On the recent arguments

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On the recent arguments

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I've noticed in the last 4-5 weeks there were a lot of arguments between people, probably more than in the last entire year altogether. Whether they are because of enemy interference or not, I just want to say my opinion about what has been going on in the last weeks.

I think is important if everybody will pay attention to some small details so their arguments can be more constructive and less aggressive, since such discussions sometimes cannot be avoided. In most cases they can be avoided but not always. Without going to name anybody I will use examples from what I've been reading to support my ideas.

Don't attack a person, only attack what they are saying

I've seen this going as far as literally threatening someone with `non-written repercussions`. If someone said something that offended you, you don't prove anything if you attack the person behind the account because you have no idea who they are. Is not like you `expose` them or something. By addressing concisely only the inaccuracies or `lies` in their accusations you already reduce the chances of the argument becoming too personal and too heated. The ideal goal of an argument is that both parties are having their accusations answered objectively so they can learn something out of it and maintain at least a communicative relation, so they don’t end up hating each other and then tearing each other apart purposefully on random topics. Literally I noticed let’s say months ago when someone was posting messages on any given topic and they were attacked repeatedly by another person whom they had an argument with before, out of immature hatred and nothing else, like `don’t listen to this guy because (…)`. These things shouldn’t be happening here where we have to be the most united as unlike many other communities we have a common goal and we have to cooperate and not waste our time and energies on hating each other instead of growing together. A constructive argument between two or more people is not involving hate, but simply contradictions are addressed respectfully so everybody gets their `accusations` answered and then move on. Yet here after an argument people are hating each other and either they won’t speak to each other anymore, either they will tear apart each other when any opportunity comes.

The next point relates to the one above and is do not insult or swear to anybody. To me appealing to such lower and inferior vocabulary only means that you do not have strong arguments to defend your accusations. You may think `what you are a pussy, you can’t stand a stronger language?` The ideal goal of an argument is that people will understand what they did or said is wrong so they will correct it in the future. But if you throw insults to someone of course they will take it personally and they will go on a defensive mode and they will start defending exactly what you try to prove them wrong. It’s a `lost-lost` situation which only leads to hate and the real reasons behind the argument will never be addressed and fixed in this way. If you will be more respectful and more diplomatic when arguing with someone, I am pretty sure they will feel the need to behave in the same way and be respectful themselves, otherwise if they throw insults to you while you are respectful to them, not only they won’t manage to prove any of their accusations, but they will end up embarrassing themselves and nothing else. And if this happens repeatedly then people will start avoiding such individuals. By raising your standards you will stimulate others to do the same.

Instead of saying `you are a liar` you can better say `what you said is not true` or things like that and always respectfully ask for evidence. Because as I said if you attack someone personally all they will do is defend themselves with the same harsh attitude like you had towards them, and this leads nowhere except to more hate and more arguments. Then also you have to accept the accusations when someone has proven you beyond any doubt and move on, I haven’t seen this happening too often here (perhaps too many `alpha` people?). One needs to know how to lose in order to improve themselves. The thing is, and I say this with all honesty as I might get my ass kicked for this (metaphorically), I haven’t seen such heated and aggressive arguments like here nowhere else on the internet, be it youtube or quora or even christian forums, which is not right for people like us who are above other communities in many aspects. This is why I think that becoming more respectful to others and avoiding street vocabulary and using a more elevated one instead is going to have a palpable positive impact when other such situations will occur in the future.

About this `off-mod` thing
I think some people still believe that we are `equal` so if someone is benefiting from something then everybody should. This is no christianity here. Let’s imagine being taken `off-mod` is a sort of success because you managed to gain trust from the leadership. Well what I noticed nowadays everywhere is that when someone is having any sort of personal success, they are likely to receive more hate and jealousy than congratulations or acknowledgements. It seems to be the same thing here. If you see someone being taken `off-mod` so their messages are not moderated anymore, instead of questioning their integrity and doubting their moral values you should better work to `gain` this status yourself, since you feel so offended. There were discussions like „why is a drug user being granted with `off-mod` status”. I don’t think is anybody business on what are people doing with their personal life. If you ask 100 people `did you know that drugs are bad?` probably 99 of them will say that yes they know. Everybody is taking full responsibility of their own body and health so they will feel the damages caused by drugs sooner or later. I don’t see the point of mixing this personal choice with a `privileged` status on a forum. The real problem is when they start advertising drugs on the forum, then only then you will have a strong reason of asking why someone who is advertising drugs has the right to post a message instantly. But otherwise they might be consuming drugs but be very helpful and active on the forum. You can’t do nothing about that because as I said they take full responsibility for destroying their body. You, me and anybody else should only shout out when they start advertising such toxic habit to others, otherwise is not my, your or anybody’s else problem that someone `might be` on drugs but yet they can post without approval. By the way I’ve never seen someone bringing any evidence when accusing a known member of drug usage. But even if they will bring still it doesn’t mean that the said person doesn’t deserve to post without approval if people deciding these things have considered so, and this goes for any other accusation such as `liar` or `non-active` or what have you. Also is not difficult to figure out that this `privilege` can be lost instantly if said person is indeed not having good intentions. Therefore instead of accusing others for attaining this status try to prove that you also deserve it it really means something for you.

Also I noticed one SS was very enthusiastic about this idea of having their messages posted without approval and when they asked if they deserve it they were nearly told by another SS that they were delusional. If this `status` is really so important to you then the only person who is `authorised` to tell you whether you deserve it or not is the person who is offering you this status. You don’t have to listen to others who even unintentionally might have discouraged you. As I said we are not nor equal nor christians. People bring different contributions here so it makes sense that they should be treated in accordance with how much they help the community. If you are referring to corruption and members getting unfair privileges, then `X is a drug user` for example doesn’t sound like a strong reason for me as long as they don’t advertise it to others and keep this self-destructive habit for themselves (if proven to be this case in the first place). It’s their decision and they will see the results sooner or later. Then If someone is `off-moded` and you ate not, it doesn’t mean that you are somewhat less valuable than them. If you are not today you might be tomorrow or after a week etc, it not something that happens straight away.

What I learned where I work is that `we do not rely on trust`. This is how every company acts. Everywhere you will see measures set in place to ensure that employees do not cheat to obtain undeserved benefits. This forum is not a company but as an idea not very far from this kind of organization. Unfortunately (or not, depends on personal views) this place is a good example of how dangerous is to over-trust others. We have seen infiltrators going as far as to becoming high priests, which is not two mere letters that you put behind your name. Try making an account called `HP. (insert nickname)` and see if you will be accepted as a high priest. I quite doubt it. Infiltrators who became high priests have somewhat fulfilled some sort of requirements, otherwise they wouldn’t have been accepted in this position. Then they tried to intoxicate this place `from the top` so to say, from a place where they had much more credibility. Not to mention about other infiltrators who same became known and reputed on the forums and then they attacked us from inside (like `zolaluckystar` for example). Of course after such experiences it became more and more difficult to be trusted here, especially given the attacks we as a community are subjected to, and given our importance in saving this planet from enslavement. This `off-mod` status might be productive at exposing individuals who will try to use this advantage to backstab the community. I would also recommend to enforce the report button in case there are noticed unapproved posts that plainly promote anti-SS behaviour or drugs or other illegal things. For example something like at 3 reports or something the post is hidden automatically and then approved manually if is nothing wrong with it. So if this `off-mod` thing will become a normality then me you and everybody else can think about how to make it impossible for potential `off-moded` infiltrators to intoxicate this forum instead of accusing each-other why some can post without approval and other can't.

As I said this is my personal opinion and nothing else. You don’t have to read it or consider it. If you are going to attack me with `you have nothing better to do?` or `who you think you are now` or anything related then go ahead, I’m not going to reply to you. I have the right to say my opinion and I was trying to recommend some `advice` based on my own understanding to try to reduce useless conflicts and make them more productive and respectful where possible. I am pretty sure most of it to many will sound like common sense anyway.
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