Braids or Dreadlocks (Cornrows etc.) or Nah?

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Braids or Dreadlocks (Cornrows etc.) or Nah?

Postby 13th_Wolf » Tue May 29, 2018 10:39 pm

In-relation to the post on beards that's been up, it had me thinking about some old memories and ponderings on the above. I remember reading in some so and so "spiritual" groups that dreadlocks were used by shamans to enhance the capacity of one's hair to act as an antenna for the soul (moreso to do with men) and that this could be applied to those in the group. The thought of myself,being white and having dreadlocks made me shiver :lol: and put me off the notion but the post mentioned prior resurfaced and also got me thinking whether the same applied to those Nordic and Celtic style braids.

Observing Hitler and most modern-day leaders, it begs the question whether a man should grow his hair long like the kings, and prior, the Gods or try to cut and groom it fashionably but formally if he wanted to attract the virtue of leadership. Of course taking in consideration the current climate of the world socially. All in all the main question I sought to ask was is there a benefit for having tied hair concerning both leadership flair and intuition? (of course they are both interrelated).

(Note: writing this I also remember there was a post on this forum to do with American Natives who had better intuition doing special ops drills in the US army than other Natives who had had their hair shaved off, if someone could paste that below for others to see I'd be grateful)

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Re: Braids or Dreadlocks (Cornrows etc.) or Nah?

Postby Ol argedco luciftias » Wed May 30, 2018 4:41 am

It doesn't matter how long or short your hair is, but what dreadlocks are for white people is not washing or combing it for months or years until it knots together into rotting clumps. At least this is how it is for white people with dreadlocks, I think it is completely different for black people whose hair is simply very tightly curly and often curls together into this way healthily and naturally. The whole idea of white people with dreadlocks is just the meme of Communist Marxist Druggy Loser with basically no level of existence above that of the lowest bug, so the new-age self-destructive soulless communist communities of course promote the idea that not washing yourself for months at a time is somehow an important spiritual process. Which is actually directly out of the torrah/talmud, some parts in there say something like how god only loves you if you don't wash yourself at all for months or years at a time because it would wash away god's love or something. Many rabbis of some specific subgroups actually do this as some sort of "ritual" where they refuse to wash for years. :? So their Talmudic marxist new-age cancerous groups promote the same idea just as they share all of their other ideas and influences.

It doesn't matter what length your hair is or if you have none at all. Many of the male gods have very long hair. Having a fully opened crown with a lot of energy flowing through it stimulates the hair to grow very thick and healthily, so many spiritually powerful people have long hair. This has nothing to do with neglecting and not washing for several months until it rots together, which is how white people would get them. It could be completely healthy, natural, clean, and simple for black peoples' hair to do this, but white people usually have a totally different texture and form to theirs that is never meant to do this.
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Re: Braids or Dreadlocks (Cornrows etc.) or Nah?

Postby Larissa666 » Wed May 30, 2018 10:11 am

It has to do with the beauty/fashion standards of age we live in, and perception of what a "normal, good looking man" looks like.

During the first half of twentieth century, it was "normal" for an average man to look like Hitler. I am not sure, of course, but I do believe that it was Hitler's idea, that if he looked like that, he would be much more appealing to masses. If you wanted people to believe that you care for them, you had to look like individual male member of German people looks like.

In the ancient times, people's image of what a man should like like was probably different. Long hair had different meaning back then, then the meaning it has today.

Now, this is similar to women, even if it is society's expectation for women to have longer hair. If woman wanted people to take her seriously, she better not look like "dirty, immature, smelly hippy", because that is what people would think of her, if she had dreadlocks. Especially in 30s and later. See all female politicians all around the world, they all follow the similar unwritten rules of how a "successful woman shall look like".

So, it all depends on if you care to have good public acceptable image or not, if you want for average people to have good impression of you, or not.

If you do not give a damn for society's expectations, grow whatever the heck you want from your head, lol
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Re: Braids or Dreadlocks (Cornrows etc.) or Nah?

Postby MissMeow » Thu Jun 07, 2018 7:46 am

The Gods all have varied hair lengths, even the High ranking ones so hair is a preference not a prerequisite for true power. Intuition can be worked on through meditation, or it may come naturally for some. Leadership shows in the natal chart, or charisma can be a learned characteristic.

Shiva is the first known historical depiction of someone with dreads. It is not wrong or "cultural appropriation" for white people to have them.

In my experience dreads or braids can cause traction alopecia if done too tightly, so keep that in mind before getting them. If you can't sleep on your hair or you get tiny painful bumps they are too tight! Go to someone who has verified experienced in doing them or do them yourself as you more than likely will have to pay by the hour to have them done. Which can take several hours. Your scalp will more than likely itch when you first get them, unless you do the natural dreading method which is much slower. You can use raw coconut oil or look online for other suggestions to relieve itching.

Wash your hair with residue free shampoos. Dreads do not rot or smell unless they get wet and do not dry completely after 24 hours.

You can get silk pillow cases to minimize sleep from ruining your braids.

Hope this helps.
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Re: Braids or Dreadlocks (Cornrows etc.) or Nah?

Postby gloryofsatan666 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 2:30 pm

dread locks,breaids and afro are natural hairs for blacks people,blacks should have curly hairs,it is their natural hair,however white hair is straight and not curly,so how will dread locks even work,it will just make you look horible,its not an ideal.

It is known spiritually that black hair can also repel bad energies,and the white hair should be long as it serves as a psychic antenna for psychic communication,note that hitler had psychics with long hairs.

The jews really attack our natural hair because they know they have a deep meaning to them.the way your hair is is how its supposed to be.

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