Egypt And Christ-liers

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Egypt And Christ-liers

Postby HP Mageson666 » Sun Aug 05, 2018 6:01 pm

One of names of the serpent god in ancient Egypt was "Asha Herau". Asha means "Eight" and Herau "The Rau". This relates to the map of the 13 major chakra's which form the eight fold star that connects to the Rau the solar chakra.

However the God RA's titles and descriptions and appearance is the symbol of the Philosopher stone of alchemy. This is why He is shown the color red and the name is the mantra that of RA of fire this is the spirit within the matter that sets one free spirituality.

Alchemy is the spiritual science of ancient Egypt. AL-KHEM the ancient name of Egypt.

The ship of RA is the symbol of moving this energy thought the chakra's the water is symbolic of the serpent energies flow thought the soul. RA has the Paut the nine Gods upon His ship which is the nine major energy points along the spine and the brain such as the nine worlds on the world tree.

Note its the God Set that guards the Ship of RA and defends it from evil forces. Set in the ancient Egyptian hymns is called "Father of the Gods" and the God of immortality. The attempts to create a Christian narrative out of the alchemical mythos of the Egyptians is just not there. These are texts about the transmutation of the soul. Set is honored as the key to alchemy all the way to the Roman period before Christianity destroyed the original cultures.

Father of the Gods is alchemical terminology it means the gold within the metals or chakra's. Set is spiritual gold.

Set its [SAT] in the ancient language is S fire, A spirit and T earth. This title is fire purifying the soul and body and uniting it with the transfromed spirit and body. This is about transforming the elements to gold. That is why SAT means enlightenment. Set is shown as relating to the alchemical inner fire that transmutes the elements to spiritual perfection. Which is why Set guards the Ship of Ra. Set is shown defeating the forces of death and suffering and spiritual ignorance. Which liberates the soul.

Originally Set baptises Osiris in the Nile which Osiris occurs a transformation into an ascended being three days after. This is the energy of the soul being taken to higher stage where the fire of the soul opens the chakra's and nadi's fully to the cosmic waters and causes the dross to be cleaned out of the being, generating the full Light Body. The Nile river in ancient Egypt was the symbol of the serpentine Goddess. The flow of energy thought the spine and chakra's. Set is the alchemical power that takes the soul to the higher state of enlightenment.

What has happened is Christ-liers have come in and attempted to graft their own cultural conditioning and lies over the template of Egyptian texts to then attempt to create a false narrative to conform to Christianity and thus give a false credence to Christianity. This is in many cases is done on purpose and is nothing new. The Church was altering and forging false history from the start for this reason. There has been entire worthless books written by Christ-liers to attempt to claim the Chirst-lie was the religion of ancient Egypt and India. Its literally just worthless trash. The Christ-liers have spent thousands of years destroying Egypt and India.

Now what would of happened when they started digging up ancient Egypt which the enemy tried to destroy and remove forever leaving only Jewish fables about rabbi Moe and his magic stick in the Lieble of the Bible. When they all of a sudden find Set who's name is also spelled STN in Egyptian they didn't write with the vowels. STN is SATAN....And they find this SATAN is the father of the Gods and the head God of ancient Egypt originally. And is not an evil being but a good one.

That would have flipped their world of lies upside down.

The Serpent Power, Ashby
The Complete Idiot's Guide To Alchemy, Hauck
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