Answering Questions Is Satanism Evil?

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Answering Questions Is Satanism Evil?

Postby HP Mageson666 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 4:54 pm

Postby Satan666 » Thu Aug 09, 2018 6:49 am
What about these so called satanic cults who run paedophile rings and pornography cults. The ones in Hollywood and those in power of the new world order such meet at the Bilderberg meetings. These people are called Satanists but nothing they do is like spiritual satanism.

I was watching something about adult swim Matt Harmon being satanic and many more have been talked about. Seems to give satanism a bad wrap which is why most atheists won't touch it. Satan is synonomous with evil in mainstream ledgend. And yet everyone on this forum likens Satan to all just God.

I don't know enough about Satanism yet.

My Reply:

Bilderberger is run by the Jewish banking elites who control the global currencies via the Rothschild greenback from Rothschilds, Rockefellers and on. The policy plan of the Bilderbergers runs across media, political, economic and academic policies for control. However the other wing of Bilderberger that never gets mentioned by the Christ-lie "Truthers" is they have a religion wing as well. Where they are creating a world council of Christian Churches to forge a new universal Christian Church to control the masses with.

The Jews run this world as they have stated in their own Israeli press and they are working to impose Judaism on the planet. The Jewish elites passed the Jewish Noadhide laws in America which commands the execution for anyone who does not follow Judaism. Hollywood is run by Jews and so is the Media and Music industry. They all follow a religion that tells them to create a one world order run by Jews. Pedophilia is allowed in the Jewish Talmud their religious text. Notice all the Jewish Hollywood movies and media always promote the Christ-lie narrative of Satanism as something evil. This is promoting the Jewish propaganda of the Bible and nothing else. This also allows the Jews to hide by shifting the focus off themselves and keeps the Christ-lie going.

Note all the occult numerology, phrases and images they use in the mainstream media and Hollywood all are from the Jewish Bible and tie into this with Hebrew gematria….The Bible was wrote in Hebrew. Celebrities are only allowed to promote "Satanism" if it ties into the lies of the Jewish Bible and nothing else is tolerated. This enforces the Jewish Christ-lie to the masses.

The Jews created Christianity to take control of the world with. The Jewish elites took over the Roman Empire under the Flavian regime which then wrote the Bible and created the Christ-lie Catholic Church and executed anyone who did not convert to this Jewish religion among the Gentile masses. The goal of the Bible is the book of Revelations where the King of the Jews returns and rules the world with 144,000 Jews who represent the 12 tribes of Israel, after destroying all the Gentiles who are called the Nations. The Rabbi's state in their own Kabala that Jesus is their messiah which is nothing but a Jewish spell to use the mass mind of the Gentiles to manifest their Jewish world order. There is church on every corner. All praising the Jews as god.

Who runs the Free Mason's the Rothschild's do what Mason Lodge is the command lodge of world Free Masons and openly orders the governments of the world around and even puts Presidents like Bush into power..... The Jewish Binah Brith Lodge which is run by Rothschild. The Rothschild's call themselves the Jewish Messiah and the mission of the Jewish Messiah is to bring about the Jewish One World Order ruled form the rebuilt third Jewish temple in Jerusalem. The Masonic lodge has a Jewish Bible on every altar and they follow the Jewish Kabala. The goal of Judeo-Masonry as stated in their system is to rebuild the third temple of the Jews in Jerusalem. As David Ben Gurion the first Prime Minister of Israel stated this will be were the One World Jewish Government, will be ruled from. Even that movie "Eyes Wide Shut" the "Truthers" go on and on about. Just shows the Rothschild's power structure at the top. The movie was filmed in a literal Mansion of the Rothschild's and the leader of the party sitting in the Throne. Represents Rothschild. The Thone has the literal emblem of the Rothschild's on it. The Jewish religion states five animals are to be sacrificed to their "god" Yahweh. One of which is cattle. They call Gentiles.....Goyim meaning "cattle". Right in the Jewish bible they practice child sacrifice to Yahweh in the story of Japhet he sacrifices his ten year old daughter to Yahweh. The Rabbinical commentaries state this is shows that child sacrifice to Yahweh was common in the Jewish Bible. As no one tried to stop him, no one was surprised and their was no law against it and...…..YAHWEH ACCEPTED THE CHILD SACRIFICE. The Rabbi's also stated Moleck is another name of Yahweh it means "King" in Jewish texts Moleck Yahweh is mentioned frequently meaning "King Yahweh". That Moleck at Bohemian Grove is.....The Jewish God Yahweh.

Christianity a JEWISH program is based on ritual human murder and cannibalism.....Where a Jewish father sacrifices his Jewish son and then has everyone drink his blood and eat his flesh..... This is from the cultural psyche of the Jewish race. Because they practice this trash amongst themselves forever. Its also designed to be a form of Jewish black magic called "sympathetic magic" in which the Christians who practice this ritual in communion which in the original and proper doctrine of the Church is made literal. Then ties into the actual energies of the ritual murder victims of the Jews. Which the Jews have been convicted in court for doing in the past. They are just following their Jewish Bible, their race religion of their alien soul.

The Jews run all these institutions and the Jews hate Satan and state that Satan is their enemy. Satan is the creator God of the Gentiles. The Jews want to destroy Gentiles and enslave Gentiles as their Bible tells them to. Actual Satanism was always the ancient religion of India, Sumeria, Egypt and such. Where the head God was always called Satan. Which means the "King of the Gods" and "Eternal Truth". The goal of the religion of ancient Egypt, Sumeria, India and such was the Light Body. The teachings of ancient Egypt today are called spiritual Alchemy and based on the Magnum Opus which is the Light Body. These teachings created the Enlightenment in Europe. This is what the Christ-lie of the Jews is about, violently removing this knowledge from Gentiles so the Gentiles can be enslaved in a state of suffering. So the Jews can become the false gods of this world.

The Jews practice a form of black magic called scape goating in which they project their own evil deeds onto the innocent they also do this with ritual animal murder around Yom Kippur. They place blame for their evil deeds onto the innocent and let the innocent take the blame for the crimes of the Jews.

That is why the Jews lie and blame their Enemy, Satan for everything they do. So the Jews avoid taking the blame for their own crimes and this reinforces their Jewtrix of lies in which Satan is evil and the Jews are "god". You see this today with how the Jews blame Whites for the crimes of the Jews in running the African Slave Trade. Innocent Whites take the blame for the crimes of the Jews and this enforces the Jewish narrative about evil Whites the Jews created to destory the White Race. Which the Jewish religion tells them to destory as the race of Amalek. Which is the occult name of Satan in Juadism.

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Re: Answering Questions Is Satanism Evil?

Postby RoyBatty91 » Fri Aug 10, 2018 2:15 am

There's also the fact that one of the goals in Christianity/Islam is to "Demonize" (the original use of the term) all aspects of the occult and put them all under the same umbrella of the "big evil," Satan. Then, once you've convinced the goyim that all exploration of the higher senses and powers is "Satanic" and not to even be thought of, you're free to dominate that field yourself - the Jews used the Church to do literally the exact same thing with banking, where any Christian who tried to operate a bank would be excommunicated for the "sin of usury," but the Jews themselves were free to make as many interest loans to Christians as they wanted. So basically, you have Jews freely practicing the occult for thousands of years, empowered by billions of deceived Yahweh-worshipers, and the equation that any of those worshipers makes when they realize that part of the truth is "Occult=Satanism, ergo Jews=Satanists."

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Re: Answering Questions Is Satanism Evil?

Postby High Priestess Maxine Dietrich » Fri Aug 10, 2018 6:20 am

The populace is so programmed. In addition, most people have walls up in their minds that are so thick they cannot see anything beyond the programming. The Jews at the top make liberal use of this. Life is hard. It can be brutal. People cope by putting up barriers in their minds that buffer them from hard reality; living in their own little worlds. Throughout lifetimes, this grows. Shutting out reality through denial, distorting and refusing to see things as they really are. Few are strong enough to knock down those walls. Enlightenment is not pretty. My own take on this is, one must face reality to deal with it and change it. One cannot help oneself or others if one is in complete denial.

So... Take a look at the Christian churches. Especially the Catholic Church, which was the first and original Christian church. How many innocent children have been brutally raped and molested? Yet, most people aren't capable of seeing this truth. Many are programmed to believe this sick, perverted and most foul institution is actually good.

Many years ago, when I put up the Joy of Satan website, I did so because of how I saw Satan portrayed on the internet and in publications and the media. Sick beyond belief.

I was new to Satanism at the time. Everything that was happening in my life connected with Satan was very positive. Nothing at all, in any way, like the sick garbage being promoted in the media.

When I was new, I surfed the web, reading every Satanic website I could find. The ones put up by Jews were absolutely abominable. This vermin claimed to be Satanists. The focus was on extreme depravity. Things only a sick Jewish mind could come up with.

This sort of thing is on the soul. Jews and Satanism do NOT mix! The enemy owns and works through the Jews to destroy anything against their agenda, especially from the inside.

This is no different from what HP Mageson wrote in the above. The Jewish rabbis call this "conquering from within." This is an age-old technique they use. Sick, twisted, perverted Jews commit all kinds of depraved acts, victimizing especially innocents, claiming to be members of whatever group or organization they infest. Then, the Jewish controlled media jumps on it, spreading and zealously advertising the crimes, in order to make the organization look heinous before the unknowing public, thus destroying it.

Other websites and such, elaborated themes supporting Judeo/Christianity. Satanism on these websites conformed to the warped and perverted images promoted by Christianity. God is good, the Devil is evil kinds of crap.
Satanists will burn in Hell and all kinds of other nonsense conforming to Christian idiocy.

I learned the real truth on the job.

Satan does NOT harm or victimize innocents. If people would look with open eyes, and do a little research and a bit of thinking, one can see how the Christian churches, and Christian individuals (the more Christian they are, the more evil they are, like the fundies), have been committing heinous crimes against children and innocents from their very beginning. It's in their bible.

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Re: Answering Questions Is Satanism Evil?

Postby Aquarius » Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:20 am

I remember sometime ago here in Italy they busted a group of people who raped a young woman, they were practicing "satanism", when I saw the pictures of the stuff they had it was all papers of jewish crap magick this was fucking angering, now everybody thought that was satanism.

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