[TRAD] Il concerto di Belzebuub/ The Concert of Belzebuub

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[TRAD] Il concerto di Belzebuub/ The Concert of Belzebuub

Postby Zammel » Thu Jan 24, 2019 8:32 pm

Translated with automatic translator, sorry for error!
Belzebuub stood in the Vatican square elegantly dressed, before him a complete orchestra and behind him an audience of demons and Satanists of every rank, the Vatican square had never been surrounded by so many people.
Belzebuub had already done many melodies and now it was time to close the show, the grand finale. The whole world was witnessing live
At that event the sky was dark and even though there was no rain there were so many lightning bolts.
It was the long awaited moment: The official celebrations of victory.
Belzebuub took a deep breath before starting to move his hands to begin the melody: a strong music that was adapted for the purpose: Peer Gynt, in the King's Mountain.
The music started to increase as the lightning was close, more and more, as well as in every part of the world. With the increase of the music the Lightning both in Rome and in the world increased more and more in number and power.
It was already half-score but the Lightning began to destroy various churches in the world and fire
He did not dare to touch the houses there, he remained there still to consume. The end of the score had almost arrived and almost all the churches, mosques and synagogues
They were already on fire and collapsed. And here it is, the last note. Belzebuub made the closing gesture and just then a gigantic lightning struck church
To which it took 200 years to be built and in an instant was inflamed and collapsed on itself. followed, shortly thereafter by a scathe of applause.
It was official: there were no churches, no mosques or synagogues. As the false creeds had destroyed the temples of the gods, now the gods had had their
Revenge. Belzebuub made a quick bow of thanksgiving to the public, as it was of the rite then the father approached and embraced him, placed himself beside him,
He put his hand on his shoulder and announced, "This day will be remembered in the annals as the definitive defeat of the Jews! ". And in response the published I raise my left hand
Saying "HAIL Satan!"

Note: the only problem was many churches are true works of art and it would be a bad thing destroy them...if was find a method to save the artworks...

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