Prophet mohammed was a jew.

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Prophet mohammed was a jew.

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Yes he is, and to prove this... one should take a look at these islamic scriptures..

1- "in the end of times a man decend from the blood of mohammed have a crooked nose and a curly hair and dandruff and have the body of an israeli man"

2- "a***h/god apeared to me in a picture of a skinny youngman with curly hair"

- mohammed.

3- and here is a reference to opening the chakras and raising the kundalini which is the story of mohammed flying on the back of a horse to the 7 heavens and with each heaven he met a prophet form the old gang (you know moses and jesus and others.. Etc) and had a talk with each one until he reached the 7th heaven and he met god and had a talk with him and he told mohammed that he must order the slaves of god (allah literally means all muslims here on earth) to start praying 5 times everyday and he saw a tree called "the final cidra tree" which symbolize the crown chakra.

4- "he who start his day with *7* date fruits no witchcraft or poison will harm him exept natural death".... Another referenct to meditation and openeing the soul

5- "satan is sitting on a throne on the sea and surounded by serpents"

6- "mohammed used to *french kiss* his grandchildren *al-hassan* and *al-hussain* as a type of love and commpassion".... Oh god!..h

7- "invade tabuk and you will get the duaghters of the yellow (blonde women.. )"

8- mohammed also raped a woman called safiah bent haie'ey after he killed her tribe and husband and parents.

9- mohammed killed an old pagan arab witch and hanged her head on a sword after cutting it.

10- there is a pharse in the quran saying that the children of israel are the chosen people : "and i chosed you from between all the worlds" but at the same mohammed did make sucrfices so that islam and the jewish agenda could survive like how he killed a jewish-arab mixed tribe called "bano qainqa'a" and he killed the jews of madina city aka the jews of khibar (khibar is the old name of madina city which is a holy city in saudi arabia now) because these jews didn' obey him and his agenda.

11- there is A very very clear and obvious pharse in the quran that say... : "shaitan (satan) whispered to Adam and Eve to show them what was hidden from them and he said god didn't forbbid you from this tree exept for the reason that he doesn't want you to be angels or immortals"

12- there is a pharse in the quran that say "jahanom (hell) have seven gates"

13- mohammed had a jewish neighbour who used to throw garbage infront of his home but mohammed visited this jewish man's sick son when he was dying......... well well.... another *turn your ass cheek to the jew to spank it as much as he want crap* just like christianity.

14- and... Again another turning your cheek story... "abu lahab (mohammed's pagan uncle) once threw Camel placenta over mohammed's shoulders when he was praying"

Note : mohammed uncles abu lahab and abu talib and mohammed's father abdullah were gentile pagans, mohammed is actually jewish from his mother's side only and her name is *aminah bent wahb*

15- mohammed made a lot of complimenets about some arab tribes, i will not mention the names of these tribes for personal reasons but i searched for the names of these tribes in google and dicoverd these tribes are not 100% arab but they look like an arab-jewish mix :








Also another scandal about mohammed is that he said with his tounge to a pagan arab man "go and suck on the al-lat's clit"

Note : al-lat is pagan goddess the arabs used to worship before the came of islam. A long side another goddesses who's names are *al-ozza* (astaroth/isis) and *manat* and all of them make a trinity and arabs used to worship these three goddesses.... This also show that pagan arabs doesn't hate women or females in general... its a myth... How could they hate ladies when they actually worship lady godesses?
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Re: Prophet mohammed was a jew.

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FancyMancy wrote:In real life, it never existed.
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Re: Prophet mohammed was a jew.

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mohajew same as jewsus never existed.
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Re: Prophet mohammed was a jew.

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They say that the original location of Mecca was in Jordan
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