Synagogue Shooting False Flag

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HP Mageson666
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Synagogue Shooting False Flag

Postby HP Mageson666 » Tue Oct 30, 2018 2:39 am

From reports nine months ago the police had a drill for a mass shooter situation out of the Jewish Community center that is basically right next door to the synagogue this shooting event happened at. This type of event always precedes false flag attacks. Many local Jews volunteered to be part of this police training exercise. The account of the stated shooter Bower was made on Gab nine months ago as well. 9 is a Kabbalistic number of endings. Bower is also a redrawing of a Jewish surname Baur. The shooting was done at the Tree Of Life synagogue with 11 people being killed and 6 wounded. 11 is Kabbalistic number of the number of Sefirot on the tree of life and 6 is the number of joining that is used in all Kabbalistic systems to materialize the energy of the working into the material word. 6 also turned around is 9...….. making this a hidden way to write 911. Also 611 was the date the Jewish elites had the declaration of Israel signed by Truman and this number was used again in the false flag attack in Charlottesville which purpose was to shut down all dissent against the Jewish establishment. Which this attack ties into. And 911 was the chosen event for the Twin Tower attacks that the Jews used the number 911 and the Towers in numerous predictive programming media going back years before the attack. This was all done to advance Jewish control.

Note the head Rabbi just didn't show up that day...…..He claimed he was sick but he looked totally healthy that very night they interviewed him.

Note this event was done the closet Saturday to Halloween which relate to the day of the dead and note all the horror, murder films and shows on the media and the popular mind around this time. This all connects in. The shooting was done on October the 27..... This number 27 is the number of the Hebrew alphabet which ties into the entire Jewish Tree of Life. And October is the 10th month. 10 is the number of creation in Kabballah. 27 also adds to 9.... Which ties to the timing of the creation of the Gab account of Bower that of nine months ago. If one adds up the name Bower in Kabballah numerology it adds to 9.

Now we note the Jews are all over their media screaming for laws to make it illegal to question them and demanding total censorship. This claimed attacker had a profile made to role play as a "White Supremacist Nazi" who called out the Jews for running America. That is the message the Jews want to shut down. This character was an attack against legitimate Satanism and an attempt to keep Jewish Christianity going. This was also an attempt to shut down Gab the last free speech zone on the net at this time after the ADL worked with numerous Jewish run tech companies to censor the Goyim. The Jews are getting desperate and this is what they fear the most.

The leader of the Jewish ADL was on Jewish owned CNN looking very happy it seems about this event just rubbing his Jewish hands together about what they have planned over this. The Jews have numerous anti-Semitism bills they are trying to get passed in Capitol Hill. The Jews created the Six Million lie why can't they create the 11 lie.

The Jews use occult knowledge which is the key to their criminal conspriacy against the Gentiles.

Remember the numbers 11, 6, 9 are all HEBREW LETTERS which are specific aspects of their Jewish martix of occult energy they create and maintain with the Torah the Torah is wrote with the 22 Hebrew letters. The name Torah means "The Wheel of Darkness" in Hebrew which is also the Wheel of Deception just like the motto of the Jewish Mossad "By the way of deception thou shalt make war." On the Goyim. This event is a Kabbalistic ritual that is designed to connect with and create the needed energy to bring about the censorship laws the Jews want. The Rabbi's are taught in the occult teachings everything in the world is energy before it becomes material form which this is showing them how to manifest things into the world they are creating. In Judaism the letters that spell the name Torah are also permutated to spell in Hebrew "To Become Pregnant." This in occultism is the concept of generating energy in the astral to then give birth to a occult working in the material.

The entire key to the total power of the Jewish race is the 22 letters. The Final RTR is the key to victory.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich
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Re: Synagogue Shooting False Flag

Postby High Priestess Maxine Dietrich » Tue Oct 30, 2018 3:41 am

The Jews, like in the USSR, they don't care how many they have to sacrifice of their own.

Bowers; from Baur is a Jewish name, as HP Mageson666 already wrote in the above. Also, the guy never bothered to take himself out at the end. Very, very questionable.

The victims were mostly old. One 97 year old, 2 retarded brothers (younger), and the others were elderly.

I also believe this might have been planned. The Jews admit the antisemitism is getting out of control. Now they're on Trump real hard.

The Jews are panicking and are acting out in all kinds of crazy ways. There is a possibility that Bowers is Jewish and is working in collusion with them. Then again, they're pushing the gun control shit.

97 years old. Please! Then other elderly and 2 retarded brothers.

The following is an except from The White Man's Bible by Ben Klassen:

If the six million hoax has no basis in fact, the question arises- why would the Jews want to promote such a vicious and horrible lie?

Jews have Profited Tremendously.
The answer is: The Jews have profited handsomely from this atrocious lie, as they have a knack of doing with most of the lies they propagate.

1. It aroused world sympathy for the Jews when the world should have been (and thanks to Hitler, partially was) alerted to the dangerous and destructive nature of this world-wide parasite.

2. It acted as a moral club and a propaganda lever with which they have extracted as blackmail $12 billion dollars from the German people as "reparations" to Israel and as "compensation" to individual Jewish claimants. The insanity of such claims can only be appreciated when we considered that many German taxpayers today, who were not even born when the alleged crimes were supposedly committed, are paying "reparations" to a state (Israel) that didn't even exist at that time. Furthermore the list of Jewish claimants, now, over 35 years later has reached a staggering 3,375,000 when there were less than 200,000 Jews in Germany after 1939.

Since it has been so easy for the Jews to rob the Germans by means of this so-called "compensation," the number of registered claimants against the West German government has tripled in the last ten years. Nothing could be more devastating proof of the brazen effrontery of the Six Million Lie.

3. The Six Million lie has been a powerful propaganda tool that enabled the Jews to steal Palestine from the Arabs in 1948 and set up the bandit state of Israel. Thanks to the Six Million lie the Jews had the support and blessing of the befuddled world, especially the Jew-infested United States.

4. The Six Million lie has had a devastating effect in shaming and discrediting the German people. Whereas the Germans should be honored for the noble fight they waged in order to expose and shake off the world-wide Jewish pestilence, the powerful and effective Jewish propaganda networks have pictured the Germans as the villains in the eyes of the gullible world.

5. It has rallied and united the Jews of the world as nothing else has in the last thousand years. Although most of the Jews know it is an abominable lie, they keep constantly harping about it amongst themselves (as well as to the outside world) until they have become so hypnotized by their own lie that it actually becomes part of their religion. On this sleazy basis vast sums of money have been raised amongst the Jews themselves and hundreds of organizations formed.

Holocaust Lie- Jewish Rallying Cry.
This lie, then, has become the rallying cry of the modern day Jew, a continuation of the oldest lie in their tumultuous history, namely that the Jews are a persecuted race. It has worked wonders for them. It has been devastatingly effective as a two-edged sword. It has demolished any attempt by the White Race to retain their own racial integrity, or even any form of nationalism. On the other hand, it has made the Jews fanatically nationalistic when it concerns Israel, fanatically racist when it concerns Zionism or the Jewish race.

Jews now More Powerful than ever.
So powerful a tool has this depraved Six Million Lie become that not only individuals but governments of nations cower before it while the Jews take charge, silencing any and all opposition. Dr. Max Nussbaum, the former chief Rabbi of the Jewish community in Berlin, openly bragged on April 11, 1953, "the position the Jewish people occupy in the world today, despite its tremendous losses, is ten times stronger than it was twenty years ago."
He is right on half of his statement. They suffered no "tremendous losses," but they are ten times stronger than they were before that bloody, fratricidal holocaust, known as World War II, incited and provoked by the Jews themselves. Much of this increased strength they have acquired thanks to the despicable Six Million Lie.

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich

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Re: Synagogue Shooting False Flag

Postby Shivachakra » Tue Oct 30, 2018 4:13 am

Wow I was thinking the same as HP Maxine. the "victims" were all elderly, past being of use. A Hive will shed it's old senile members. They are kicked out of the Nest. Those kikes were indeed a Blood Sacrifice. I found it amusing that this handful of Joos are hyped up as the greatest biggest worst attack on Joos in US History, our own Mini-Holocaust.

HP. Hoodedcobra666
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Re: Synagogue Shooting False Flag

Postby HP. Hoodedcobra666 » Tue Oct 30, 2018 4:20 am

The first reports on Bower were that he was 56 years old not 46.

56 is again the number 11 showing up. After the event accumulated they called it 46 which goes back to 10.

The number of felonies of Bower was 29 and they kept spamming it with again adds up to 11.

I am sure if someone sits down to calculate the ages of those killed they may find something interesting there as the jews don't play games.

They sacrificed some 90 year olds for their tribal future. Also, 2 retards from reports. The Borg at work...
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Re: Synagogue Shooting False Flagj

Postby hailourtruegod » Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:55 pm

We really are getting into a critical point and people here who outside of the forums just lounge around watching Netflix or whatever need to get if thru their heads that there's no time to waste. Missing your favorite show isn't important. Do the Final RTR.

Also did the site get doxed or something earlier? I was trying to get to a different page and it wasn't working for a while.
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Re: Synagogue Shooting False Flag

Postby Braun666 » Tue Oct 30, 2018 5:02 pm

High Priestess Maxine Dietrich wrote:...

The following serves as even more proofs on the holohoax. In addition to what was has been provided on the Real Holocaust Webpage.

Just linking an article...

(((They've))) been whining about the 6 million since 1915 in the jew york times and other newpapers. Years before the WW2 or Hitler coming to power. Also MANY of those article briefs appear on page 6. I guess it's just another cohencidence in jewish propaganda.
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Re: Synagogue Shooting False Flag

Postby Jack » Wed Oct 31, 2018 6:44 am

I just stumbled upon this, wew....
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Re: Synagogue Shooting False Flagj

Postby Stormblood » Wed Oct 31, 2018 7:26 am

hailourtruegod wrote:We really are getting into a critical point and people here who outside of the forums just lounge around watching Netflix or whatever need to get if thru their heads that there's no time to waste. Missing your favorite show isn't important. Do the Final RTR.

Maybe they're content with being at the bottom of the social pyramid, where they shall also be once a NS/SS society is established because we base ourselves on meritocracy, not indulgence/communism. These bottom feeders need to wake up and realise there's no excuse. Spend their time cleaning themselves of what prevents them from being decent human beings, instead of thinking about leisure time they haven't proven to deserve. That is if they have this inherent quality that distinguishes them from parasites.

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Re: Synagogue Shooting False Flag

Postby Specter » Sat Nov 03, 2018 4:01 am

There were actually some people on twitter who called it and saw this coming. It doesn't become harder for people to realize these false flags are a ploy against trump but this one is probably a big fuck up for the jews definitely. ... 1905545216
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