What is the overall result of our efforts?

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What is the overall result of our efforts?

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In other words, what exactly will the world look like? When I sit down and focus upon doing the rtrs, I have a visualization of a brighter, more natural world. I was wondering if this is how it will look.

Obviously, factories and skyscrapers won't suddenly disappear and give way to trees and flowers, however, the change won't necessarily be a physical one, but will be on the astral, correct? As in, with no more influence from the Jews, humanity as a whole would do what? I know Satanism is not for everyone and that is to be expected, however, what does that mean for them?

Another thought I was pondering on; my desired career is to become a cps case worker, in which case I would be helping mend families or taking children out of abusive situations. I wanted to know if the change we make in this world will affect that desire. I used to think the modern world was a creation of the Jews, that modern day technology could only be detrimental to humanity, it is, after all, the cause of so many problems we have.

This post is more or less just thinking out loud and I don't expect to get any answers. However ,on the off chance that I do, thank you.
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