"Light Worker/New Age" Mental Gymnastics

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"Light Worker/New Age" Mental Gymnastics

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If one unfortunately reads any of this "Light Worker/New Age" mind rot, it's clear to most of these people have some sort of disconnect from reality.  It's as if these people are infected with the same mind virus that they supposedly have a "cure" for.  Some how, some way these people claim that "Nazis" are behind the covid situation or the cultural marxists in the streets.

We have black and white ANTIFA in the streets, literally threatening whites to raise their fist in solitary.  They call anyone who isn't in complete lockstep "Nazis".  These "New Age" ideas fail to state how marxists in the street helps the "Nation or National Socialism".  A year later and a complete sweep of the federal government by "the woke", the right wing still have yet to react.  If there was right wing push back we could maybe say this was right....

Another failure by "Light Workers" is to state how tran's rights help the Nazi movement.  Or better yet how destruction of the "Nuclear Family" benefits the Race or the Nation.  This is where the "New Age" simply goes off the rails.  Destroying the family or steering people away from procreation is in fact NO WAY backed by Nazi Ideals.  It is fundamental to Nazism for whites, blacks and all races to procreate in a racially conciousness manner.  It's hard for these "New Agers" to understand that National Socialism goes by many names for different races.  Like the Ba'ath party in Arab territories, or shinto japan.  Hitler didn't "holohoax" the arabs or asians.

Lastly we have the idea that covid, the vaccinations,  and all the various lockdowns are in fact Nazi eugenic programs.  None of this is verified or even linked to Nazism.  That somehow Jewy Gates and his Zion wife come from Nazi schools of thought is just ludicrous.  Again Nazis do not want to hinder birth rates through a sterilization vaccine.  This is like calling Israelis nazis because they limit migration or sterilize minorities.  No, they're not Nazis they're just dealing with the reality of race and their "nation".  This whole covid ordeal is Jewish Marxists just killing off useless eaters.

In fact covid was the main reason Trump lost the election, yet these "Light Workers" think Nazis wanted Trump to lose.  Somehow these "New Agers" think that 3% unemployment in 2019 was bad for Nazis.  Populism and Nationalism were a couple steps away from dominating the west prior to covid.  Yet the "nazis" wanted the great reset?  It couldn't be that the Jewish Marxists launched the attack, could it goyim?  It's quite funny that those who follow Jewsus and "truth" fail to be honest with themselves.
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