Classic V.O.C Moon and Mercury Retrograde Moments

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Classic V.O.C Moon and Mercury Retrograde Moments

Postby Norse 88 » Sat Nov 24, 2018 5:47 am

Hello, friends!

Thought I'd share a personal experience from the other day. As the subject heading suggests, it was a moment that couldn't have more blatantly illustrated the universal loopholes caused during a void of course Moon, as well as a larger plot revealing itself, depicting the propensity for things to go other than planned when Mercury is retrograde. If you're new and want a nice and easy example of how these kinds of things in astrology work, then especially do read on.

The other day I decided to buy a video game. I found something new that I hadn't played before at a very large electronics store chain. Wanting to give a chance at seeing if trying new things could be fun, I decided to purchase it. It turned out that the game was total garbage, and that trying new things is actually not fun - I'm kidding! But seriously the game is refuse and I needed to return it. Two days later I made my endeavor back to the electronics store for a refund. To be clear, I have purchased this item during Mercury retrograde, but not when the Moon was void of course.That joins in later.

So it was yesterday that two days later occurred and I went back to the electronics store. I went to the counter and requested a return based on the grounds of a change of mind. Perfectly acceptable so long as the item is unopened, unused, free from damages, and you return it within a month or so. The salesman serving me quickly contested (and rightfully so) that my claim the item was unused is not supported by the lack of plastic packaging. It was too late to change my reasoning so I remained steadfast and stuck to it being how I received it. He was right though, and very easily showed how I was not actually entitled to any refund at all and that there was nothing I could do about getting one. Bummer. I was just about to admit defeat and hang the regrettable cost, then out of nowhere, literally on the same breath used to justifiably exclude me from getting a refund, and in a tone implicitly stating that my attempt to persuade him had not worked, the salesman reverses his demeanor and in a pleasant tone ends with,"I'll just do it anyway." He began typing, called over a fellow staff member to help him, and proceeded to give me a full refund. I absolutely did not qualify for it, I knew this very well, but I got one regardless. It was entirely odd and the clerks' shift in character was very peculiar. Energetically speaking and from a spiritual point of view, you could feel his aura jolt like it did a back flip. Furthermore, he was completely oblivious as to how unusual his behavior was, and did not seem to demonstrate any capacity to duly recognise even why he was doing this when he had every reason not to. It were as if he was being tossed mercilessly in the throes of the energetic winds blowing a gale around him.

The void of course Moon - which, by the way, was less than two hours from becoming full and entering Gemini which is Mercury's home and has cusps over my 5th House (where how one has fun and games are affairs) - clearly made a loop hole in which I would get away with something I clearly shouldn't have. Retrograde Mercury displayed the demand that the electronic goods which I had purchased amidst its duration were not to work out as I had planned and must return right back to where they came from. Interestingly I returned the game two days after purchasing it, while I had every opportunity to do it sooner, and I live close by the store, so there was no reason not to go earlier other than that that the void of course moon was not available during store hours until two days passed after my purcahse, and that would provide the loop hope-energy necessary for the return to succeed. Though I didn't figure out this till after it happened, so to me I just waited for two days because I could afford to, but not because I was aware of the more complex interplay by the planets currently being discussed.

This has all been interesting to watch and is in my opinion a great example of astrology effecting everyday encounters. To anyone thinking that I aim to glorify the VOC Moon loop hole influence which had provided me the passageway to a refund when I was not technically owed one (and arguably undeserving of on to some people I'm sure), then you're absolutely right, it's very excellent. But let's be clear that the more powerful message is if you wanna buy electronics, technology, communications, and so forth during Mercury retrograde, then you've got a good chance of plans going askew; if it can go wrong then chances are increased that it will.

I'm pretty happy for the learning gained having this experience and also it's an interesting story, but honestly this is often a more unpleasant or costly (or both) experience. I got off light because I have alot of protective measures working in my favour. But in the past, Mercury retrograde taught me the hard way to layer up. For instance, I had my first medical school exam unfortunately during Mercury Retrograde, and I failed the exam to such an extent, that I was considered to be in danger of academic risk. If you fail to the extent like I did twice in one year, then your placement in the school is terminated and you are expelled. I'm no slouch and I studied very hard, but Mercury Retrograde cared not. I then started working to negate this kind of thing from recurring and made sure they were done properly, ha-ha! So if you are someone fresh back to the field of Spiritual Satanist cognizance, or are new entirely (though I sincerely doubt many here would be without any past life efforts; i.e., a new soul coming to Satan for the first time during this time), then consider doing workings and AoP power meds that reduce or negate these kinds of effects in astrology.

I hope this information is of use to people - the hypocrisy of it being an effortful communication attempted during the very astrological conditions in which it hopes to warn others to avoid or take care when attempting communications, is not at all lost on me.

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Every one, Hail Satan! Every other, live not as one's own!

Oh, one last thing. If anyone here thinks the information I've given is potentially dangerous to my privacy beyond what I've considered - which is that it is not enough to identify me - please do mention it. I have noticed that some of you out there are very educated and skillful in astrology, and I readily agree that you would know whether the things I've mentioned here are safe to say or not. I'd greatly appreciate the heads up!



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