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Ask to the H.P.

Postby FigliodiThor » Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:51 am

Good evening brothers, i want to ask you a question about races.

The mother is indeed the female and so the most spiritual one, my question is: its the mother that passes the soul to the sons in the generations or not?

Thanks to anybody who will answer

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Re: Ask to the H.P.

Postby Valontuoja » Tue Aug 07, 2018 8:02 pm

Quote is from Dealing with Astral entities series by HP Hooded Cobra. Feel free to download it from Satan's library, it contain many answers to questions concerning reincarnation, inheritance of gifts and abilities. If you study the satanic science of astrology you will see that people inherit gifts and weaknesses from both of their parents. Thinking that soul comes only from one parent or is mostly affected by the mother is quite dangerous idea because if it was true then it wouldn't matter whether the father is completely shit when it comes to strength of the soul. Soul and body are affected by both parents and that's why eugenics matters.

If people themselves are powerful spiritually, they have more bioelectricity, which in turn gives more power to the sexual act, this creates a more powerful body in general, by creating a physical body that has itself more bioelectric and as thus is more powerful to hold a more powerful Soul. The Race and Family tie into this as well. The purer the Race, the more the power is inherent and the more "clear" is the place from things that cannot really associate. Spiritual gifts, like physical gifts, are in many times passed down to children. This can be seen in how certain people have good charts for children, which make for charismatic children. The mother gives one the passive side of the Soul, while the Father gives one the active side of the Soul, yet these unavoidably mix with one another.

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Re: Ask to the H.P.

Postby Stormblood » Fri Aug 10, 2018 9:58 am

Read the whole series brought to you by Valentuoja for your benefit. Then I think you either meant:

a) Ask the H.P. (this verb does not require "to")

OR, better,

b) Question to the H.P.

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