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Post by National-Satanist »

I found a link for the archive of a old JoS’s forum. This forum has a amazing content!

http://web.archive.org/web/201612280125 ... phpbb.com/
“Melhor viver um dia de leão, do que cem anos de cordeiro.” –Benito Mussolini
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Post by SouthernWhiteGentile »

Thanks for that I have looked for the old forum before but couldn’t find it.

I saw this post by HP HC and want to know if anyone has this documentary? I have never even heard anyone here talk about this video.

https://web.archive.org/web/20161105171 ... 17012.html

The Rise to Power of the Fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, the National Socialists and WW2 - all of it, in ONE documentary, without jewish filthy garbage, lies and propaganda that has been written by paranoid yids for centuries.

This is 4 hours long so prepare a lot of popcorn and fun.

This is also the medicine for all the "Christiandoomers" and other naive and uneducated ones still who believe the hebrew myth of a "Christian" 3rd Reich that was borne out of prayer to some jewish Rabbi or other excrement like this. The 3rd Reich was 666% Pagan, and all proof and evidence is within this documentary. Also, the savagery of the Jewish USSR is also arrayed in its Talmudic and Torah nature as well. This is what the USSR was. Jewish Biblical law implemented on reality.

With so many jewish lies, censorship, and endless slander, we can honestly say that after Satan, the Gods, and Adolf Hitler, Heinrich Himmler is literally one of the most defamed and misunderstood men in history. He was an extremely noble, spiritual natured person, and he was definitely one the Greatest Satanists of his century and in the whole history of the world.

This slander and outright paranoia of the Jews has also become "Law" in the literal hard sense of the word. To where now for instance my other Documentary (The Exit the Jewtrix) got nuked by "legal complaints" by actual and real persons and can therefore no longer be watched in Europe because it conflicts with "State Law". This was NOT a copyright infringement.

There is no question as to (((Who))) did this thing obviously. The documentary was amassing a steady of 100 viewers from all over the world since the day it was published. Many of them from America and Europe, but also from many other countries. As many of you know, the jews have been gradually turning State law into Talmudic law and a second Torah. Where you cannot speak your mind for any reason, especially on these 'touchy' subjects where the jews as self proclaimed gods of the planet must SOLELY talk on their own.

This Documentary is also no different, as unfortunately, it is blocked in France, Italy and Germany. I will see for a way around this. Those of you who are from these countries can find a method online to watch this. There are methods.

I worked hundreds of hours on this, editing, rendering, watching documentaries, piecing out the information into a great whole. I did this for all of you and to show the Satanic Grandmaster Himmler the honor he is endowed, while also dealing with the enemy propaganda.

Nothing else matters that people learning the TRUTH however. This is why these are made, and this is the higher purpose behind these, and also your enjoyment in having the ability to see something without a heap of jewish excrement, false jewish 'mortality', or lies.

Contact me privately [email protected]

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