience 'heathen' nations), and third is the Human Sacrifice they carry on Esther and in many other times of the year. During this, they take a child or some other grown up person (They pick people from the Aryan Race as they consider them the 'great victims' and the ones who need to be destroyed so that the world will be 'good' again). Good as in a world without opposition to the jewish objectives.

As Sadhguru stated this blood horror filth has nothing to do with anyone who knows anything of spirituality. It's well known even in corrupted hinduism today. True hindus who know anything of meditation, actually hunt down these people to exterminate them as this practice was only lately introduced in ancient history. The jews have been attacked by all Gentiles because they practice alien spirituality.

If you pay attention and know anything of Christianity, Jesus is called "The Lamb of Sacrifice". The death and sacrifice of "Jesus" was necessary for the fulfillment of the Talmudic and Messianic law, even in this fictitious story. This is because they used the best jew (Rabbi Yeshua/Jesus) to sacrifice him in order to gain salvation.

This is nothing strange to jewish history as sacrificing even their own is a necessity. The 6 million that supposedly died, were admittedly by the rabbis, the "Sinful". Of course they never died, and like jesus that never existed, they project this as fact to generate the effect that truly the jews have suffered, and that they have paid their 'dues' to 'god'. As stated in the Middle Ages, "God" can be fooled - if one is to 'fast' one can call steak broccoli and the 'fasting' counts. Because of course there is no all knowing 'god' but only a bizarre idea these creeps are believing in. This is well known to Rabbis.

Even in the case the story was literal, they had to actually kill the "Christ" in order to fulfill their ritual. This is taken from the fact that Rabbi Jesus was actually used as a sacrifice. The greatest of jews sacrificed to save the jewish race from their sins, that's the idea.

The symbol of this 'saving' of the jewish race was put in the face of a jewish rabbi who is formed of stolen Pagan Legend. They put this egregore in front of the Gentiles to worship simply because, they want energy funneled in their ritual to increase it's effectiveness. The purpose of this ritual is to redeem the jews of all their 'sins', which they believe are what is keeping them from gaining the planet and enslaving everyone in it as admitted by their texts. Like anything else they do, they eat the 'sacrificial lamb', same as they drink the blood of humans which they sacrifice.

If you pay attention people are dying for 'jesus', transferring emotion to 'jesus', suffer for 'jesus', writhe for 'jesus', killing for 'jesus', losing their soul for 'jesus', all for this rabbi. To no outcome. The only one who gets an outcome from this is the jew. From a slave non-existant race, they happen to be very close of fulfilling their dream to enslave the planet.

The New Testament is quite open on this fact, when "Jesus" comes back to cleanse the jews from their 'sins', he gives them the world and the 'messianic order' is established. While all the Goyim (Unclean nations) are exterminated and subjugated.

The jews do not believe in Jesus anymore someone who runs a steel making factory believes and worships fire. In other words, they are just using this tool to bring about their ends. It's detestable for the jews to worship a tool they are using, and they know they are using it.

"Jesus" is the grand Kapparot ritual to destroy the gentiles and take over the planet. In the place of the chicken below, people happen to be every year. And in the future, when the jews enslave all the "Goyim" (the humans whom they consider animals), "Kapparot" will be done on living humans. As it's shown in the rabbinical best seller of the bible.

As admitted, the non-jew is an animal in human form. So what happens to this chicken is not in anyway prohibited to happen to Gentiles.

Newsflash also, these people largely run the planet now.

Maybe this needs to change? If you think it must...

Join us and do the RTR's.


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Re: Jesus is A Mass Sacrifice Symbol For Jewish "Salvation"

Postby Egon » Tue Feb 13, 2018 1:18 am

HoodedCobra666 wrote:As stated in the Middle Ages, "God" can be fooled - if one is to 'fast' one can call steak broccoli and the 'fasting' counts.


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Re: Jesus is A Mass Sacrifice Symbol For Jewish "Salvation"

Postby SSAlexandra » Wed Feb 14, 2018 6:10 pm

Reverse Torah Rituals, i've noticed the devastation of them in the city i'm in, walking around, the effects are almost immediate, in comparisson to the jewish magic tricks they perform with a giant wand up their bums, they have already lost, just thought i'd write this here, as I am one, but I am many at the same time.

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