Communicating with Satan; with Autism (Aspergers syndrome)

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Communicating with Satan; with Autism (Aspergers syndrome)

Postby Satansaspie » Sat Dec 29, 2018 7:28 pm

Hello everyone,

[I have a very long story; that I will add too later]:

Because I was born with High functioning Autism: I do things without even knowing I’ve done it until it’s been done:

BEFORE coming too Father Satan, I accidentally did a dedication ritual in 2013; and before that always called on the unhelpful Archangel Michael and all that shit... and still continued too afterward but realised they have never helped me in such ways that Satan can. I currently work woth ASMODEUS help with mathematics because of the autism & Father Satan himself just by using his Sigil..

But I can not remember clearly’ if I actually used blood (But Satan said it’s all intention..

When communicating with Father Satan can just use the Sigil on their phone and call him in as I’ve been doing this & havehad some hexes and curses removed by him.
His energy is very light and makes things seem brighter and music becomes louder.

Because of my autism I have a tendency too make mistakes especially in rituals where materials may be needed...

I have stated too Father Satan that I wish not too do any black magick unless someone means me any harm; he’ said I can call him in by his Sigil alone’ and then calling his name and I usually see a lot of blue around me..
And it’s positive feeling a bit forceful in the feet but he said overtime I will get used too this.

I find it hard too remove hexes and curse’s as my imagination is not the best due too having Aspergers/high functioning autism and including ADHD..

But I do feel more centred & clear and I only recently about 5 days started working with Father Satan..

And I’ve noticed those’ Archangels do not abide by free-will they keep trying too stop me from typing... it’s like at least demons respect free-will when you are with/without them..

Fuck off Archangels..

But your thoughts would be much appreciated..

Infernal blessings to you all.

Hi, Father Satan(s) Aspie, short abbreviation for Aspergers: I accidentally made a dedication too Father Satan in 2013: And about 5 weeks ago decided its time: ‘I always felt drained from those new age fake Archangels.

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Re: Communicating with Satan; with Autism (Aspergers syndrome)

Postby darkmonkey666 » Sat Dec 29, 2018 8:15 pm

I was diagnosed with Autism they tried to tell me I had aspergers but now I am not sure that exists do a search on here as to why. Autism probably does exist as there are some people who have serious problems though I was in a group before for this disorder.

I think it is just you are a little different. I wanted to reply cause I have or was labeled with the same thing so you are not alone.

Check your birth chart cause in my case I lack an element pretty much completely and I have a strong focus on one house and about two signs so truth is I can get stuck on certain things keep repeating them have trouble finding new interests (luckily both these signs can rule different aspects of religion and spirituality so I am very interested in the occult and meditation) etc. The second part with that my parents admitted is why they thought I had autism and I got diagnosed with it.

So maybe you have something similar. Dont worry its not a defect it's just we are all different.

Dont put yourself down. You can check out void meditation it may help. Explore your interests even if they are limited and find omething you are good at.

Hail Satan

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Soaring Eagle 666
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Re: Communicating with Satan; with Autism (Aspergers syndrome)

Postby Soaring Eagle 666 » Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:10 pm

Satansaspie wrote:Hello everyone,

[I have a very long story; that I will add too later]:

Because I was born with High functioning Autism: I do things without even knowing I’ve done it until it’s been done:

This thread has tons of helpful links about autism. :)

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Re: Communicating with Satan; with Autism (Aspergers syndrome)

Postby Norse 88 » Thu Jan 03, 2019 7:08 am

The symptoms listed in the diagnostic manual for high functioning autism spectrum disorders (previously termed Asperger's Syndrome), often co-morbid with disorders such as ADD and ADHD, have almost an identical appearance to the racial psychology traits of a Nordic man as described by the physical anthropologists studying racial diversity in the first half of the 20th century.

In my opinion it is quite literally a diagnosis of having high intelligence or genius, creativity, emotional intelligence, skillful observance, critical thought, and the exact kinds of mental (psychic) traits in people the jews hate the most. Largely those abilities have constantly thwarted or exposed the jews time and time again. European history is filled with brilliant minds who have come along and stood staunchly in the way of a zionist plot for being too clever to be deceived and too gifted not to shine bright among the people around them - a.k.a. a high functioning autistic patient by today's terminology. Galileo, Da Vinci, Mozart, Newton, Tesla, and many others would have all received an extensive list of Asperger's-Adult ADD-General Anxiety Disorder-Recurring Depression and what have you if the DSM-V had existed when they were alive (the DSM-V is an acronym which stands for the fifth edition of the diagnostic and statistics manual of mental disorders - a book, by the way, which has an impressively large list of kike surnames in it's credits and medical references towards the back of the manual).

Without Satan and the gods to relate to, life on Earth right now is very autistic and disordered. If you don't know Satan, then you are an easy target for psychological disorders, you will have certainly spent most of your life being alone and totally without proper self-understanding. Of course, you know you are smart, so you are taught you have a high functioning autism disorder.


You could not diagnose a Chinese patient with depression ten years ago in Western hospitals/clinics. Not many people know that. There was no word and associated meaning which was equivalent to depression within the Cantonese or Mandarin languages (not that I would certainly know, nor do I know how to speak either; the point is that depression by our standards didn't exist in their linguistic or medical repertoire at the time, so diagnosing them with depression was absurd and meaningless to them, you had to meet them half-way, and call it something they could cooperate with - to hell with objective medical findings, psychology is pliable,) and Chinese patients simply would not accept any diagnosis of depression no matter how mild or major by our own psychological standards. You had to diagnose them with a stress related illness, that inevitably passed after immediate rest and so forth in short time, unlike much of the psychological titles which seem to stick with us for life in the West. It makes you wonder: why is it that we can have depression diagnosed for us in the western-white predominant- countries, and have it so bad that it quickly threatens our lives, whereas a non-westerner from China can be diagnosed with something much less critical - a stress related illness - or as long term yet they have the exact same symptoms as us? It's almost as if the field of psychology is not scientifically rigorous, or at all even a science, and that it has a monopoly over the whole discipline of health which it alone gets to govern and expand upon without limits or trials for proof.

It seems to me very obvious or certainly likely that these non-testable and unscientific disorders are created by the enemy to ensnare the beings among the western world who bear the closest resemblance to Satan's own likeness.

I wouldn't and certainly am not telling anyone to disregard their diagnosis, or to abandon medical help they are receiving or to discontinue taking medications. But I certainly am arguing that there is a possibility that some psychological illnesses are cunning tricks which serve to help the minority of great minds out there see there uniqueness and non-conforming oddness as a lifelong disorder and diagnosed mental illness, rather than pointing out that they are more likely descending from part of a dwindling herd who's inborn psychic prowess leaves it's lost individual members stranded among a non-relatable multitude of somnambulist lunatics. It wouldn't be a war if our kind - very often diagnosed with one or more of the aforementioned disorders - held the majority of population by numbers on Earth.


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Re: Communicating with Satan; with Autism (Aspergers syndrome)

Postby HauptSturm » Sat Jan 05, 2019 8:11 am

I would bet $100 dollars to the JoS that this is the person who made this post. ... vEg/videos
"When you sacrifice for your community, then you can walk with your head held up high." - Adolf Hitler

Ol argedco luciftias
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Re: Communicating with Satan; with Autism (Aspergers syndrome)

Postby Ol argedco luciftias » Sat Jan 05, 2019 11:50 pm

A good example is one of the leading "doctors" who invented the diagnosis of ADHD came out years later and admitted it's all bullshit. Said that all children are energetic and excited naturally in this way and they eventually grow out of it, and those with the ADHD label are actually just immature so they didn't grow out of the hyperactivity. So the main person who invented the term ADHD flat out said that ADHD doesn't really exist and it's just an excuse to prescribe high powered amphetamines to very young children. Which the amphetamines of course just totally destroys their mind and fucks their whole body and soul up.

Have you ever met an adult who was on these ADHD "medications" since a very young age? I have, this woman was about 35 years old but easily looked 50 and was on these drugs since young childhood. And she was so badly fucked up from it that I could feel her soul was all rotted away, she was high-powered insane and just plain crazy. Everybody could tell she was really fucked up. It's like she shook so fast it seemed like she could see through walls. Just a 100% drugged out zombie. Everything she said was just insane and stupid didn't make any sense.

They (rightfully) make meth illegal, but at the same time can force young children on "legal" meth if they just say they have some imaginary label. Time for more RTR!! :x :evil: :evil:

If you are on any of these drugs, don't stop taking it all at once. That could be very dangerous since the body adapts to the constant supply of the chemical. If the chemical supply stops all at once it could be deadly sometimes. The safe way to stop is to gradually lower the dose to adapt to a small enough level that it can then be stopped.

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Re: Communicating with Satan; with Autism (Aspergers syndrome)

Postby darkmonkey666 » Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:40 pm

HauptSturm wrote:I would bet $100 dollars to the JoS that this is the person who made this post. ... vEg/videos

Yeah your probably right. That person has attacked me personally calling me a Jew and autistic and stuff putting my image up online. As well as I believe uploading an old video of mine from awhile back when I got tricked by the enemy. That person must be stopped and his videos taken down.

Be careful if you do listen to him I believe he uses some kind of subliminal programming in his videos btw or energy spells or something.

Please stop that person

Oh and you are right at least in my case so far as autism is concerned to the above poster.

Hail Satan

Lateinischer Soldat
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Re: Communicating with Satan; with Autism (Aspergers syndrome)

Postby Lateinischer Soldat » Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:32 pm

HauptSturm wrote:I would bet $100 dollars to the JoS that this is the person who made this post. ... vEg/videos

The person whose youtube channel you are linking claims to be under mind control by greys sent by the jos.
I would better assume it is Adama/Axaru/Xul Nargal. That guy was all into arch angel shit for a while. And recently claimed to be rejoining the jos. But not one week later posts another 4 second video about how Satan is yahweh, with intent that the viewers just read the video discription. And he keeps uploading, then deleting videos because he can't seem to make up his mind anymore. But yet, when he posts a video he is so absolutely sure about what he is saying... that is until he removes the video like two days later. That guy has a hooked nose, and weird as fuck. ... A/featured

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Re: Communicating with Satan; with Autism (Aspergers syndrome)

Postby HauptSturm » Mon Jan 07, 2019 8:49 am

Lateinischer Soldat wrote:...

They aren't the same person.

darkmonkey666 wrote:...

That guy will be dealt with. He is trying to say that the JoS is another Christianity, and that the Satan we all know is a thoughtform created by HPs Maxine and we are all being deceived by her. This is a lie. He has no idea what he is talking about. He's trying to convince us to find a higher power than Satan. That's like me or you trying to speak with Trump for answers to a problem on a local level. You just don't do this. You go to someone lower to seek answers. This is how Government works. If anyone is unsure about Satan's legitimacy, try going to Him yourself, respectively, and see what happens...
"When you sacrifice for your community, then you can walk with your head held up high." - Adolf Hitler

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Re: Communicating with Satan; with Autism (Aspergers syndrome)

Postby MoonlessNight666 » Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:54 pm

How fucking dare they use that troll face on Satan. Time for more RTR`s.

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Re: Communicating with Satan; with Autism (Aspergers syndrome)

Postby (((occultumlapidem))) » Tue Jan 08, 2019 5:18 am

even if you have autism that is a evolution / mutation just tell the truth. don't give way to anger. and give if asked for little. by these three steps you will go near the gods

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Re: Communicating with Satan; with Autism (Aspergers syndrome)

Postby Ghost in the Machine » Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:37 pm

Looks like a jewtuber if you ask me.
"Delight in what you create, and delight in what you destroy."
- Satan

HP. Hoodedcobra666
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Re: Communicating with Satan; with Autism (Aspergers syndrome)

Postby HP. Hoodedcobra666 » Sat Jan 19, 2019 9:45 pm

Adama and likewise other characters are in the bed with the enemy, so they slander us. Indeed, what is new here? The same old attention whoring and shit.

They fail on the path, they want everyone else to miserably fail. Just same old spite.

They know the enemy abuses them and such, but they are addicted to this abuse, and to the jewish thoughforms generated out of a jew's ass.

As to any idiot who believes the Gods are thoughforms, makes you wonder why they are with us for thousands and thousands of years, in regions that geographically didn't even meet physically. The jews call the ET's in these words so they insult them, and they also project what they have done with their so called 'angels' on whom the situation has been described.

Our Gods are ET's. Thoughforms always lack power and they are really stupid, even if charged a lot, like "Jesus". For a thoughform charged by billions, it can't even heal the flu.
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