North Korea Communism explained by defectee

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North Korea Communism explained by defectee

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I posted this in the Internet batallion section because this, for all of us who do online warfare, is something that really shows how horrible communism is, North Korea defector and human rights activist Yeonmi Park shares here experience with communism, leaving NK at the age of 13 because of starvation.

most of us here already know exactly how horrible communism is, but this will be good material to share to enlighten other people to the truth. it's also a good rage inducer and potent fuel to get more RTR's done, we must continue our work so communism never happens anywhere else in the world, and so that we can destroy this alien ideology. Communism will be destroyed for all eternity, we will make this happen.
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Re: North Korea Communism explained by defectee

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This girl can be a star. She is beautiful and very good at communicating in English. If she gets fame she can easily educate people on North Korea and how Communism is from the inside. One of her UN speeches, I believe, was very good.

I checked her out one time, and I believe she married a Kike. I'm not 100% sure if he's Jewish, the guy was ugly and has a Jewish name, Ezekiel. Even got a kid with him. ... ldren.html
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