I will share something

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I will share something

Postby Theli » Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:09 pm

Hey hi everybody! : )

Its the third time that happen something Since Ive doing power meditation (about five months)
I was trying to sleep in the Living hall and I started dreaming that I was sit at the table in the same place and I had a little mug close to my right hand, So I started watching it, with all my concentration put in it, and suddenly ¡boom! I was Feeling a very powerful energy in all my body (like An astral projection But there is a White light covering all) and I started to go a really great speed FROM An unknown place that was really really amazing!!! There were suns and planets surrounded by a dark blue space very illuminated and the sensation was undescriptible, later I woke with an electrical sensation in all my body and I feel some beauty when I remember that. The other ones were with a letter, and a sound (Im not sure) I think that this is a form to realize astral projection, is something curious and must to be possible to do it at will... Void meditation Can help to take awareness in the Dreams?

Thx for your time!
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