Jewish Scape Goating

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Jewish Scape Goating

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sat Dec 16, 2017 9:04 am

The Jews in their kabala and with the Yom Kippur ritual of the scape goat believe in transference of their own bad deeds onto innocent victims who then take the blame. Allowing for the Jews to go unnoticed and unpunished so they can continue in their criminal mission.

The Jews practice this in everything from the Jews who plundered the Gentile nations with their control of banks and industries then created Communism where they blame the shop keeper down the road for people's misery and shift their crimes onto others in general.

Today we note this with the Jews blaming what they did with slavery in America onto Whites and transferring their own institutionalized Jewish racism onto Whites and then scape goating Whites for all the crimes the Jews committed and commit against Gentiles. The Jews still lie and claim all the rich globalist Jews are White Men...... Who just want to destroy the White Race for Jews I guess..... Nope they are just Jews the entire one percent is Jewish.

The Jews started two World Wars to create their Messianic world government and then blame Hitler for starting the second war and claim Hitler was running death camps when in reality the Jews were running the death camps of the Gulags and exterminating millions of Gentiles. This is what Hitler was fighting to stop and prevent. They also claim Hitler wanted to conqueror the world. When it was Jews trying to conqueror the world with Communism which is the political vehicle for their Messianic one world government.

This is what the Jews have also done to Satan. They project everything they do onto Satan so the Jews don't have to be held accountable. When in reality its the Jews doing everything criminal to the planet and humans on this world. The really obvious is when the Christians rant about the One World Government their bible talks about. And blame Satan for this, when its the Jews the Christians worship working to build this and the Bible ends with the world being run by Jews from the new Zion. And the Christians are working to build a One World Government, run by Jews the whole time and praise this as holy. They are really that under the Jewish spell. The dumbest are the ones who claim Satanist's run Hollywood. Were every film on Satan, is just taken from the Church sermon. And Jews brag in their own Times of Israel, paper the Jews own Hollywood.

The Christians all hate each other and everyone else on earth. But they all gather to love the Jews and worship before the altar of the god of Israel. Satan is bad to Christians because Satan does not want the Jews to run the earth in a violent dictatorship and destroy all life on it.

This is why the Jews who hate all non-Jewish human life as inferior and subhuman. Whine about Anti-Semitism. This transfers the Jewish racism and animus onto the innocent Gentile who criticises the Jews. The Jews believe they are allowed to hate everyone but no one is allowed to hate them.

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Re: Jewish Scape Goating

Postby HorusLucis » Sat Dec 16, 2017 5:58 pm

They infiltrate world Governments and try to manipulate every decision the Leaders make and when everything starts to fall apart,the Joowz turn the tables around and blame it all on the Leaders(who they've skrewed inside out) :(
They (Jews) Literally run Hollywood and Media(& when they done Fuckin up with the so called Media Personalities what happens?So and so has been part of Satanic Illuminati! Look at what has happened to him/her! :o
Anyways,the truth is plainly out there to see,but many people are just too busy/\lazy to see it!
Hail Satan!

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