Migrant Caravan, Israeli Operation.

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Migrant Caravan, Israeli Operation.

Postby natalie_lion's_heart » Fri Oct 19, 2018 9:39 am

They really aren't trying to hide it anymore, found on /pol/
You can see the Star of David on the truck smuggling the illegals into the US and a literal Rabbi asks for shekels to "help" them.


Here is the video from the news channel itself if you doubt the legitimacy; https://youtu.be/r2wHQ4Bc_88



I hope I formatted this correctly.

White genocide is a purely Jewish objective, there's endless amounts of Jewish celebrities on Twitter talking about this non-stop and how it needs to be done;

Image - (((mensing)))

There were also a screenshot of wads of cash being given to women and children to join the caravans.
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