Article about Russian 100 megaton nuclear bomb

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Article about Russian 100 megaton nuclear bomb

Post by VoiceofEnki »

I'm not sure if this has been written about before, though I know Mageson wrote articles about deep sea bombs being designed with the purpose of detonating them in between the tectonic plates of the earth's crust to cause real cataclysmic destruction.

I found this article which talks about the existence of this kind of bomb, developed by Russia, a 100 megaton nuclear torpedo. ... id/866801/

It's real and has been in development for a while, being secret until 2016, and planned to be ready for deployment between 2018 and 2027..

Just wanted to share this, as I wasn't sure this was spoken about before.

It's completely ridiculous.
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Re: Article about Russian 100 megaton nuclear bomb

Post by V12-POWER »

I think its bullshit. A detonation of such magnitude underwater will kill everyone and everything in the ocean, they would kill and destroy their own men and fleet plus if its a nuclear fusion bomb it wont leave radioactive waste, they're much cleaner than fission bombs. Most of the damage is in the explosion only; not the harmful radioactivity
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Re: Article about Russian 100 megaton nuclear bomb

Post by HP. Hoodedcobra666 »

The fact humanity is developing weapons that will essentially not make a "war win" situation but literally ruin the planet, just goes to show how fatalistically stupid we have become from the enemy programs.

Nuking your own planet does not sound like a very great evolutionary strategy. But the enemy runs the planet so it is what it is.
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Re: Article about Russian 100 megaton nuclear bomb

Post by VoiceofEnki »

This kind of weapon would indeed destroy the planet, it would harm Russia just as much as America, as nuclear fallout would spread through the whole ocean and the devastation caused by such a weapon would affect every country on the planet.

But we know the enemy modi operandus in regards to worlds they fail to enslave. They obliterate them and totally saturate them in nuclear fallout, making it totally barren and uninhabitable.

Also V12, fission and fusion bombs are both equally polluting, the nuclear fallout has nothing to do with the detonation method, but with the additional payload added to the weapon.

The fusion will simply detonate faster and create a more voletile explosion compared to fission.

These massive nuclear bombs have multiple stages as said in the article, the initial fusion generates the required energy to set off the additional layers of uranium or other elements which can have additional effects, such as increased fallout or increased neutron bombardment or increased explosive force.

There are a few variants of nuclear weapons made by Jews, some designed with as little fallout where the initial explosion is the main payload, which results in relatively “clean” bombs specifically to obliterate the target area. But even these have huge amount of radiation in them which cover areas of hundreds of miles with lethal levels of radiation, especially if detonated under water and on the ground rather than in the atmosphere.

Then there are weapons designed to have as much fallout as possible, such as nuclear bombs with an extra cobalt layer. You should read about that, these are absolutely insane..

They would irradiate a whole country, or even continent with lethal levels of radiation for hundreds and even thousands of years, causing long term destruction of all living things and making it so nothing ever grows there again..

Then there are variants which have different outer layers that when set off cause neutrino bombardment instead of only alpha and gamma radiation.

These bombs have a small payload and small explosion, their main purpose is the long term genetic damage caused by the neutrino bombardment, which cannot be blocked out easily by any material and basically rips subatomic holes through the bodies of anyone in the effective range, doing untold damage to human DNA which lasts for generations.

This type of bomb was deployed by Jews in jemen, which there is video footage from by people in the city.

The explosion is small and the fallout is minimal, but you can see the neutrino bombardment on the video, small flashes and strange crackling noises shortly after the explosion, which are caused by the neutrino’s bombarding the camera the person is holding.

They have different nuclear weapons for different purposes, some designed for total obliteration, some for prolonged genetic damage, and some for prolonged nuclear fallout.

The fusion/fission is simply the detonation method. Simmilar to how C4 is more explosive than gun powder. The C4 detonates faster and is more voletile, causing a bigger explosion with less material.

The fusion simply releases the internal energy trapped within the atoms faster than the fission does, which causes a more voletile reaction and creates more explosive force for less material, allowing more or denser outer uranium layers to be set off than a fission bomb.

When the nuke explodes, the initial fission is the catalyst for the second layer, which the second is then the catalyst for the third. A part of the explosive force is required to initiate fission or fusion in of the pay load.

This fission or fusion generates more energy than is required to initiate the fission or fusion, which allows these weapons to basically be expanded indefinitely.

If someone wants to, they can add even more layers to a nuclear bomb, setting of an even greater payload, potentially something powerful enough to totally obliterate the entire surface and atmosphere of the earth.

This 100 megaton bomb is not powerful enough to do that, but if it is detonated deep under water, right in between two tectonic plates, this will cause a chain reaction, with the explosion generating enough force to be a catalyst for a major earthquake, and possibly also an artificial volcanic eruption to go along with it, which of big enough can cause total global destruction and cause so much ash to be blown into the atmosphere, sunlight won’t be able to get through anymore for hundreds of years..

These are not weapons designed to fight or win wars, but to destroy totally this earth... Of course it is not in the interest of the enemy to do this, as they will of course destroy themselves too, but they might just attempt to do it if they can no longer win and are already preparing weapons capable of it...
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Re: Article about Russian 100 megaton nuclear bomb

Post by T.A.O.L. »

Would like to nuke enemies base out of excistence though.. Pff.

No one in their sane mind would destroy this entire planet.

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