News article; cathartic for your RtR workings

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News article; cathartic for your RtR workings

Postby FancyMancy » Sat Jan 19, 2019 11:00 pm

Perhaps you should wait to read this until you do your RtRs if you want or need to use it as a cathartic.

Warning: if you are one with a sensitive predisposition and don't like to be upset with things, then be careful reading this article.

Lesbian mothers whose 'skinny and dirty' daughter, two, starved to death in their filthy lice-infested flat that was filled with empty Pot Noodle cartons are jailed for six years each after admitting neglect

Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited
Lauren Wade, who was two years and five months old, died from complications arising from malnutrition in March 2015

The 'deviant and devious' parents of a malnourished toddler who died after she was left starving for months and riddled with thousands of head lice, have been jailed for six years.

Margaret Wade, 38, and Marie Sweeney, 37, have today been jailed over the death of Lauren Wade, who was left to starve at their filthy flat in Glasgow's Sighthill.

Lauren, who was just two years and five months old, died from complications arising from malnutrition in March 2015.

Medical staff found she was emaciated and infested with head lice when she was brought into hospital after being found unresponsive at her home.

She was pronounced dead around 30 minutes later.

The 'skinny, dirty and smelly' toddler had a sodden nappy, bald patches and was covered in thousands of head lice, the High Court in Glasgow heard today.

There was evidence the lice had been there for 'over 17 months' of her life.

Paramedics told the court that the cover Lauren had been lying on was covered in lice and fleas and they had to clean and decontaminate the ambulance.

A police officer who visited the 'uninhabitable' flat where the family lived described it as 'one of the most disgusting houses he had ever seen in his career'.

The court heard it was littered with rubbish, leftover food, dirty plates and clothes and infected with hundreds of insects and flies.

Wade, who was Lauren's biological mother, told police she had 'no guilt' over her daughter's death. The judge said the two women had been offered help and advice and had failed to take it.

Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited
Margaret Wade, 38, who has been sentenced to six years and four months at the High Court in Glasgow

Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited
Marie Sweeney, 37, who has been sentenced to six years and four months at the High Court in Glasgow

Judge Lady Stacey told Wade and Sweeney their children had been subjected to a 'chaotic' lifestyle and 'were entitled to a better home life than they had.'

The judge added: 'When your youngest daughter died, your house was in a shocking state.

'You knew the children were dependent on you.

'You failed in your duties to these children.

'You failed to provide the children with adequate clean living accommodation.

'You failed to bathe them.'

The judge said the two women had been offered help and advice and had failed to take it.

She added: 'There were thousands of lice crawling all over Lauren's face and hair.

'There had been lice for at least six months, but probably up to 17 months.

'There was hair loss and cavities in her teeth. She was very thin and underweight.'

Wade and Sweeney admitted wilfully ill-treating and neglecting the child last month, and also pleaded guilty to similar charges in respect of two older children.

They were each jailed for six years and four months at the High Court in Glasgow today.

Wade and Sweeney, who had been in a relationship for 15 years, both regarded themselves as mothers to Lauren.

On 20th March 2015, a 999 call was made after Lauren was found 'unresponsive'.

Wade told nurses Lauren had been suffering from a virus for a couple of days but a post-mortem revealed the toddler was too small for her age and had been the victim of 'severe neglect'.

In court it emerged the women had been told to clean up their living conditions as long ago as 2007.

But by 2014, when a school nurse made an unannounced visit following concerns raised by the school, it was 'in a state of disarray.'

Sweeney and Wade declined her offers to help with the children's' head lice infestation.

The children had tooth decay and head lice and the older girls were not given adequate clothing, the court heard.

Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited
Margaret Wade, 38 (left), and Marie Sweeney, 37 (right) outside the High Court in Glasgow, where they were each sentenced to six years in prison

‘Filthy with severe head lice infestation and extremely thin’: How ‘deviant and devious’ couple neglected their toddler
Provided by Associated Newspapers Limited
Lauren was pronounced dead just 30 minutes after arriving at hospital

A further double-doctor post-mortem examination carried out on 2nd April revealed Lauren was 80 per cent of the expected weight for her age - with her ribs, shoulders and backbone 'very visible through her skin'.

Her hair was reported as 'heavy and matted', appearing unbrushed for a 'substantial period', with multiple ulcers and crusted scabs over her body.

The pathologist estimated an infestation period of head lice of at least six months - possibly up to 17 months or longer.

Head lice were apparent even from the outside door frame - and the sofa on which Lauren lay was so ridden with head lice it had a large hole in it and had disintegrated.

Rubbish bags with food and waste dating from 2013 were found in the kitchen, which was difficult to gain entry to because of the volume of bags, the review said.

Both adults and two older children involved in the case were also found to have extensive head lice, which were so visible officers could see them.

The police office and vehicle in which the women had been transported had to be treated by pest control firm Rentokil, while the ambulance and paramedics' uniforms had to be cleaned.

Prosecutor Bill McVicar said: 'The kitchen was so full of bags of rubbish that there was barely enough space to open the door.
'There were numerous empty Pot Noodle cartons all with flies. Pot Noodle appeared to be the staple family diet.'

One bedroom was so cluttered that the carpet was 'almost invisible'.

Mr McVicar added: 'It is clear the failure to provide proper accommodation was a long-standing issue which did not simply emerge in the days or weeks before the death of Lauren.

'Margaret Wade accepted no responsibility for her failings in basic parenting. She said she had no guilt over Lauren's death.'
Wade's QC Brian McConnachie today claimed her mental health issues were 'partially responsible' for the crimes.
Sweeney's QC Ian Duguid said she had not been 'trying to hide' what was a 'very sick or malnourished child'.

He added: 'She accepts that she has let down the children badly – one with very catastrophic consequences.'

Lady Stacey imposed three year jail terms for the neglect of the other children, but these will run concurrently to the sentence involving Lauren.

The judge said the jail term would have been seven years, had the pair not entered guilty pleas.

The pair showed no emotion as they were lead to the cells.

'Matt Forde, NSPCC Scotland head of service said: 'The details of Lauren's death represent one of the most appalling examples of neglect that is possible to imagine. It is incomprehensible how two people who were meant to look after a child in their care could subject her to such appalling harm.'

Colin Anderson, independent chair of Glasgow Child Protection Committee, called it one of the most challenging cases he had seen in his 50 years in social care.
He said: 'This is a unique set of circumstances, thankfully. It's the most deviant and devious parenting couple I've ever encountered.

'This heart-breaking case involved a number of different agencies and lessons have already been learned and applied through various dissemination and training activities.

'Measures have been, and will continue to be, put in place to improve information sharing between agencies and to ensure concerns about a child or children are identified and jointly acted upon at an early stage.

'Child protection is a matter for everyone - whether it is lead professionals, extended family members, neighbours or the wider community.' ... ar-BBSpQBN

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