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Postby RoyBatty91 » Wed Jan 23, 2019 8:57 pm

This particular hashtag, "#ExposeChristianSchools", was trending recently on Twitter. Some of them are trying to push leftism ("Oy vey, you mean your car crashed and nearly killed you? Well here's your problem, you bought the "Yeshua" from my brother Saul! You've come to the right dealership though, this is the newest model, the "Marx!"), others are just talking about what a nightmare they went through with Evangelical or Catholic education. The important thing is that this is just a few words off from "#ExposingChristianity" - just reply with something like "It's worse than you think - www.exposingchristianity.com #ExposingChristianSchools #ExposingChristianity" and JoS could wind up trending. This is a golden opportunity.

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