Radionic,psionic,psychtronic machine

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Radionic,psionic,psychtronic machine

Postby SSDF » Tue Oct 03, 2017 9:40 pm

What do you think about radionic machine? Psionic, psychotronic machine.

Can we influence the ether with him?

I built my own radionic device (from a plastic box, copper, copper wire, antenna, quartz crystals, one usb and one jack 3.5).

I feel really tired near him. And my states change (depending on which song they run through it - i run RIV's, rune, affirmations, RIFE frequency sounds and more through radionic machine).

I plug radionic machine into the PC (i connect the jack and USB jack) and run sounds is transmitted through radio waves, but you can not hear it with your ears.

Sometimes I can not meditate with him. I have to disconnect it. Confuses me.

This is an example of a device:



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Re: Radionic,psionic,psychtronic machine

Postby _Viktor_ » Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:49 pm

Highly interesting subject which I have zero expertise in.
Only have heard about these devices in a video on youtube where the SovietUnion's supposed experiments were discussed... like killing somebody in the next appartment by putting such devices onto the walls.

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Re: Radionic,psionic,psychtronic machine

Postby SSDF » Thu Oct 05, 2017 5:00 pm

Yeah, I knos this stuff. And it really happens. It's like putting someone in the microwave.
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Re: Radionic,psionic,psychtronic machine

Postby anonymous666 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:42 pm

The information you provided is limited. We cant say anything. Can you please provide us with what's inside that plastic box for us to comment. You can surely open it if possible without damaging it and send its circuit drawn or any specific coil in this one or atleast of which brand it is so as some info can be gathered. I personally was gonna make a device like this having a rodin coil. As per a post on advanced meditations i read manay radionic machines run @7.83hz which is earth resonance and a Satanist's frequency is already above it so its useless.

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Re: Radionic,psionic,psychtronic machine

Postby anonymous666 » Sat Oct 07, 2017 1:52 pm

I have copy pasted this on forums from that yahoo groups post i posted links.
Satanists who read and found to be interesting my posts and/or recent
rough articles that mention or discuss "vibration" and "frequency
differential" should find the following illuminating...

Someone passed information on to me regarding EMF protection. I
followed up on this and began using the following associated product:

EarthCalm Scalar Resonator

The EarthCalm Scalar Resonator is our maximum strength product. It
incorporates scalar technology in conjunction with the EarthCalm
grounding circuits based on sacred geometry. The Scalar Resonator is
twice as long as the regular Resonator and is equivalent in power to
two Resonators.

A scalar wave is generated whenever one wave is matched in frequency
and amplitude by another wave such that they cancel each other out.
But the result is not zero, but rather another dimension is
activated, called magnitude, which can also be compared to gravity.
A biological example of scalar grounding is when the left and right
sides of a person's nervous system are exactly balanced, (the
person's spine is straight). Such a person will be less impacted by
EMFs than other people with various spinal twists.

The Scalar Resonator is too strong for most people at the beginning.
Most people will feel dizzy and then have an experience of too much
energy coming into their body as they ground into the earth. If you
have health problems it might be better to start with the Scalar
Immune System Regenerator and then, if you desire personal
protection, purchase the Scalar Resonator.

Note "vibration and frequency" as discussed below.
Note "earth" vibration and "earth resonance"...
Note resonant frequency and wave patterns...

How do EarthCalm products work?

All circuits within the Resonator and the Home Protector are tuned to
the Schumann Resonance or the earth vibration and thus allow for a
more powerful resonance to be set between the human body and the

EarthCalm products however do not contain batteries; they do not
actually emit any set frequency. Rather they are created so as to
allow for the wearer to more finely tune their own frequency to the
earth vibration as it is being generated at any moment in time. As
such they are earth resonance tuners. (See question on geometric

In 1952 the physicist W. O. Schumann discovered that the space
between the crust of the earth and the ionosphere created a cavity
like a musical instrument. (Visualize a sphere and now visualize a
smaller sphere within the first sphere. The space between the two
spheres is the musical instrument or resonating cavity.)

Schumann discovered that within this cavity an electromagnetic field
(EMF), powered by lightening strikes, oscillates at a resonant
frequency (7.8 -8.0) that is identical to optimal functioning of
human brain waves In 1978 Robert Beck discovered that individuals of
many different religious backgrounds all had similar alpha brain wave
patterns between 7.8 and 8.0 Hz during meditation, which, he
suggests, is resonant to the earth vibration. Therefore this
vibration might be imagined as a radio station that provides a type
of wave guide to awareness and optimal functioning.

Note "resonance", "frequency", "vibrating system", "earth vibration"
and "grounding" as discussed below.

What is resonance?

EarthCalm Products utilize the physical law of resonance. Resonance
is created when one frequency rises or lowers to come into rest with
another frequency. Once resonance is established, energy can be
transferred from one vibrating system to another, as when an opera
singer is able to break a glass at a distance when her vibrating
voice establishes resonance with the vibrations of the glass.

EarthCalm circuitry when worn on the body or introduced into the AC
system of a home strengthens the resonance between the person's
nervous system and the earth vibration. The increase in resonance
between you and the earth allows greater energy flow/information as
well as the grounding or dissipation of chaotic or AC induced
currents into the earth.

As mentioned or implied in some of my previous posts, I have been
experiencing increases in levitivity, mental lucidity and overall
bliss. Following the use of Scalar Resonator, "which establishes
relative resonance with earth vibration", [over the past few days] I
specifically noted a **pronounced** gradual decline in levitivity and
mental lucidity [and therefore, also, a decline in charisma,
communicative ability, and blissful being, etc.]. And so I ceased
using the product. "Potential" positives were balancing effects,
which "might" benefit physical health or balancing within the main 7
chakra circuit only at relative earth vibration, but I cannot confirm
this and am only speculating. Following discontinuation, I have
rebounded and noted some levitivity ground regained and returning
mental lucidity. My immune system and protection chi are at their
strongest to date.

This leads me to conclude that my assertions, some intuitive,
regarding vibration and frequency differential are indeed valid. This
time round, my Soul has typically been of a slightly higher vibration
than "earth-bound vibration". That is my belief, and at present,
through spiritual work, "both" Soul "and" Body have shifted
significantly towards higher vibration, Body seeking relative
resonance with ascending Soul vibration and pushed in this direction
through training. When there is "frequency differential" between Body
and Soul (and perhaps others factors like earth's vibrations, and
it's people, etc., add interference), I experience decline in mental
lucidity. In earlier youth, [as mentioned above] my Soul was always a
little higher than earth vibration and Body was probably relatively
resonant with earth vibration. This was the "frequency differential"
that Enlil associated with my "fluctuating mental lucidity" at the

In light of observations made during and following the usage of
Scalar Resonator, I now assert that I have subjective experience that
could be objectively verified through the subjective experiences of
other Spiritual Satanists, experience that validates my assertions
pertaining to vibration and frequency differential. The Satanist
DOES "move at higher vibration". The higher We elevate, the more
illicit we become.


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Re: Radionic,psionic,psychtronic machine

Postby Poweredbythesun » Fri May 04, 2018 9:58 pm

Interesting, I'll have do do research on a device to amplify one's aura and vibration faster than normal. I'll update if I find anything of use that may yield such a device :)
Praise the sun!

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