Suggestion for spread the Satanism

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Suggestion for spread the Satanism

Postby Zammel » Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:53 pm

I have read, can exist memes, and other small thing, but Comics, and other have yes Anti-xian message but are very hided, and can be knowed only can have the knowdelenge.
The english is the most speaked language in the world. Now, i leave beause not are my mother languace and my knowdelenge of english is poor, but can do much ideas, can volunteer can work it:
-Write story of the satanism "hiding" in the description the righ path...note this can appear naturally ;)
- Draw comics:Especially you have a good talented for drawing, you can draw the Hystory of Earth (the truth Hystory of Humanity) or the our war! Or other Satanic Hystory
-Build videogames/do satanic mod: Programmer? Or modder? Do a game/mod can speak of satanism and with events/dialogue tell them. Note, this is hard, and you are a good programmer/modder, because a good mod can insert a "idea/earworm" in the head.
With these (and other like memes) you can hit much peaople but if we can hit 100 people but 1 become a new satanist and RTR do, this is a victory! Remember, we are pocket, but in pocket we can destroy a plans old much thounsand of years, in 20 years the enemy are soon to ruin... this show when the enemy plan have hole!
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Re: Suggestion for spread the Satanism

Postby luis » Mon Jan 07, 2019 3:10 pm

Something i want to had is remember that we are Satanist and we can use magick, if you make something then you can use magick to make it popular and yes we can't force people to be satanist not even with magick but we can make them find and read our sites and then they will decide. What matter is that they read our sites and that we are destroying the jewish spell with the Rtr that make them blind to the true.

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Re: Suggestion for spread the Satanism

Postby Zammel » Tue Jan 08, 2019 1:30 pm

Yes, the important is send the message to the most people at the same moment, and hope can a small % have the curiosity to join in our site! Withouth force!

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Re: Suggestion for spread the Satanism

Postby Hps.mlimlal666 » Fri Jan 11, 2019 2:07 am

It Seems like people lately, special young ones are into memes. Members can create some satanic memes, for fun in a way it will attract people, and add JoS web site to it.
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Re: Suggestion for spread the Satanism

Postby Scion of Atlantis » Sat Jan 12, 2019 6:10 am

Video games remain very popular with most younger people (and even middle-aged people), and a lot of the larger gaming companies such as EA are very Jewish and Marxist, and a lot of people are fed up with the greed and typical politically correct garbage those companies put in their games, so a Satanist video game developer could do a lot of good. I could see a group of Satanists making a very good Indie game with Satanic messages and ideas which would have powerful subliminal effects on gamers. On the note of mods, I love modding, have made some mods for a variety of games here and there, and could definitely see how we can use video game mods (which are also very popular) to introduce Satanic ideas. For example, you could make a mod of an FPS where the enemies you must shoot are greys and reptilians. ;)
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