Another So Called Educated Bunch Of Kikes

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Another So Called Educated Bunch Of Kikes

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As I see these likes Everyday I feel Disgust And Also Bad at the same time How people are Brainwashed to the Extend They Don't Realise Who actually Fought The War For Humanity And why People Followed Someone as Our Furher.

Even Tho iam Not a White But When I watched the videos of Our Furher The First thing I felt was Power,Kindness,Compassion And A Noble Warrior There are no words That can Describe The amount of efforts He alone did for humanity before reaching out to god's it takes A LOT to stand up against something outside from our world but regardless of anything he FOUGHT for his people and Lifted up all those who were with him .

And All I can feel now is Pride for my ancestors who were around with Him at those times and fought alongside with him.

Even now and then my normie friends Rant Whites this white that and about Being Privileged being born on A first world country.

They don't look back at the history why they Are Privileged Their Forefathers Raised their country with Blood and Labour I'm glad I found this path.

I have Long Heard in my Childhood about Hitler and How he alone wanted to conquered the world in my school history books.

But now all I feel is love towards all of my Satanic Brothers and Sisters from different Races Bounded by our Furher NS Germany and at last Satanism Representing Swastika.


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