Searching for German-teammates (Online-warfare)

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Searching for German-teammates (Online-warfare)

Postby NinRick » Wed Jan 09, 2019 12:36 am

Hey Family!
First of all... YOU DID A VERY GOOD JOB! Our numbers of registered users increased from 10k (middle december) to 12.6k NOW!!! KEEP THE RTRS AND ONLINE-WareFare up GUYZ! <3

I recently joined a german Facebook group with 24.500 Members.
The objective of this group is to share the truth and reason of this current system. They are all well aware that Jews rule the world and that they cause miserable circumstances for us.
How ever they also believe that jews are all satanists.. This is pretty bad if you ask me.

Soo I want to introduce them to JoS and try to explain them everything. that the Jews created many false definition of Satan and Satanism. That Satan means Truth and so on.
It would be great if we could work together. Work on a post together and that we support eachother in the comment section and also tell them that Christanity and Islam are jewish "inventions" etc.

So any german speaking guys here who're willing to join me?
It shouldn't take too long, to make a post and comment a bit.

And I am sure if we use common sense and explain everything, that atleast some will find the way to Satan.
And ofcourse will join us in RTRs

Stand tall, be proud, be strong - you are a part of Satan's House!


-Obliterate your Saturn by Lydia:

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