A realization

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A realization

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I've been meditating for a long time now and have created many black journals since then. In those journals (they're simple notebooks) I write down all the meditations I do in a day, as well as interesting dreams I may have, or other experiences, thoughts and feelings I may experience throughout the day. In those journals I also write down enemy attacks (or, what I perceived as enemy attacks).
I've been re-reading those journals, and I've realized two things that I can share here (I realized many things, but almost all of them have to do about my own journey and empowerment and don't need to be shared).

First thing I realized was how through meditations (that was stronger with meditations having to do with past lives) I got to remember and have a variety of "flashbacks" from my past lives. Most of these things were connected to irrational fears or over-emotionalism that I had (and still do) with certain topics. I also noticed that, some things that were extremely strong for me back then (eg self-destructive tendencies) gradually stopped being so strong and even diminished completely. Even without me consciously trying to deal with them, I now see the clear difference of me from back then and now. It also feels like I am trying to solve a "puzzle" of the dreams I had, the things I felt, my astrological chart and all these things combined... It is very interesting and I will most likely do a working to target specifically one of my past lives that I feel has played a crucial role to who I am now.
Second thing I realized, which I find of extreme importance, is the fact that most of us who are "old souls" (have had many-many past lives - perhaps even reaching the time when our Gods were here), we have inside our minds and our subconsciousness priceless knowledge and wisdom that is no longer present in this world. It no longer exists. Imagine your past self reading books from the library of Alexandria, or discussing ancient knowledge with other people... These people no longer exist... These books have been burnt down... But it still all exists in our minds. It is in our subconsciousness and we can access it through meditation and self-hypnosis.

These two things I realized, that I can share with you all. Knowing that I have knowledge in my mind that is no longer available in this world, gives me a great boost of motivation to try my best with meditation. Of course, I've also evolved tremendously. I will always be grateful to Satan and the Gods for the knowledge they've shared with us and for their help and guidance.

Hail Satan forever!!
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