About Satan In Finnish Bibles

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About Satan In Finnish Bibles

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The Finnish word Perkele is after the arrival of Christianity synonymous with Satan/the Devil (and as we know, before that). Some researchers say that Perkele is the name of Ukko, the god of thunder and the head god in Finnish paganism. The name is also related to the Baltic Perkons/Perkunas and Slavic Perun, among others. The Finnish word ”piru” which means ”devil” is also of the same root.

What is revealing is that the Finnish translation of the Bible, until a 1992 translation, used "Perkele" as a "translation" for the Greek word ”diabolos” (however "Satanas" itself was translated as "Saatana") It couldn't get any more in your face than that though, openly calling the Gentile God the ”devil”, using His own name.

”Perkele” is also the most used swear word in Finnish. Of course it is considered a swear word only due to the church. Another similarly used one is Saatana (Satan). A quote about Perkele from wiki:
It has a history of being used as a curse: a cry for the god for strength. It still is a common curse word in vernacular Finnish. To a Finn, the word entails seriousness and potency that more lightly used curses lack. Also, when the Research Institute for the Languages of Finland held a popular contest to nominate the "most energizing" word in the Finnish language, one of the suggestions was Perkele because "it is the curse word that gave the most strength for the reconstruction of Finland after the wars."
Energizing and giving strength? To me, that sounds like an extremely positive ”swear word”. Well of course, we're calling our real God.

I mostly wanted to write this to other Finnish SS. A rather blatant and simple way to show Christians how they just took our Gods and turned them to evil monsters and such.
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Re: About Satan In Finnish Bibles

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Christians at it again. Perkeleen Perkele!
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Re: About Satan In Finnish Bibles

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I played a game named "Control: and there is one character there named Ahti who uses that word a lot. He is Finnish.

One of the soundtracks in game is called "Take Control" performed by group called "Old Gods of Asgard". Quite symbolic. :)
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