Avatar Project / 2045 Initiative: The New Human in the Jew World Order

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Avatar Project / 2045 Initiative: The New Human in the Jew World Order

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I would like to add a subtitle to this, I want to call it
`1984, the Continuation`

I will post the reference of much of the herein information about the Avatar Project, although it’s not in english

During the 20th century, numerous medical experiments took place in the Soviet Russia and they had several purposes/goals:
- aging stopping or extending life as much as possible
- keeping the functionality of the vital organs outside and izolated from their bodies
- the transfer of consciousness from a human body to another human and later artificial body

These experiments were the precursors of the `Avatar Project`. Regarding the maintaining of life/functionality of the organs outside their bodies, there have been numerous experiments which consisted of organ transplants (heart, lungs, brain) and the detachment of the aforementioned organs from their bodies and keeping them alive/working using medical devices that were ensuring the necessary conditions for the detached organs to keep functioning outside and isolated from their body. The most known example here is the (in)famous experiment where the head of a dog had been completely detached from the body and kept alive with a medical device that was ensuring a constant (normal) blood circulation from the head into an external tank and back to the head and so on.

If you want to see the real uncut footage of the experiment, you can watch this clip which comes with english explanations about the experiment:

As you can see, the dog’s head reacts to external stimulus despite the fact that the head had been detached from his body.

Another known experiment was the head transplant of a dog to another dog, the result being a dog with two heads that were acting and behaving individually:

Or the reanimation/resurrection of a dead dog back to life in a few minutes after it was killed, in the same way of using external devices:


Another experiments included heart, brain or even head transplant at humans and the reanimation/ressurection of dead humans. Most likely the soviet scientists (many of which were jews, just a note), were doing such experiments on the people arrested and taken to the Siberian camps, they were killing them and reanimating them using similar methods like the ones described above. All these experiments opened the doors for the `Avatar Project` which meant the consciousness transfer from a human body to another body. Assuming that human consciousness was stored in the brain, they were hoping that by transplanting the head or a brain to another body, they will manage to transfer as well the human consciousness / personality, which did not happen as other experiments had proven that a human consciousness is not completely `stored` in the brain, but all the organs as a whole are implied in forming the consciousness / personality of an individual. For example a heart transplant had proven that the person who received the new heart started to take with some features defining the personality / consciousness of the donor, the person who had the heart before being given to the new person.

It is of notoriety that there are in Siberia areas that are strictly forbidden to any outside access, be it by air or ground. I heard that even satellites are controlled not to record images from these areas. Also I heard that there are russian cities that do not have names or terrestrial routes and can only be reached by air. Most likely in these forbidden areas and cities were built the death camps and the labs that conducted these experiments on the human and animal victims. You would probably think that once the Soviet Union collapsed, these experiments would have stopped. Well, they still take place today under the directives of the `2045 Initiative`, a community formed of scientists experts in nanotechnology, robotics, genetic engineering, neuro-engineering and so on. Not surprisingly, this community has its headquarters in Russia and it is founded and owned by a Russian billionaire that made a fortune from mass-media services (which is, fortunes from brainwashing the Russian people with typical jewish-owned mass-media manipulation).

This is their website:

If you visit it, you will see this image:

Avatar A 2015 – 2020
A robotic copy of a human body remotely controlled via BCI (Brain-Computer Interface).
From what I seen an example of brain-computer interface is that hat with plenty of wires connected to the neurologic stimulus points in the head.

Avatar B 2020-2025
An Avatar in which human brain is transplanted at the end of one’s life.
Basically they move on from the brain transplant from human to another human, to the brain transplant from human to this artificial body called Avatar. They say the goal of this is to extend our lives in those bodies, I don’t agree with this I will tell you why

Avatar C 2030-2035
An Avatar with an artificial brain in which a human personality is transferred at the end of one’s life.
It’s very similar to an Avatar B, except that it has an artificial but fully functioning brain. Now they have to `download` and `store` the human consciousness into a `recipient` that allows it to be installed/transferred into an artificial body / Avatar.

Avatar D 2040-2045
A hologram-like Avatar
Honestly I don’t understand what `hologram-like` Avatar means here. But in that reference that I posted at the beginning, the guest is discussing all these points and he said about the holographic Avatar that it is a human consciousness transferred in a microchip and then connected at a computer network.

Therefore, this scientific community is nothing else but the successor of the infamous soviet human and animal experiments meant to manifest their agenda of enslaving humanity.

In that reference that I posted at the beginning they say that in the movie `The Lawnmower Man, (1992)` is described such a computer network. This is exactly what HP Mageson 666 meant by `Internet of all things`, is a global network of computers that will allow the remote control of all brain microchips that will contain the ID of their carriers. Also this network will be able to manipulate/modify the mood of the chip carriers as it was proved by a chinese experiment where a microchip was drilled in the brain of a drug addict as a `cure` for addiction. The doctor was modifying the subject’s mood from the computer and the subject was declaring that he feels sad or happy according to the computer commands.
https://ancient-forums.com/viewtopic.ph ... 17&p=80212

I told you on the Avatar B that I do not agree with the claim that the transfer of consciousness is meant for life extension. The jews have no interest in extending our lives. I think that what they want is the following:

The jews want to turn humanity into a `population` of artificial Avatars impregnated with a human consciousness that will be fully controlable by microchips connected on the global control network / the Internet of all things

This plan is described even in the bible, which proves that it is thousands of years old. This is what the jews have been created for, to act on behalf of the reptilians on Earth to turn humanity into fully controllable slaves. This is what torah was meant for.

“There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is no male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus.” — Galatians 3:28

`All are one in Christ Jesus` means the following: after the mesianic war that would decimate the world population, all the remaining humans will be microchipped and controlled into an orwellian global state, this is why they will be one, because they will all be connected to the global control grid and they will not have any individual consciousness anymore, they will all have one mind. With vaccines the jews will make sure that humans won’t be able to reproduce anymore. After the remaining people will die, the `human consciousness` will be impregnated into Avatars which will be cloned and most likely the avatars will be fully disposable and won’t have any human `needs`. All will look the same, there will be no diversity anymore, this is why the bible verse say that there won’t be any jew or greek, slave or free and male or female. They want to `download` the human consciousness from a living human, `store` it somewhere and then install it intro an Avatar, a artificial body which looks and imitate the human body. But it will be `soulless`. The scientists are already able to create artificial human tissues, blood vessels, cells and other things, the actual technology if it doesn’t allow yet, it will allow soon the printing of human organs at the 3D printer, organs which will work exactly like the real ones. It is just a matter of time until they will be able to create and clone Avatars identical in structure and look with the human body. By installing a human consciousness in these Avatars, they will then be animated/brought to life and fully controlled with microchips. Apparently this is what the soviet experiments of reanimating dead animal and human bodies were meant for. This Avatars will be all controlled by the global control network / the Internet of all things.

Now I want to ask you, maybe some of you can speak from your own experience, don’t you think that the Greys are exactly the same? Artificial bodies that lack any individual consciousness and are completely controlled by microchips. These `greys` are different to what their race used to be before being enslaved and microchipped. They might be exactly as described above, Avatars that look identical that don’t have any reproduction possibility or natural need, but were made just to execute the microchip commands from the global control network which is probably placed on the planet where they used to live, planet turned into a camp full of slaves that only work and use the planet resources for the benefit of the reptilians.

Now what are the life extending or immortality experiments meant for? They were meant for the jewish cast that will be ruling the global network of Avatars. Probably you all know that while most people die at the age of 70-80 , plenty of rich jews live easily more than 90 and up to or above 100 years. There are many examples, David Rockefeller died at nearly 102, qween Elizabeth is 94 and still living, George Soros is 90 this year and he’s still able to carry on his plans for world damnation and so on. There are definitely still going experiments that will allow the jews to reach even immortality in their physical bodies by technological means. If not, they will keep reproducing to perpetuate their cast as they did until now.

This is the way where this planet will go if we don’t stop the jews, I think it’s more than obvious that the science is advancing in that way. For example on the website of 2045 Initiative is stated clearly that there is a $10 million prize for whoever manage to invent a robot-avatar than can be remotely controlled from at least 100 km (62 miles) away.
They keep researching how they can improve and advance as much as possible these Avatars and how can they be controlled from the global control grid.

For ignorants this may sound like conspiracy theories, it is pure science. Everything wrote here is either proven, either being researched and developed scientifically for tens of years by the most intelligent minds of the planet, all under the control of the jews who pay them salaries of tens of thousands of dollars per month and luxurious lives in exchange of using their intelligence for the jewish agenda. They say on their website that Avatars will open new opportunities, will be host for our consciousness after our body is nearly dead to `extend` our life in a `healthy` body and that by 2045 we might be able to attain immortality. These are just lies meant to manipulate and brainwash the population to accept the idea of artificial bodies/avatars to be installed with our consciousness. I wanted to tell you to keep this in mind in the following years when the mass-media would have started to go rampant about what a technological revolution will launch these Avatars and how much they will extend human life, but most likely all these reptilian plans for world domination will collapse. Anyway, I wanted to tell you what can happen if we don’t free ourselves from the jewish tyranny. Their own ancient writings state that Satan will destroy torah, which is their blueprint to conquer this planet, by teaching gentiles how to reverse the torah curses, which we do today with the Final RTR.

HAIL SATAN and all our GODS
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Re: Avatar Project / 2045 Initiative: The New Human in the Jew World Order

Post by SouthernWhiteGentile »

LOL Jews think they can escape Satan by becoming psuedo-immortal. I remember years ago Alex Jones talked about how this was their plan to become transhuman with machines. What happens if there is an EMP how does these bodies stay alive? RTR kills their soul anyway.
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Re: Avatar Project / 2045 Initiative: The New Human in the Jew World Order

Post by Aquarius »

Not gonna lie, those dog videos made me feel extremely uneasy.
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Re: Avatar Project / 2045 Initiative: The New Human in the Jew World Order

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SouthernWhiteGentile wrote:E.M.P.
You do realize in military and industrial areas of the World they often use EMP hardened electronic equipment.

While hardening costs money, one of the reasons why civilian electronics aren't hardened. In applications whereby electronic is mass-produced and sold for high profit or manufactured in small batches but sold for high profit as well. Hardening is often used in these applications.

It's a shame E.M.P. hardening isn't sold for every electronic one E.M.P. and woosh! everything is gone. Same with ECC/CRC with memory products, people don't realize 90% of the civilian R.A.M.(I believe H.D.D. and S.S.D.s are internally checked but the final product might not come out checked) are not error corrected nor cyclic redundant checked thus the background radiation of space promotes errors. For civilian application while true that it doesn't matter for the most part should still be looked at with reasonable protection. Funny thing it's just financial divide, "Oh because they are civies they don't need military-industrial grade protection". Even though funny enough marketing wise it makes more money due to marketing behind the product.

Civilian memory both static and random memory products often have these errors behind them that accumulate though most civilians would not run into the error for the most part it's still nice to have the error eliminated. Hell I wouldn't be surprised if these errors promote software rot or bit rot, thus reducing the software effectiveness even creating errors that make the compute run slower or worse errors that create crashes and loss of data.
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Re: Avatar Project / 2045 Initiative: The New Human in the Jew World Order

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Aquarius wrote: Not gonna lie, those dog videos made me feel extremely uneasy.
Yea that's why I didn't put screenshots here, maybe there are members who don't want to see them...
SouthernWhiteGentile wrote: LOL Jews think they can escape Satan by becoming psuedo-immortal. I remember years ago Alex Jones talked about how this was their plan to become transhuman with machines. What happens if there is an EMP how does these bodies stay alive? RTR kills their soul anyway.
Yes thanks to the RTRs they will fail and all this plan will collapse. I really hope all these creepy experiments to go public after the jews are fully exposed, so everybody will see what they have been planning for humanity.
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Re: Avatar Project / 2045 Initiative: The New Human in the Jew World Order

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After watching all of those YouTube vids. I clicked on the, 'Russian Sleep Experiment.' YouTube video.

So the Soviets apparently, took five prisoners of war and did a sleep experiment on them.

The Nazis they purport gave their soldiers some drug to keep them awake during the war.

And the Russians had developed a gas that would keep their own soldiers awake for days on end.

Anyway the Russian researchers put the five prisoners of war into a room with this gas that would keep them awake.

The experiment was supposed to keep them awake for 30 days.

The first five days were okay but then the prisoners got very dark and negative in their discussions. Then they went paranoid from each other.

Long story short the experiment went too far. At 15 days of no sleep they hadn't eaten any foods supplied after eating until the 5th day. But they had been ripping their own flesh off and eating it.

One of them said they are the madness that a person puts aside when they go to sleep. So if a person stays awake too long they will become a masochistic self cannibalistic lunatic.
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