Good for us

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Good for us

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The ultra Orthodox ones are the biggest enemy. These are the spiritual class of the Jews the ones that do a lot of the cursing and work to help other more secular Jews in their agenda. They were the ones that were most protected by the Jewish thoughtform. They were even straight out coming out in the News and saying they don't care about the virus or restrictions cause "the Torah protects us".

The Israeli government makes sure these people are taken care of so that they can continue their spiritual work (this might actually be a good incentive in the future provide nice material things and situations for people who otherwise wouldn't care much about spiritual things in exchange for doing spiritual work and trying to achieve the Magnum opus)

So if a lot of the Jews themselves leave behind a lot of their spiritual practices and weird rule based stuff related to their curses.

The Jews may end up with little to no spiritual class like the gentiles did for awhile.

That means we are winning even faster.

The paintable final rtr + killing Tetragrammaton ritual. Do this daily and with every rtr if you want its an easy add on that doesnt take much extra time. ...

Paintable version of Shattering enemy defenses ritual ...
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