The Journey is ours to make

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The Journey is ours to make

Post by SapphireDragon »

I would like to start this post with a little story, earlier today I was taking a walk when I came upon a beetle larvae, It was laying on the hot concrete in the sun and I felt very badly for the little guy, so I scooped him up and sat him in the shade of a nice tree.

After I sat him there I started to worry about if he was going to crawl away on that tree or just lay there in the dirt and be eaten by a Bird.The little guy didn't want to stay on the tree, so I just had to walk away and hope he made it safely in the end.

It got me thinking, isn't this what Father Satan and the Gods do for us? when we're in a bad situation in our lives, they help us in many ways to get us back on our feet again. But then it's up to us to go forward and use that chance, and use that help to better ourselves, rather than laying there and doing nothing.

They can help us so much, but what we do with their help is our own responsibility. They aren't going to keep sitting there watching and waiting to see if we decide that we'll make it to that tree, but once we do, they will most definitely be there to help us on our journey once we start.

The Journey starts with you. It starts when you take that first step towards improving yourself and advancing. Once you start really trying you'll soon see the results you've been waiting for, and the Gods will be there to lead you on as you continue to grow.

If the Larvae made it to the tree he soon will transfom into the beetle he's meant to become.
And if you make it to your own tree the knowledge within some day will transform you to the God/Goddess you are meant to become.

Keep walking this path, don't give up, and keep faith in yourself and the Gods!!

Hail Satan!!!
Hail Father Satan! Hail Lord Beelzebul!
Hail Lord Apollo! Hail Lady Astarte!
Hail Mother Lillith! Heil Hitler!
Hail to all the Gods and
Goddesses of Hell!

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Re: The Journey is ours to make

Post by ValiantVance88 »

Superb post! Hail Satan!
“Once my foot is in the door of a person’s mind, no force in the Cosmos can close it.” ~ Father Satan
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Re: The Journey is ours to make

Post by TheWhiteGiant »

Thank you for this, sister
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