Native Speakers Needed for Edits!

This is a forum exclusively for translators and organizing the translation projects of the Joy of Satan Material.

Help each other in co-ordination, advice and support.
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1. Be aware that some people that may want to do these things, could be potentially infiltrators. One should avoid meetups, retain one's anonymity, and be careful.

2. Disputes on translations, so long translations are great, and while they don't constitute a viable danger for the meaning, should be fine.

3. Tips for organization will be given by those in charge of each respective language, or co-ordinators.

4. It's best all translations are sent on the JoS, for uploading, safeguarding the sites, and making sure the work remains permanently alive. If possible, sites should be mirrored in more than one instances.

5. For those who want to seriously focus on this, the JoS will handle all things related to airing a website, or making a website so that everyone remains fine and safe [since many countries prohibit the content].

6. Everyone must also remember, translations are a very important work for the Gods, and seek their assistance to stay on the path. Many great and caring members have started as translators.

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Native Speakers Needed for Edits!

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Hello, I need Speakers of German, Russian, Spanish, Turkish and Arabic to ensure these translated works are legit.
Back up: (No preview) ... sp=sharing

I put some of them through DeepL and then Grammarly, and they're not looking great. If you can't access this then get a VPN. email me back at [email protected] with completed PDFs. I need this material checked for punctuation, grammar and working source-links. I don't have time to go through and highlight what links don't work because I am very busy editing English websites.

I'm done with these two, which need final peer-review. Death of Communism is on it's way, I had MErcury rx setbacks -- had to start over... I'm just at halfway now. Next is Blacks for Satan (which may be proofed already, not sure) and JoS: Spirits of Eridu PDF. The Black Sun666 needs work, it can wait. Anglo's Axiom: Fourth Reich is another good source for translating info, although, would be difficult to translate itself- given its format.. Cheers! ... K4dCXcwMRY ... vV1nSKhIuI

Hail Satan!
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