The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

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The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Arcadia »

First off, I’d like to say that a few spectators in countries outside Australia have tried to dismiss this whole event as “well, bushfires happen in Australia every year, who cares?” To be sure, every summer we do have seasonal bushfires. I can reliably say however, there’s never been anything like this before.

As a matter of fact, several Aboriginal Elders were asked for their thoughts on the current bushfire crisis, and they all said the same thing. That their entire oral history, passed down through thousands of years, had never spoken of a fire catastrophe quite like this. Personally, after how severe the drought we’ve just had, I’d almost begin to speculate the existence of atmosphere weaponry spoken of in other sermons, back during the California wildfires.

With that said, there’s still a multitude of reasons for why this has happened, and I’ll explain without the shilling you’d get elsewhere, as a citizen of this nation. The inner workings of Australia aren’t all too well known to outsiders, so I figured it’d be important information to inform others how these fires are ultimately the work of the enemy, with some background history.

First off, Australia’s current ruling political party is the Liberal Party. For my American counterparts, don’t let this confuse you. The Australian Liberal Party, as a matter of fact, is our rightwing party, as they have a political majority coalition with the Australian Nationals Party, an even more supposed rightwing party. Our mainstream lefty party is the Australian Labour Party, who have a coalition with the Greens Party, who are environment-obsessed hard lefties.

This is all important to note, as it sets the context for exactly what has happened in Australia the last several years. Let it be stated I’m no fan of the left, or the Labour Party. In the grand scheme of things, there’s only independent parties potentially worth voting for, and in the Commonwealth system of government, these parties will never really have any truly meaningful power. To fully explain everything about the bushfires to non-Australians, I’ll take a moment to explain our recent history. It’ll seem off-topic at first, but you’ll quickly begin to understand. Warning, this'll be a long read, as it took me two hours to compile and write.

To begin, Australia was ranked the most livable country in the world outside Norway as of 2008. I can safely say, we were one of the luckiest countries in the world in many regards. Our education standards were decent, as was our quality of living due to adequate social programs and a relatively low population which made such things function. This however, was not to last. As of then our country has sunk dozens of places down in every regard. Things like internet connectivity, social services, education, and standards of living, every index has plummeted, and plummeted hard. Our digital relevancy, our internet standards and our technological progress is now quite literally, below third world.

How did this happen? Back in 2004, the last time the Liberal Party was in power, the Prime Minister at the time was John Howard, who foreigners may remember for more or less being George Bush’s lapdog post-9/11. He’s a Prime Minister beloved by the older generations, for being a conservative moneymaker who “made the country rich”. Nobody ever asked how. In reality it was simple. During this time, China was on the expansion, and John Howard had sold off many of our utilities and gas, oil and mineral reserves to them, saving little for us for the long term. To be sure, a “rich country” looked great at the time, but nobody spoke of any future consequences.

Nevertheless, several years passed, and Australians enjoyed a reputable quality of living envied by much of the world. As of 2008 however, a media circus erupted. And this was the beginning of the end. The Labour Party, lefties that they are, mishandled a refugee crisis that occurred at the time. Migrants from Southeast Asia were arriving by the boatload, and the Liberal Party ran an immensely effective campaign aimed at scaring the nation into voting for them. Tony Abbott’s “Stop the Boats” campaign. To be sure, the boats did stop, a fact any Australian should be glad of. However, true as it may be, there was more to it than this. And given how Jew-run the Liberal Party is, one might very well theorize that the refugee problem was being engineered for this very reason, to have their kosher chosen party put to power.

The Liberal Party was, as a matter of fact, receiving support from two fronts. Jewish corporate interests, specifically the mining groups, and Rupert Murdoch. To anyone reading this, here of all places, I do not need to speak of Rupert Murdoch too in-depth. A global media mogul who controls much of the information flow in the western English speaking nations. He’s also a staunch Zionist, and a member of the Bilderberg group. The scare campaign which lead to the election of the modern day Liberal Party was designed entirely by him and his media empire. This is extremely important to note for what comes next.

Tony Abbott was our first Liberal Party Prime Minister. He was a staunch Catholic, a friend of Rupert Murdoch, and also a lifelong loyal companion of Australian Catholic Cardinal George Pell. Many of you would recognize the name George Pell, as of last year, he’s the most powerful Catholic Clergyman to ever be openly prosecuted for pedophilia related charges. To further establish the connection, one of the primary propaganda tools of the Liberal Party and Rupert Murdoch was a rich, powerful AM radio host by the name of Alan Jones. Also a close friend of Pell and Abbott. Alan Jones’ own boy-loving pedophilia is an open secret, however, he’s never been charged as of yet, in spite of actual proof existing for his crimes. Considering all the pedophilia it’d go without saying that these three losers were likely connected to Epstein in some way or another. Even better, a recent election campaign on behalf of the Liberal Party was to appease Australian Jews by vocally supporting the American Embassy movie to Jerusalem.

At long last, I can finally begin referencing the bushfires. Several years ago, there was a lot of paranoia over an inevitable bushfire catastrophe due to severe environmental mishandling of the Liberal Party under Abbott. To the Liberal Party, the environment wasn’t really anything other than an exploitable resource. In fact, when Tony Abbott was asked about the probable consequence of all the land-raping and pollution, he simply stated “God will fix it.” This was the beginning of the end.

The heralds of this event we’re experiencing now had been appearing for years. One famous sign was the death of the Great Barrier Reef. For years now, the Liberal Party has denied the death of this famous landmark, acting like everything was fine, when it clearly wasn’t.

With this out of the way, we’ll fast forward to an event that occurred just last year. The death of the Murray Darling Basin. To those not in the know, the Murray Darling is a water source in the regional countryside necessary for the existence and wellbeing of the local environment, and by extension, the wellbeing of the state itself. So when it begins drying up, and diseases begin spreading rapidly among the fish to the point millions are dying, people begin asking why. And thus begins the government’s obfuscation of the truth. Much like John Howard had sold our utilities off to China over a decade earlier, the mass sell-off of Australian resources had continued under this very same party.

See, people vote for the so-called Australian Nationals Party, and by extension, the Liberal Party, because they’re rightwing, and thus “would put Australia first.” Lies, as it turns out. As it was a National Party leader, Barnaby Joyce, who organized a backdoor sale with the Chinese Communist Government. Most of the land, and the water, was sold straight to Chinese cotton farming conglomerates, who did what the Chinese commies always do – abuse the land.

Already across New South Wales, many of our water sources were being dried up by (((agents unknown))) with millions of gallons unaccounted for. This naturally, has an effect of the local forests and bush, with the terrain growing gradually dryer and dryer. It’s no secret locally that much of Australia is literally owned by the Chinese. To echo the point, so much for rightwing. Immigration has actually doubled, maybe even tripled, under the supposed “right”. Especially from, you guessed it, China. It goes without saying that adding millions of Chinese people to the country when we barely have water enough for ourselves these days is probably not the wisest idea. Speaking for myself, depending on where I go shopping, I’ll be but one of a small handful of white people. Can’t imagine what the Aboriginals are thinking these days.

Nevertheless, the Liberal Party’s money making schemes and ownership by the Chinese became more apparent when the government began cost-cutting every department. In early 2019, the fire brigade was contacting Liberal Party Prime Minister Scott Morrison, informing him that the fire season this year was going to be the worst on record. He denied every meeting they attempted to organize with him.

Better yet, park rangers, and parks and wildlife services countrywide had their staff and budgets slashed in half or more. One 60+ year old man, alone, was trying to manage a region in NSW the size of Tasmania. Even better, the fire service themselves had their staff and budget cut in half also. The Liberal Party has tried to run a few media campaigns, shifting the blame on the irrelevant Greens Party, but nobody really bought it.

It was the perfect storm. One of the ways we manage the bushfires every year in Australia is a process called backburning. Its where we maintain controlled burns of particular regions of dead or dying bush to avoid out of control fires. More or less, none of this was done. The fire service nor the park services had the staff or the budget to perform their duties anymore. The government, as it turns out, knew full well this was coming. Dead, dried up bush as far as the eye can see. Made worse by irresponsible corporations, and then left to rot by a government too jewed to do anything about it.

They knew. And they did nothing.

In fact, they did worse than nothing. Prime Minister Scott Morrison, in the middle of the fires, went on a Hawaiian vacation. He cared that little. Mind you, volunteer firefighters were dead by that point. Thousands of homes gone. And yet, it was still time for a tropical holiday according to our leader.


He wasn’t alone. The NSW Emergency Services Minister too, also came back from holiday only a few days ago. Yeah, he’s spent the entire disaster overseas in France sipping wine.

The fires, of course, have been worse than what anyone could even have guessed.


The skies turned black and blood red in the middle of the day. Whole towns had to be evacuated to the beach, and told if the fires came, they’d have to run into the water. Thousands of people are displaced, and close to a billion animals are dead, as well as untold millions of hectares of habitat. Our koala population alone, is probably going to be half of what it was, and they were already beginning to dwindle. It’s a sad day when a national icon is soon to be extinct in the wild, in all likelihood. Other species too, have suffered greatly, and several of them after this, indeed, will no longer exist at all. Fitting, considering how often the Bible references how often YHVH enjoys his “holocaust of burnt offerings”.


Tying into that, Scott Morrison has done a big fat nothing over the course of this disaster. Much like Abbott before him, he’s another Xian lunatic. In this case, a member of the Hillsong Pentecostal cult. Over the course of this disaster, he’s offered people nothing, save for “thoughts and prayers” and a few handshakes. He even said that volunteer firefighters who are risking their lives to defend our country, do not deserve pay for their efforts, even if they’re missing out on weeks of work. It goes without saying that, given the budget cuts, and how little our leader cares, nobody is going to be receiving any degree of meaningful help for what they’ve lost.

Myself, personally, I’m going to be safe. The fires may be a half hour away, but my suburb is in a convenient location where there’s no real chance of the fire spreading here. Though, the sad reality is, pretty much all the places I’ve spent my life visiting, are gone. It hasn’t exactly sunk in yet that nowhere I know is really going to look or be the same anymore. The only hazard for me so far has been, everyone where I live is breathing in the equivalent of a packet of cigarettes a day in toxic smoke. Not great, but at least I’m still alive.


This infographic was made over a week ago, so in actuality its far worse than this, but it should give you a rough idea of the extent.

It was just two days we experienced the hottest day I’ve ever felt. 49 degrees C, which, for you Americans, is about 120F. Believe me, it’s not pleasant, especially when electricity prices in this country have skyrocketed due to the Liberal Party, once again, selling gas and coal to the Chinese, and one cannot afford to run air conditioners. Once again, I’m thankful to be safe from the fires themselves. What the Gods told the JoS is true. The end days of the enemy’s agenda in this world would be heralded by unprecedented natural disasters, and it’s certainly already a reality here.

The takeaway from this is, the fires are worse than what many foreigners know, and the reality of them, caused by our jew-ran borderline communist-owned government, is practically unknown, even to many of my countrymen. Sadly, the false dichotomy of a jewed right vs left rules here, but this illusion is quickly shattering as people gradually realize that both sides are both kosherized. Believe me though, the anti-sentiment is rising, and people are realizing the merit in smaller independent parties. We Australians are a laid back people. But eventually, even we’ll be pushed too far. ... rld_scomo/

As a final word, none of this looks good for Australia. Long term, I’d hazard a guess, and say that the ecosystem of this nation is only going to be salvageable by the Gods themselves. Before government mismanaging, its been rumored that Australia was aridifying already, the central desert growing. If the temperature keeps rising like it has been, along with a severely rising population and being jewed by the Chinese Communists, short term it may already be too late for us. 90% of this country or more is already unlivable. Perhaps it won’t be too long until the rest follows. Maybe the jew reptiles will enjoy the new climate.

Down below I’ll post a few sources. As always, do watch out for shilling, but they’ll still give a rough idea of what I’ve talked about. ... n/10873782 ... hfire_risk ... urns,13307 ... s/11282562 ... nsw-blaze/
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by HPS Shannon »

I'm wishing you the best brother. Truly.
I know the gods will ensure your safety through this, whatever happens.

And honestly, if the smoke and air quality is very compromised, invest in lung cleansers if you can. There are herbal tincture that help the lungs when exposed to pollutants.

Be well.
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Vabzir.Vonpho »

This is a very well written and informed post. You summed up everything that's going on here. I live fairly inland, the nearest fires at least 2 hours away and the smoke is so thick, you can't see 200 metres in front of you.
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by bluebow »

Thanking you for the time you put into this post. It's nice to finally read an accurate in-depth non-jewed assessment of the situation.
I'm in Aus too.
I know my family and I will be safe; Hail Satan.
Hail Satan and His Demon(ess)'s Forever.
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Norse 88 »

This is an excellent post.

I'm glad there are Australians such as yourself who truly understand what politicians and leaders are doing. It's a Jew conspiracy, and Australia IS waking up to this fact.

You're not alone, Arcadia. You've got SS countrymen!


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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Fuchs »

Arcadia wrote:.
For the air pollution get your self a respirator mask. Better to keep the pollution out of the lungs then clean it after. maybe one with carbon filter.
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Lavena »

thank you for your work brother. I will distribute it!
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Scion of Atlantis »

I may not live in Australia, but this is RTR fuel almost like no other. The enemy will not stop with Australia; they want our entire world to be unlivable. I am spamming the RTRs with great fury this week, I hope Australians do not allow the kike-controlled government to get away with this, because the time for removing these leaders from power by force came a long time ago from the sound of it.

I can confirm there's a definite media silence in the U.S about the bushfires. Even when we had the Californian fires raging, the (((media))) was quick to downplay them and leave out any mention of the long term damage being done to the ecosystem.
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Personal Growth »

Thank you for the information and I'm sorry. I suffer with Scottish weather and sometimes dreamed of moving somewhere like Australia with heat and sun. But I now realise Scotland is best for me.

Someone was saying how good it really is in Australia. That if there's a refugee boat in the sea the government will just go and sink it.

Maybe not with joos infesting everywhere.

Don't get too saddened just keep safe and be strong. You have real purpose.

Best of luck and thanks for the information on the Australian bushfires. You definitely put in effort and did good research there for us.
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by HP. Hoodedcobra666 »

I made this into an announcement as this post is extremely important, and we can distribute it now that we have the chance.

I truly wish you the best of luck. Do your aura of protection many times a day.

I have found out from being in a fire situation for many days, you may consider avoiding deep breathing or yoga and breathing exercises during thick smog, unless you have a mask. Worst care scenario, you have to absolutely use a wet towel if you plan to do this, or not at all. This is because this can cause fainting. Please take this advice seriously.

I wish you the beest.
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Mageson666 »

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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Yurei »

This image was taken in Australia. It looks just like the weapons used to start the California fires. Blatant gray/reptilian activity.
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Aquarius »

Yurei wrote:This image was taken in Australia. It looks just like the weapons used to start the California fires. Blatant gray/reptilian activity.
Or jewish activity. Keep in mind they have weather changing technology and other shit.
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Master »

Personal Growth wrote:Thank you for the information and I'm sorry. I suffer with Scottish weather and sometimes dreamed of moving somewhere like Australia with heat and sun. But I now realise Scotland is best for me.

Someone was saying how good it really is in Australia. That if there's a refugee boat in the sea the government will just go and sink it.

Maybe not with joos infesting everywhere.

Don't get too saddened just keep safe and be strong. You have real purpose.

Best of luck and thanks for the information on the Australian bushfires. You definitely put in effort and did good research there for us.
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Arcadia »

Thank you for all your kind words of support, brothers and sisters. Like I said, I am most certainly safe from any real danger, and I'm glad to see my fellow Australian SS are too, so thank the Gods for that. I'll also take all your good suggestions to heart in the event the smoke returns at any point.
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Shael »

Yurei wrote:This image was taken in Australia. It looks just like the weapons used to start the California fires. Blatant gray/reptilian activity.
Reminds me a lot of the weapon used in a certain anime that aired this year. There it was called "L'age Soleil".

Image Image Image Image
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Shittu Ur »

A similar situation happened here in Canada in Alberta a few years ago. Red beams were observed, as with this situation and the Californian disaster, further confirming that this is very much a spiteful intentional vehement assault on our planet and people using the advanced energy weapons which the general public doesn't want to believe exist. It's as other's have said, they can't control us, they can't get to us, so they are trying to destroy our homes, our very planet, the way they have so many others.

Strength to you all, brothers and sisters of Australia, to all our warriors and family! We must continue to fight! Every emotion you are feeling on these matters? Bleed them into your RTRs. I know you've heard it a million times, but it truly cannot be said enough.

We absolutely must continue to fight.
We must not waver, not even a little.
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...There will be no trial...
...Only administration of punishment...
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Artanis »

Oh noooo! BUSTEEEED! :o :lol: :lol:
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Jack »

I wanted to post here. The things HPSMaxine wrote about the cataclysmic natural disasters manifesting are coming to pass. This Austrain fire situation Is reportedly 5 times bigger than the Amazon Fire situation. Stay safe, everyone and double down on the AOP.
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Re: The Truth About the Australian Bushfires

Post by Hornet666 »

I've been told from an aboriginal source, that the backburning they have been carrying out has been done the wrong way around. The fire service start containment lines at the front of the Bush. Where the aborigines instead go deep into the middle of the Bush and burn from the centre to the front. Which allows the animals to safely escape when you burn from the centre. When you back burn from the front the animals are forced to retreat back into the centre of the Bush. Where they are becoming trapped. Koalas in this situation will just keep climbing to the highest point in the forest.
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