Reptilian Rabbi's

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Reptilian Rabbi's

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 9:00 am

Reptilian Rabbi's

The Jewish leadership is the Rabbinical class. The top leadership of which are the ones who are selected from the Yeshiva's for training in the "Oral Torah" the occult teachings only passed down orally by adepts. This is done after they make years of study of the Torah, Kabbalah, Talmud and other related texts. They study up to ten hours a day in these Yeshiva's and the training starts early in their life. This is done on the highest level so they can then be initiated into the actual meaning of the texts if they qualify for such. The qualification is they show they are psychically open enough from the lower level practices they are given to receive the higher teachings. These candidates are then sent to special programs in specific locations many times in Israel and then given the higher teachings. To be the leadership of the Rabbinical class one has to be a Sadok meaning they have strong psychic, spiritual abilities and can demonstrate psychic powers at will.

The people on this level openly have stated something the Seraphim angels they contact thought the Merkava teachings which is based developing the mental abilities to be able to do such.

They state the Seraphim are literally around seven feet tall, covered in golden scales and have lizard like facial features they call them "reptilians" because they are. They communicate with these being astrally hence these being appear to them in their astral bodies but they are physical. These beings the Jewish leadership call the Teli meaning "masters" and they are also called the "Hidden Tzadikim" which are their hidden masters who influence the earth and direct the Jewish People in secret from behind the scenes. Note Tzadi...Kim" Kim means gold in the ancient language this is probably due to the appearance of these Reptilians in their astral bodies. Which from the Rabbi's description of them they appear like this:


These are the beings the Jewish leadership call their "god" collectively as they state they are one hive mind. And these are the beings they take orders from and these are the beings they state gave them the 22 letters and the Oral and Written Torah.

They also state in the teachings there is another group called the Nishaya whom are described as being literal Grey Aliens and some Rabbi's have open admitted that is what they are. Whom they also summon and appear in what the Rabbinical texts state their astral bodies to help them and take directions from the Jews also state these are physical beings as well. The Greys are a hive mind, slave race who work like cyborg's for their Reptilian masters. Masonic statements from the Mason's who use the Kabbalah as their system report these Greys appear many times in the ritual chambers in their astral forms when they summon the "angels of god". The Rabbi's state the high level Jews are the ones who deal directly with the Seraphim or Teli the "Masters" of the Jews. The Teli are also the masters of the Greys.

The Nishaya are stated in the Jewish texts as appearing as this:


The Reptilians are stated by Rabbi's to be collectively called "YHVH" by the Jewish leadership and they are referred to as "Yahweh" individually and collectively as a title. The Jewish religion states the Jews are a special race that came from "out there beyond this world" this is openly stated by Rabbi Laitman as well in this famous talk to the nation of Israel. The Jewish religion states the Jewish race was created by YHVH and has a special blood line from YHVH which only the Jews have. The Jewish racial gene is called the Cohen gene and has Reptilian DNA in it. The Rabbi's state the Jews share a special spiritual connection to these Reptilians to their collective racial consciousness for such reason. The Jewish leadership write on the fact they received their entire religion from these Reptilians this includes all the Kabbalah practices that form the whole of it. Its simply a criminal system of using the collective psychic power of the Gentiles mass mind and connecting into this to materialize the Global rule of the Jews and their "Masters".

The Jews state they are the only humans and the Gentiles are animals to serve them. When Jews especially the Rabbi's talk about "humanity| or "man" they are only talking about Jews. The Talmud which all Jews study and learn from birth, the Talmud's teachings is that for a Jew to have sex with a Gentile is bestiality and punished by death in religious law. Because Gentiles are animals:


The Jews are an alien program put here to take this planet over for their "god" as their Torah states. They are the method in which the Reptilians work to take over this world by conquering it from within and enslaving us as cattle which is the meaning of "Goyim" the word the Jews call non Jews. What do you do with cattle..... That is why they call us cattle.


The former Rabbi, Leader of Chabad and proclaimed Messiah of the Jewish race. Chabad is the Jewish organization that is run by the Rothschild's behind the scenes. His statements on us Gentiles:

The Jewish global media praised this Rabbi to the Jewish heavens:

The Jewish Prime Minster of Israel stated in his speech to the Israel government in which he got a standing ovation:


That is why Palestine is in the situation its now in. The Palestinians are ruled totally by a predatory reptilian race that considers them nothing more then sub human cattle as non Jewish life. The entire planet will look like Palestine if the Jews are able to create their One World Government. Remember what the Jewish Talmud states about Gentiles:


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Re: Reptilian Rabbi's

Postby Eric13 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 1:31 pm

Mageson thanks for all your hard work. You’ve been killing it on these long detailed posts lately.

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Re: Reptilian Rabbi's

Postby BoRn of fire » Sun Nov 04, 2018 2:06 pm

Great info thanks Hp how do the enemy Nordics fall into this do they only deal directly with the reptillians and not with the Jews ?

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Re: Reptilian Rabbi's

Postby EnkiUK2 » Sun Nov 04, 2018 7:41 pm

Superb OP and information for us HP.

These grey things if one was to ever see these things in dreams etc is the enemy trying to get me?

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Re: Reptilian Rabbi's

Postby hailourtruegod » Mon Nov 05, 2018 7:27 am

I long for the day when our side will have the opportunity and freedom to have Spritual schools where those whose main focus in life is to advance themselves seriously. Until then it's in secrecy, with only the the JoS, it's clergy and our gods (when we are ready) and our individual willpower that will guide us thru this journey. And that's more than enough.

The only people in the world with material privilege are these kikes. They don't deserve it. but even still our side shall be victorious in this Spritual war even with all their material possessions and privileges that they currently have.

I really hate these parasites.
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