Major Media Cover Up

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HP Mageson666
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Major Media Cover Up

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sat Jun 01, 2019 11:09 am

Major Media Cover Up

The mainstream Jewish, Leftist media pundit train, which is made up of fugly scheming Jews, dumpster dwelling goblin looking people and in general mentality confused looking individuals who appear to have just gotten out of rehab. Have been attempting to cover up a tweet in which President Trump linked to a video of Nancy Pelosi, the Jewish globin who is Speaker of the House giving a press conference in which its obvious she has lost her mind and has become utterly demented. However what seems to be the real cover up is all the cosmetic procedures she has undergone to appear somewhat human from fugly kosher goblin.

The worthless toilet sniffing pundits have being lying and claiming Trump linked a "Deep Fake" video which was slowed down to make it appear that Pelosi is slurring her words and acting demented. Trump linked a normal video not a faked one of a normal press conference. Also slowing a video down is not a deep fake either, its just slowing a video down.

The revealing part is Jewtube and Faceberg, acted right away on orders from the Cabbala cabal that runs the Democratic hub and censored all videos of the slowed down video of Pelosi, using the lie about Trump as the justification. The lie was to employ censorship and distract off the real video Trump tweeted which shows the truth.

What this shows is the Jews are attempting to use political censorship, Chinese style, this is what would go on in China where you are not allowed to compare their Political leaders to of all things Whinny the Poo. And it shows the Jewish tech companies are working arm in arm as part of a larger cabal to promote the Marxist agenda into American life. Its also coming out major Leftist media names have all kinds of direct ties to the Jewish run, Marxist political organization, Anti-Fa.

The Jews are terrified of the public finding out Pelosi is totally gone between the ears. This is a major embarrassment to their Party schemes. However in their rat race to cover this up they revealed something much more important then Pelosi is crazy.

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Re: Major Media Cover Up

Postby sip » Sat Jun 01, 2019 3:09 pm

lmao here is an older one, as you can see Pelosi is just an old crumbling jew ...

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Re: Major Media Cover Up

Postby 6zeliris6lalibratum6 » Mon Jun 10, 2019 11:30 am

sip wrote:lmao here is an older one, as you can see Pelosi is just an old crumbling jew ...

Video's been taken down, unfortunately. "Violates Community Guidelines"
Just as I expected it to be at this point, we all know what happened.
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