False Free Speech and gay singer Stephen Gately's death 'Daily Mail' article

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False Free Speech and gay singer Stephen Gately's death 'Daily Mail' article

Postby FancyMancy » Sun Apr 29, 2018 4:58 pm

Article 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights provides the right to freedom of expression and information, subject to certain restrictions that are "in accordance with law" and "necessary in a democratic society". This right includes the freedom to hold opinions, and to receive and impart information and ideas.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Article ... man_Rights

"In accordance with 'the law'." So they say a thing, then they change it be "defining" it.

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
~UN Declaration of Human Rights

Stephen Patrick David Gately (17 March 1976 – 10 October 2009) was an Irish pop singer-songwriter, actor, children's writer and dancer, who, with Ronan Keating, was one of two lead singers of the pop group Boyzone.[1]


Gately made his sexuality known in 1999 and came out in a blaze of publicity.[4][5][6] He wed Andrew Cowles, first in a commitment ceremony in Las Vegas in 2003 and more formally in a civil partnership ceremony in London in 2006. Upon Boyzone's reformation, Gately featured as part of the first gay couple in a boyband music video for "Better", in what was to be his last with the band.[7]

Gately died of a congenital heart defect on 10 October 2009, in a flat that he and Cowles owned in Mallorca, Spain. Brian Boyd in The Irish Times stated: "Stephen Gately’s death represents the first time that the boyband genre has had to deal with such a tragic situation".[8] Tim Teeman of The Times (UK) heralded Gately as a hero of gay rights for his response to being "smoked out of the closet".[9]

Skipping to his death, we see a journalist saying something which upset people who think they loved Gately.

Stephen Gately died at his home in Port d'Andratx, Majorca, early on 10 October 2009. His body was discovered later in the morning.[18] His death was later determined to have been caused by a pulmonary edema resulting from an undiagnosed heart condition.[46]

Gately had spent the evening with his partner Cowles at the Black Cat club in Majorca's capital Palma. They returned home with someone that they had met that night, Bulgarian national Georgi Dochev. Dochev stayed in the spare bedroom.[47][48] According to Dochev, he discovered Gately's body lying on a sofa as he was about to leave. He woke Cowles, who was sleeping alone in the couple's bedroom.[18][49][50] However, Gately's solicitor and family friend, Gerald Kean, insisted Cowles was the one who found Gately's body.[48] Spanish police were alerted at 1:45 pm by Cowles, after he had tried to revive Gately.[51] Gately was squatting in an awkward position on the sofa, dressed in his pyjamas. Police said they had no reason to believe the death was related to abuse of substances such as drugs or alcohol and no suicide note or signs of violence were found on his body.[51] Gerald Kean, acting as spokesman for the Gately family, said that foul play and suicide had been ruled out, describing it as "just a tragic accident".[52] It was Kean, Gately's solicitor throughout his career, who informed Ronan Keating that Gately had died.[43]

Gately's bandmates flew to Majorca on 11 October 2009;[53] Walsh was expected to join them soon after. The remaining members of Boyzone, Keith Duffy, Michael Graham, Ronan Keating and Shane Lynch, issued a joint statement:

We are completely devastated by the loss of our friend and brother, Stephen. We have shared such wonderful times together over the years and were all looking forward to sharing many more. Stephen was a beautiful person in both body and spirit. He lit up our lives and those of the many friends he had all over the world. Our love and sympathy go out to Andrew and Stephen's family. We love you and will miss you forever, 'Steo'.[54]

A post-mortem and toxicology tests took place on 13 October and this examination showed that Gately died of natural causes.[46] He died as a result of a congenital heart defect.[55] Toxicology also confirmed the statement by Gately's partner Cowles that he had been smoking cannabis that evening.[56][57]

On 16 October, accompanied by the four remaining members of Boyzone,[58] his body was brought from Majorca to Dublin where his funeral took place at the Church of St Laurence O'Toole the following day.[59][60][61][62] The four surviving members of Boyzone maintained an overnight vigil in the church the night before.[63][64] Thousands of fans, celebrities and politicians were in attendance at the funeral.[65] Fans had travelled from as far as Nottingham, South Africa and Taiwan to attend the funeral.[66][67][68] He was cremated in a private ceremony later that afternoon.[69][70] Gately's coffin was carried into and out of the church by his bandmates,[71] and during the service Ronan Keating gave an emotional eulogy, during which he broke down several times and apologised to the congregation.[72][73] Keith Duffy reminisced on the early days: "He told Louis [Walsh] he was 5ft 7in. When he auditioned for The Hobbit later on, he said he was 5ft 3in. But he was a true giant of a man".[68] Michael Graham said Gately had only told him the previous week how much he loved Cowles, adding: "When he came out, he finally became himself".[68] The funeral clashed with the wedding of a niece of Bertie Ahern and several of her guests defected to the funeral instead.[74]

Fans responded with messages of sympathy on Twitter and Facebook.[75][76] Thousands of pounds have been donated by fans to a Stoke-based children's charity which Gately had endorsed.[31] Searches for "Stephen Gately" was said to have "risen exponentially" and remained at the top for several days after the singer's death[77][78] and was later confirmed as being the most searched for topic on Google's UK site in 2009.[79] The search term "Boyzone" also ranked highly, being separated from "Stephen Gately" only by second-placed searches for "Nobel Peace Prize" following a controversial award to US President Barack Obama.[78] Boyzone's record catalogue was propelled back into the music charts.[8] The single "No Matter What", on which Gately is a prominent vocalist, received heavy play on radio.[29]

Boyzone manager Louis Walsh is quoted as saying: "We're all absolutely devastated. I'm in complete shock. I was only with him on Monday at an awards ceremony. We don't know much about what's happened yet. I only heard after The X Factor (UK television talent show on which Walsh is a judge) and we will rally around each other this week. He was a great man."[75][80] Walsh dropped out of the live results show of The X Factor on 11 October 2009 as a direct result of Gately's death.[53][81][82] Simon Cowell addressed the issue at the start of the programme.[53] He said: "This is really, really tragic news I want to send out my condolences to the family, our thoughts are with Louis".[83] That edition of the show attracted an "absolutely huge" audience which was said to have been seeking updates on the singer's death.[84] Walsh also was absent from the second week of The X Factor which coincided with Gately's funeral,[21][85][86]—later commenting: "I never want to watch the show at home again. I've been shouting at the TV all night"[87]—at which Walsh was too upset to speak.[88] My First Time, a stage show which was set to star bandmember Keith Duffy, was cancelled entirely.[89] Duffy, Graham, Keating and Lynch had memorial "76 09" tattoos (Gately's birth and death years) engraved on their bodies when they brought Gately's body home.[90][91][92]

Irish boy band Westlife said: "We are, like everyone else, in shock today. We met Stephen Gately back in 1998 when we first started out and since then had the pleasure of meeting him many times. Himself and the Boyzone lads paved the way for us as a band. Our thoughts are with Andy and the rest of his family, his friends, his legions of fans and of course his bandmates Keith, Mikey, Shane and Ronan who will be devastated at the loss of a truly beautiful person.".[93] Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern said: "It's so sad. Boyzone and Stephen, they've all been part of Irish life and far wider than that, the last 15 years, and so successful, so it's a huge, huge tragedy. He was 33 years of age, 15 years at the top, a fine musician, it's just a huge tragedy to Irish entertainment, Irish music and further afield as well".[94] Minister for Arts, Sport and Tourism Martin Cullen paid tribute: "Stephen Gately was a gifted young man with a talent for singing which brought him tremendous success as a member of Boyzone and also as a West End star. There was a joy about his music making, and his death at such a young age is both a personal and professional loss".[94] Andrew Lloyd Webber said it is "a great loss to the musical world".[95] Elton John said he and his partner David Furnish were "stunned" when they heard the news.[94] Katherine Jenkins twittered of "memories 2 cherish" from a night out in the weeks leading up to his death.[94] Stephen Fry described Gately's demise as "a dreadful shock".[94] "This was not supposed to happen. This was not in the script", said music historian Paul Gambaccini.[96]

UK television personality Paul O'Grady said he was "haunted" by Gately's death and based his decision to move back to ITV from Channel 4 on a phone call with Louis Walsh during which they discussed Gately's death.[97] Bono later paid tribute to Gately during U2's U2 360° Tour worldwide concerts.[98][99]

Daily Mail article
An article by Jan Moir in the Daily Mail on 16 October 2009 claimed: "Healthy and fit 33-year-old men do not just climb into their pyjamas and go to sleep on the sofa, never to wake up again. Whatever the cause of death is, it is not, by any yardstick, a natural one." She suggested that drugs and a "dangerous lifestyle" were to blame for Gately's death.[100]

Moir's article resulted in over 25,000 complaints to the Press Complaints Commission (PCC) that day,[101][102][103][104] causing its site to crash for several hours.[105] Derren Brown and Stephen Fry used Twitter to front an online campaign against the Daily Mail and Jan Moir throughout the afternoon and a Facebook page was set up urging followers to complain to the brands whose advertisements featured alongside the article.[105] Fry wrote, "I gather a repulsive nobody writing in a paper no one of any decency would be seen dead with has written something loathesome and inhumane".[106] Brown wrote, "If Gateley's [sic] passing causes today's kind of gutter-journalism to be held to account, we can perhaps take that as a tribute".[107] Father Ted and The IT Crowd writer Graham Linehan called for a complete boycott of the Daily Mail, tweeting "Which brands advertise in the Mail? Are they aware of Jan Moir's piece?...what are they going to do about it?".[108] Details of companies with advertisements on the same web page as Moir's article were posted on a specially established Facebook page named "The Daily Mail should retract Jan Moir's hateful, homophobic article".[102] According to The Guardian details about where Moir lived were posted on the Internet and a false rumour that the Daily Mail had reported Cowles as Gately's murderer was repeated on Twitter.[102]

The matter became serious enough for retailer Marks & Spencer to request the newspaper to remove an advertisement for its services from anywhere near the vicinity of the article, with the company issuing a statement which read: "Marks & Spencer does not tolerate any form of discrimination".[109] Nestlé also disassociated themselves with the article, saying Moir's words contradicted the company's values of "mutual respect and tolerance, regardless of culture, religion or nationality".[105] The company's Nescafé brand was featured alongside the article.[105]

The Daily Mail then removed all advertising from the online version of the article.[105] The publication also attempted to alter the original headline but this succeeded only in provoking the public further.[110] Moir responded to the controversy by criticising what she claimed was "clearly a heavily orchestrated internet campaign" and said it was "mischievous in the extreme to suggest that my article has homophobic and bigoted undertones".[103][111][112]

The Guardian's Charlie Brooker, whilst "struggling to absorb the sheer scope of [Moir's] hateful idiocy", accused her of "dancing" on Gately's grave before he had even been buried.[113] Caitlin Moran of The Times said the article was "vile".[114] The editor of UK gay magazine Attitude questioned why Moir linked Gately's death with the recent suicide of the former partner of comedian Matt Lucas, asking "If that's not homophobic, what is homophobia?"[115] The Daily Telegraph's Damian Thompson said "Moir's reputation is in tatters this evening".[116] The PCC contacted the Gately family and investigated if they had received a formal complaint from them, but stated they were not in a position to act directly on complaints from members of the public.[105] A PCC spokesman said "We're trying to work out what the complaints are. Offensiveness is not within the remit of the PCC – we deal with accuracy and intrusion."[117] However, the column featured only in the British version of the newspaper, being removed from the Irish Mail and replaced instead by positive tributes to the singer's life.[108] According to Sky News, the Gatelys "are aware of the article, they have not read it, they will not read it, but they know what is contained in it and they know the sentiment" and "are just very, very disappointed".[115]

In Ireland itself, former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern said, "Some of the [British] papers were waiting to write some sensational piece about him [...] I can never understand why people just don't leave things simple" and one radio station owner, who called on people to write to the Mail to express their disagreement, commented, "We are all very very insulted by that coverage. [...] I certainly hope the Irish people force that newspaper's editor to apologise for the great hurt caused by that article".[118] Scotland Yard received a complaint.[34][119][120][121] Gately's record company also issued a complaint to the PCC.[122][123][124][125] The PCC did not uphold the complaint, stating: "It found the article caused some offence but there was insufficient evidence it breached the law." Tony Connell, CPS London complex casework lawyer, said: "In coming to this conclusion I have paid particular attention to Article 10 of the Human Rights Act which protects individuals' freedom of expression. It is an established legal principle that this freedom applies equally to information and ideas that are favourably received as to those which offend, shock and disturb. Though the complainants and many others found this article offensive, this does not make its publication unlawful."


Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.
~UN Declaration of Human Rights

So shut the fuck up with your wimpy crying "muh hate speech feelz" bullshit and "political correctness" bullshit. Oh, sorry. I didn't mean to make you cry again. :roll:

As a bonus to this post, I add the following.

Then when dirty muslim terrorists rape over 1400 innocent White schoolgirls, no-one gives a shit - including the dirty jew's dirty social army, AKA police/authorities.

When dirty muslim terrorists do other terrorism against hundreds or thousands of innocent White people in various ways, no-one gives a shit - including the dirty jew's dirty social army, AKA police/authorities. Instead, they love them and welcome them, support them and want to integrate them, with their large families of children, at our expense, while they refuse to have large families themselves.

Furthermore, they call White schools in White UK "too White".

Furthermore again, the dirty jew's dirty social army, AKA police/authorities go on twitter immediately after a terror attack, supporting and defending the dirty muslims, saying if anyone says anything against them, they will be done for it.

Furthermore for a third time, they sing Don't Look Back in Anger, like fucked-up retards.

Don't Look Back in Anger towards my "freedom of speech/expression" when you Don't Look Back in Anger to all of the anti-White shit happening against Whites, you anti-White Whites who need to die. Neither should you do that and be a crybaby about it, nor should I be in trouble about it. Fawlty Towers and Monty Python star John Cleese said openly to hang Juncker*, yet he's not in trouble for that actual call to violence/threat/danger/execution.

See also - my @Le_CRIF thread for more.

Me saying this which make your feelz have a sad, telling you to shut up and calling you a retard, is not "illegal", no matter how sadz you want to be; and if it were "illegal", then that would be testament to both the lack of priorities floating about, and to how pathetic you have become...which, for both of those points, the testament is big enough already.

Didn't that journalist say about a hectic lifestyle and narcotic use? Didn't people choose to be "muh chozen hurtz feelz" about it, regarding anti-homosexuality? People...or sheeple...choose to be offended. They choose to infer what they pre-fer. Notice that. Like attracts like. They infer what they pre-fer. ("god", I'm starting to sound like a christian preacher.) Just StFU and grow up, some balls (or ovaries...), and some hair on your chest. Did that offend you? Well, StFDown, then. :roll: Oh, the male/female reference offended you? Good. Get over it. There are things which have actual importance, other than what they chose, decided what someone said, despite evidence of celebritism being a shit lifestyle for so many of them.

As a side note, I wouldn't be surprised if, and I would expect it to happen that, a lot of things are just trolling stupid people because they choose to be offended and upset about unimportant, idiotic things. Similar to how publicity stunts work. You are-- actually, I'll ask you - are you such an easy target?... At this point I'd might as well also refer you to my thread about "muh feelz".

For those of you who are not new, you should know that energy is amazing and has many uses. n00bs might not understand that as well or as much, but that thread should help you to realise a bit or a lot about it in another way or multiple ways.

Don't you suppose "smoked out of the closet", or cupboards as they're called in English, is more a direct anti-homosexual offence, than 'hectic, narcotic-use lifestyle'? What does it mean, in some parts of the Universe, 'to smoke' - and while regarding "fags"? A fag is a cigarette, but in jewmerican, a fag is a homosexual. In English, a fag is also like a joey, skivvy, a servant boy that school prefects had, who also included sexual favours. To "smoke" means to have a cigarette, yet to "smoke a fag", while in English means to have a cigarette, in jewmerican, means to attack/shoot/kill a homosexual. So why is 'a hectic lifestyle and narcotic use' fuckingly fucking offensive regarding a gay singer, but "smoked out of the closet", regarding a gay singer, not?

Allow me to be waycist and use some of Stevie Wonder's lyrics a bit differently -

For once in your life
please use your fucking brain
You never know just what it might do

There's also a saying - "if you had a brain, you'd be dangerous", so please, please do be careful, mmm'K? We don't want you to strain yourself or pull a muscle or dislocate your neck, or anything...

Your emotions cloud your thinking. Your brain is drifting ashore in the ocean (reference to Water sign) of your emotions. In other words - think with your brain and not with your emotions. Emotions are good, of course - they are vital, and can be used in Magick, if you so wish, but you must think with your brains and not with your emotions.

The media and entire "system" is designed, at least in some ways and contexts, to rape your emotions to the extreme. "Political correctness" is just "muh feelz" and "muh holoco$t feelz". Emotions are powerful energies. It's all foreign/for an (notice the sounds - foreign...for an...) agenda; indeed, the agenda is foreign, it is alien; it does not belong here. The alien agenda of the jew who lacks Humanity, who lacks emotions, having experimented, 'psycholigised', and learned about us uses our emotions to the extreme against us. I said in HP Mageson666's thread "Evil" that that nun is a grey, practically. Not literally, but she'd might as well be.

If you Don't Look Back in Anger that muslim terrorists raped, murdered, and destroyed White people, culture, etc., but rather want to bend over for them, but you cry at me calling you a retard and telling you to shut the fuck up, then you either need to find some priorities and then put them in order, or failing that you do need to die, you Race-traitor. You won't be missed.

Did I just upset you again? Good. You care less than I do, but you think with your emotions, instead of with your brain; therefore, you can't understand why you care less than I do.

These days, people/sheeple are weak and pathetic. Anything makes them cry, whoch causes them to "escape" to their "safe place". Previously, saying things was what happened. These days, saying anything offends every idiot. What about in the future? I'll let you think about that one...

As I said above - "In accordance with 'the law'." So they say a thing, then they change it be "defining" it. Go cry somewhere else.

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