Behind the Altar (documentary)

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Behind the Altar (documentary)

Postby Valontuoja » Mon Jul 30, 2018 3:27 pm

I just finished watching Italian documentary known as Behind the Altar (Dietro l'altare). It was about pedophilia scandals in the catholic church which British historian John Dickie, who has studied finances of the church and its ties to mafia, goes to investigate. According to the documentary "Pope Francis has done very little about the priests who abuse children and the bishops who cover up their abuses: 2 pedophile priests out of 3 are still in the clergy, the special tribunal he announced does not exist and bishops are still instructed to not report abuses to the authorities."

One of the darkest parts of the documentary was when it told about how the church acts in Pennsylvania. Mark Rozzi, a politician who was sexually abused while he was 13 years old, works now in order to change the laws of statute of limitation so that pedophile crimes won't be forgotten when a number of years has went by. The catholic church opposes the bill and has stalled it. For 50 senators the church got 39 lobbyists in order to stop the law change from happening. The church also called senators and representatives into their hometown parishes and embarrassed them in the front of the congregation, put their names on bulletins in order to expose them and told to the congregation that these representatives are not to be voted for as they support law change that is against the interests of the church.

According to John Dickie the catholic church in the United States has spent millions of dollars in order to oppose the reforms to the statute of limitations. When Minnesota and California got rid of the statute of limitation nearly 2,000 people came forward and demanded preparations for sexual harassment. The church has paid preparations for almost three billion dollars and that's why they hate the demands to reform the statute of limitation. They would have to close down several hospitals, schools, kitchens and all kinds of facilities they own in the United states if the statute of limitation was lifted.

The documentary has been shown in different countries. I unfortunately can't give link to it because I watched it from my local national television and the link won't work abroad, if you want to try to find the documentary here are its names according to Internet movie database:

(original title) Behind the Altar
Germany: Hinter dem Altar
Finland: Katolisen kirkon suojissa
Finland (Swedish title): Under kyrkans beskydd
Norway: Vatikanets mørke side

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