This is Something I Wanted to Say

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This is Something I Wanted to Say

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I’ve been away from the forums for a short while but came back on and skimmed through some sermons and posts. Doing this gave me many thoughts and feelings.

I read a lot of things from HP Cobra and other members which inspired me very much. I’ve been going through the hardest times in my life lately. Harder than anything. Having me at my lowest points in my life, especially in regards specifically to my relationship with Satan, the gods and this path.

Specifically I want to shout out to HP Cobra in how honest he’s been in recent months. I feel Cobra, if you read this, more than ever you’ve been so transparent with your feelings and honest with your experiences on this path and it’s helped like nothing before because it helps put into perspective a most important thing, which is we truly aren’t alone on this path and it isn’t all rainbows and butterflies and we’re all going through hard shit as well. I’ve been feeling that way so much lately. Astral communication problems, etc. and other things have me feeling truly disconnected from all of this, but Cobra, with your sermons it just makes me realize all the shit you go through and all the shit we all go through on this path. In all honesty, I’ve been having hard troubles communicating with the gods. That’s what’s making me feel unconnected, and like I’m lost, but look at all the shit cobra goes through and other members. Well, all of our priesthood and members. Despite all that shit, look at many of us long term members. We’re still here. Why?
Why, even through all of these attacks and curses do we stay? Well one, it’s who we are. It’s our nature. Two, because it’s worth it. It just is. The pros of this path far outweigh anything else. It also shows me that the ones who make it the farthest on this path really are the strong ones. And the ones who don’t make excuses. It’s just in my personal life I have people complaining to me all the time and all of it is is just excuses. It gives me a headache cause I think of all the attacks and stuff I’m going through and I think if a lot of people had to deal with what we all have to deal with, they would unravel. And I realize the blessings we have to have the strength that we have. Cause guess what. If you’re here and you’ve been here for any meaningful amount of time, than you are strong. No questions about it. You are strong as fuck. Stronger than most anyone around you and that’s the reality. So we are lucky. And that’s why despite the fucked up stuff we go through we push on. Because we have the strength to do so. And that comes from the gods.

I have some serious problems on the astral I’m dealing with and I questing sometimes whether I can deal with it or if I’m doomed. But then I remember how much I’ve done on this path and progressed and I realize I’m strong. Strong like bull. And you know what that means...

I hope I’ve been able to help people on this path. I’ve been here a while and have learned a lot. So many others have helped me I couldn’t name them all. Something about the recents sermons and posts that have been here lately that have been making me finally feel connected when I just really haven’t in the last few months. Thank you.
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